298. Free Show: Jordan Bonaparte & Ellie Maloney

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Show Notes

Show Notes: Jordan Bonaparte & Ellie Maloney

YouTube Live Streamed Wednesday, April 18th at 8:00PM to 10:00PM EST (GMT-4)

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, Jordan Bonaparte for the first part of the show discussing UFO’s Above Canada, and guest Ellie Maloney will discuss her thoughts on UFOs and her recent book, 329 Years Awake.

Jordan Bonaparte is the creator of the popular Canadian crime and strange story series, the Nighttime Podcast. Jordan will be joining Podcast UFO to discuss his upcoming radio/web documentary series UFOs Above Canada which, in addition to covering Canada’s colorful UFO history,  aims to highlight the many UFO events experienced by everyday Canadians.
His work can be found on nighttimepodcast.com

Ellie Maloney Bio: In her previous life, Ellie Maloney was a lawyer specializing in gender equality and human rights. Now she writes fiction, collects typewriters and lives all over the world with her husband and a 5-yo Newfoundland dog. She lived, worked, and studied in such countries as Kosovo, Ukraine, Liberia, Albania, and the United States.

Twitter @EllieMaloneyFic
Instagram, Facebook @EllieMaloneyFiction
Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-N-bHzaooXsFfNoDUJPlA?view_as=subscriber
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Art Bell The Icon of Paranormal Radio 1945-2018

by Martin Willis


When I think of Art Bell, I hear a soothing voice so natural in front of the mic that it sounds easy. I also think of him as man who opened the door for this type of show and so many others.

Ironically, I had not heard of Art before 2011 when I started this podcast. I only found him when I was researching Area 51 and heard the mysterious frantic caller. That was bone-chilling and upsetting that it was later determined to be a brilliant hoax. I was first impressed at how comfortable Art was and his fantastic radio voice. Unfortunately heavy smoking can make for a great radio voice, but not longevity.

Shortly after I found Art, I started listening to past shows and fell in love with his work. I followed Art’s comebacks and was disappointed when he repeatedly left the airwaves. As my friend Alejandro Rojas put it, Art left shows for his principles and usually good reasons.

I connected with Keith Rowland, Art’s longtime show producer, and went live on the Dark Matter Digital Network. Myself and a few others were basically place-card holders for Art’s return. His contract with Sirius was in place and he couldn’t get airtime until it expired. It was an exciting day when Art came back on the airwaves, and my show listeners doubled on the Dark Matter Digital Network.

A few months into Art’s Midnight in the Desert return on the network, Keith asked me if I would be interested in becoming Art’s producer, which I was, but may have had to give up this show. While contemplating, Art chose Heather Wade who later took over Art’s chair upon his short lived comeback and retirement. I worked as Heather’s producer for s short time, but was too busy in my professional life as a fine art appraiser to keep at it. Heather still continues to this day and had recently moved into Art’s studio in Parump, NV. Read the post at Midnight in the Desert.R

72 seems young these days, and I feel bad of loss for his family, wife and young children. I feel bad for Heather Wade who I know was very close as well as Art’s longtime friend and show producer, Keith Rowland.

Art Bell was a man who made a difference in the world and touched many lives.  Art’s soothing voice will live on and fill the airwaves for many years to come, he will not be forgotten. Art Bell, may you rest in peace.


Show Notes: Mike Clelland

YouTube Live Streamed Wednesday, April 11th at 8:00PM to 10:00PM EST (GMT-4)

Lee Speigel filling in for UFO Updates, guest Mike Clelland discusses his companion book to The Messengers. It is a further exploration into the connection, both symbolic and literal, between owls and UFOs. 

Bio: Mike Clelland is an avid outdoorsman, illustrator and UFO researcher. He has written extensively on the subject of alien abductions, synchronicities and owls. It was his first-hand experiences with these elusive events that have been the foundation for this research.

His website, Hidden Experience, explores these events and their connections to the alien contact phenomenon. This site also features over 200 hours of audio interviews with visionaries and experts examining the complexities of the overall UFO experience.

Beyond that, Mike is considered an expert in the skills of ultralight backpacking, and has authored or illustrated a series of instructional books focused on advanced outdoor techniques. He spent nearly 25 years living in the Rockies, and now lives in the Adirondacks.





Strange lights Near Wodonga, Victoria in Australia.

Strange lights Near Wodonga, Victoria in Australia.

This is my UFO sighting from Wodonga, Victoria, Australia at approximately 8:20 PM on Saturday, 17 March. It was dark as there was a low cloud cover (due to a rain shower). It was a mild evening (approximately 25° Celsius 0r 77° Fahrenheit) at the time I had the sighting. I went outside as I had noticed that there was a light rain shower which was unusual as it’s been a very hot day and a long period of dry weather. I called for my father to come out side and check out the rain. We were outside for a couple of minutes and as we turned to go back inside my father noticed a light the sky. He asked, what is that? At first I thought it was a plane or an aircraft of some kind but I quickly realized it was stationary in the sky. It was located in a south west direction. From my position, it was 240° on my compass. It was at height of between 10° and 15° from the horizon in the sky. It’s hard to estimate the altitude of the object but it was definitely below the low cloud cover. No other celestial object were visible in the sky. The width of the object was not quite as wide as what the moon would be but there was three lights in a straight line formation. Each light flashed individually from the left to the right but you could still see the glowing of the other lights when the lights were flashing. It was hard to make out any shape but the flashing lights were very bright (white like magnesium burning). It stayed for approximately five minutes in the same spot with no noise. It then gradually it moved to the left (or to the south) but away from where we were. It was approximately 210° on the compass where it’s stopped again and it was stationary for another five minutes before it moved away from us (the same original direction) and eventually out of sight. It was very unusual. I estimate the object that we were witnessing was approximately 3 to 4 kilometers from our location. We were perplexed at what we had witnessed. I was not able to capture a photo of the object at the time but I took a picture of the direction we viewed the object from the location we viewed the object the next morning (I drew dots where the object we observed was) – I hope that makes sense? Please let me know if you have any questions.