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Encounters by humans with entities of unknown origin were continually reported in the decade of the 90’s. Many of these were so-called abduction incidents and many were solitary encounters with bizarre entities of numerous descriptions that I sometimes refer to as “rogue humanoids.”

Having been involved in UFO research one way or another since the early 70’s, my fascination has always been with the UFO “occupant” encounters. I read such groundbreaking works as:

These all mainly dealt with encounters with entities of numerous types.

I always felt that the study of the “humanoid” itself was more important that any other study. For example CEI’s or Trace cases (excluding humanoids) or the FT study, etc.

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241. Free Show: John Hanson

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, retired UK police officer, John Hanson, talks about his 20 years of dedication to document UFO sightings in the UK, and about his recent book, co-authored by Charles Halt, The Halt Perspective.

Show Notes

Show Notes: John Hanson

Recorded on Friday February 24th at 10:00AM, Video YouTube Live Stream

John Hanson is retired Police Officer and first became interested in the UFO subject in 1995, after his son Christopher – then a serving Police Officer – sighted a UFO hovering over some trees, in a Birmingham suburb in January 1995. This was the trigger for his curiosity; prior to that he would have thought the very mention of UFOs and ‘flying saucers’ was impossible to accept as having any reality in our modern world. Many people appear to have confused the existence of the worldwide UFO phenomena with modern science fiction culture (as have the media) that continue to entertain us with reports of alien abduction and visits to this planet by an extraterrestrial species, whose presence – according to Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell – is already here!
After 20 yrs of extensive research, including ‘going out into the field’, they believe there is overwhelming evidence from the many hundreds (if not thousands) of UFO sightings and Close Encounter experiences we have now examined, which proves irrefutably the existence a UFO phenomenon that exists alongside us. John believes indigenous to our Planet- Dawn feels it is existence of another dimension.
In 2010, they wrote Volume 1 (1940-1959) – published in the same year but were disappointed after a number of National newspapers asked for copies of the book to review our work that nothing has ever transpired despite a further five Volumes of which covers their investigations into the Broadhaven UFO events of 1977…
John and Dawn “, although we now publish our own books in colour, and twice the size of the original Volume 1-6 (*which were on sale at Amazon.com and other web seller book sites) the Media continues to completely ignore us, despite having received many excellent recommendations and reviews on these unique books .This is still the case now, 7yrs later, after having published Volume 9, 10, 11, 12, & The Halt Perspective ( an investigation into the Rendlesham Forest Incident)
The Halt Persepective
Our aims are to create further awareness of just how prolific UFO activity has been during the, mid to the end of the 20th Century. An illustration of just how much information we have accrued is reflected in the fact that we when first started in 1995 we hoped to complete the events up to 1999 within a number of years- 2017 is here and we have only come up to 1992 sobering in its implications. We feel that the public should have the right to see for themselves what has take place, rather than still treating the subject with ridicule.

240A. Free Show: Jordan Bonaparte

Not considered a bonus show, just what you did not get on episode 240. Jordan Bonaparte discusses Canada UFO cases along the Eastern Seaboard including Shag Harbour and much more. Jordan does a documentary style audio podcast called the Night Time Podcast on varying topics including UFOs.

Show Notes

Show Notes: Jordan Bonaparte

Recorded here on Thursday, February 16 on YouTube Live Streaming

I figured out the issue, last night on why we could not do the show.  When I unplugged for Phoenix it messed up multi-audio device  setup on my Mac. It would not recognize it when plugged back in….Anyway,I apologize and hope you enjoy the new show tonight starting at 9PM EST.

Guest Jordan Bonaparte is the writer, producer, and host of The Night Time Podcast.

With a lifelong interest in the topics covered and a keen eye for both research and storytelling, Jordan is well positioned to share Canada’s weird and wonderful people, places and events.

The chance discovery of a 65 year old journal and his subsequent search for it’s author lead to his investigations being brought into the public eye locally. Since then he has been busy unraveling the many mysteries Canada has to offer.  SOURCE: https://www.nighttimepodcast.com/about/

240. Free Show: Trainwreck UFO

The flight canceled to Phoenix for the Internationl UFO Congress, and all kinds of trouble on the show end. Martin takes calls from Speaker phone and does what he can.