This week’s Podcast UFO episode will allow a few brave listeners to share their true UFO sighting stories.

(For Immediate Release) – On Friday, March 8 the latest episode of Podcast UFO will bring listeners true stories of their unidentified flying object sightings from other listeners. This will be the first times these encounters have been shared with the public. Host Martin Willis feels this episode’s topic is especially important as the show was inspired by his own sighting.

As part of the new weekly format, which also saw the addition of a news segment, Podcast UFO is able to expand beyond the interviews offered by other shows. Bringing these untold stories of encounters is just one of many exciting new topics. As Podcast UFO is extremely interested in fostering a conversation among listeners, they have recently added a new forum. It can be accessed at

In upcoming Podcast UFO episodes guests include longtime researcher Jerome Clark and UFO-Sweden chairman and journalist Clas Svahn.

About Podcast UFO:

Podcast UFO is a bi-weekly audio podcast that brings listeners news and interviews related to unidentified flying saucers. Each show features in-depth conversation today’s most important and interesting UFO researchers, skeptics and experiencers. Produced and hosted by experienced podcaster Martin Willis, the show can be streamed through or as well as subscribed to via iTunes. Podcast UFO can be contacted at