Chase Kloetkze Joins Martin Willis On Latest Podcast UFO Episode

Veteran UFO investigator Chase Kloetzke brings her unique insights and experiences to this week’s episode of Podcast UFO.

(Immediate Release) – The Friday, April 19th episode of Podcast UFO will connect listeners to Chase Kloetzke, a principled and experienced UFO investigator. For almost 20 years she has not only explored the mystery of unidentified flying saucers but also cryptozoology and various paranormal events. In her discussion with host Martin Willis she will discuss some of her personal experiences, including a surprising encounter during an investigation. “I was there to point out answers for the witness, some kind of aviation lights, so he could get back to his seemingly normal life. And, we witnessed the most crazy events, everything from a giant black triangle that flew directly over our heads, to a high minded fear,” said Chase. Black triangles are only part of her incredible story, though. During the interview she also tells of seeing some type of creatures, saying”He shown the flashlight and about six feet away from us standing, was a 3 1/2′ tall being.”

In addition to Chase Kloetzke’s amazing stories the episode features the weekly news round up and a summary of the recent “Guest Star” appearance on the Podcast UFO Forums by author and researcher Kathleen Marden. The show will also announce the Podcast UFO Forums’ next “Guest Star,” a personality from the UFO field who will answer questions posed by forum members for a limited time.

About Podcast UFO:

Podcast UFO is a weekly audio podcast that brings listeners news and interviews related to unidentified flying saucers. Each show features in-depth conversation today’s most important and interesting UFO researchers, skeptics and experiencers. Produced and hosted by experienced podcaster Martin Willis, the show can be streamed through or as well as subscribed to via iTunes. Podcast UFO can be contacted at