Upcoming Show: Don Schmitt & Allis Druffel

YouTube Live Streamed Wednesday February 21st at 8:00PM to 10:00PM EST (GMT-5)

Live streaming show of pre-recorded face to face interviews with Donald Schmitt, which is a heartfelt interview about J. Allen Hynek and more, then in hour two, Allis Druffel discusses what it was like growing up with her iconic mother, UFO researcher, Ann Druffel and also talks about her mother’s close connection to James E. McDonald which led to her authoring the book: Firestorm.

Bio: Donald R. Schmitt is the former co-director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, where he served as Director of Special Investigations for ten years. Prior to that, he was a special investigator for the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the art director for the International UFO Reporter.

Schmitt graduated from MATC with a degree in Commercial Art and graduated cum laude from Concordia University with a degree in Liberal Arts. He is presently taking graduate courses in Criminal Justice. Schmitt is the author of dozens of articles about UFOs, as well as the co-author of two best-selling books, UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL, Avon 1991, best-selling Witness to Roswell, New Page, NJ, 2007, andThe Truth Abouit the UFO Crash at Roswell, published by M. Evans, 1994. He is also the author of ROSWELL, THE CHRONOLOGICAL PICTORIAL, from Moonset Entertainment Group. Source: http://roswellinvestigator.com/index.php/the-team

Bio: Allis Druffel, daughter of famed UFO researcher and author, Ann Druffel, is an environmental advocate and classical singer. Since 2009, Ms. Druffel has served as Southern California Outreach Director for California Interfaith Power and Light, an organization that works with houses of worship on renewable energy, energy efficiency and policy advocacy. Prior to this, she served as Director of Community Services at Holy Family Catholic Church in South Pasadena, where she gave many presentations on the intimate connection between the climate crisis and other major social issues, such as food insecurity, resource conflicts, immigration and human trafficking. Her main priority is helping to create a massive, global transformation to renewable energy sources. As a classical singer, she is director of music at a local church, and often uses the art of song for environmental education. She holds a Master of Pastoral Ministries from Santa Clara University and a Master of Vocal Performance from the University of Maryland, College Park. Source: http://ufocongress.com/allis-druffel/


289. Free Show: UFO Congress Roundtable

Recorded live broadcast roundtable at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona.”What would it be like if the Phoenix Lights happened today?”, Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden, Travis Walton, Stephen Bassett, Jennifer Stein, Jason McClellan, Jim Lough, Dr. Bob Gross, Dean Alioto, Yvonne Smith, Heidi Gadd, Kevin Gasman http://ufocongress.com This is a bonus full show, you can help support us for listening to all full shows for as little as $2 per month


Rectangular UFO Viewed Up Close

Sighting was approx. July 1988 100km to the North East of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada at 12-1AM.
I and three other individuals noticed a large object emitting light travelling directly over our vehicle.
The object was rectangular and approx. 200 feet by 100 feet in size. It was so close overhead and so bright that if caused a glare on the windshield. It was maybe 200 feet above us, maybe closer.
The entire underneath was illuminated by what looked like an electrical glow. Colours were blue, green and some orange in a swirling pattern.
We stopped the car as the object travelled from the North to the South. It drifted slowly (maybe 50km/h) on a clear moonless/windless summer night making no noise, and was still drifting when we got out of the car.
We were standing outside looking at it as it came to a stop maybe .25km from us. I had a pretty good look at it and can say for certain it was about 20 feet think and black or very dark in color. It was a dark night but the lights underneath the object were fairly bright.
After about 3 or 4 minutes the object then “charged” up glowing bright and then shot off to the South West at an incredible speed. It reached the horizon in approx. 1 second and disappeared into a dot of light.
I know of at least 2 other sightings of this object by people I know including a daylight sighting where the object was a few hundred feet overhead. In that incident the observer saw a smaller rectangle that was red and silver checkerboard color.

Sighting was in Nova Scotia approximately here
google map link

Grandfather‘s Encounter

I have a weird one.
My grandfather was a bomber pilot in the
infamous 509th bomb group in Roswell New Mexico.
My Mom and I stayed in my grandfather’s house
in El Paso Texas from about 1971 on .My very first memory
is my ONLY experience and it’s one that sounds very much like an abduction.
I was about 3-4 years old and my bedroom lit up
with a blue light and what looked like miniature cartoon characters
we’re moving about my room. I can still visualize it somewhat.
It’s the only memory I have besides the final being back in my bed with
giant black almond eyes right up against my forehead and a loud
rushing sound. I also remember a large white head attached to the black eyes.That was it..From elementary on I was interested in Near Death Experiences for some reason and in about 4th grade clearly remember checking out books by Dr Raymond Moody on NDE’s along with UFO books.
I have been fascinated with both subjects ever since although I didnt realize my first memory was maybe UFO related until much later in life.
My grandfather was a career Air Force pilot and ended up in retiring a Lt Col . He was my father figure and having just retired we spent most of my youth together.
I would ask him all the time about UFO’s and he would tell me there was nothing to it. As a matter of fact I asked for 38 years and he always said
the same thing.Then in 2012 at 88 years old and about a year before he died with health failing I asked one more time.This time he said “Well do you really want to know?” My brother was there and looked as shocked as i did hearing this, but we both said YES !!
Instead of saying anything
I asked again, Are some UFO’s alien craft ? I had learned to phrase it
more correctly because hardcore officers don’t give up anything without the question being perfect . (Col John B Alexander cones to mind) But instead of the usual dismissals this time he nodded a very solemn
“YES”. We were floored because he was quite serious .
That’s it..
All my life I have looked up hoping to see something but have never seen
ANYTHING I couldn’t disprove to my own liking.
Weird life never seeing anything except my first memory perhaps being an odd encounter,but I believed something is visiting .
I believe you Martin and your hot tub UFO.
But few believe this type of story so I never relay it.
My grandfather was real he can be easily verified because he’s the pilot
who’s plane accidentally dropped a hydrogen bomb near Albuquerque in the mid 1950’s .Lt Col Richard J Meyer (although he was Captain Meyer in the 50’s)

UFO Over Waterloo, Ontario Canada Dec. 7th 2016

See the video I captured here :

This sighting took place in Waterloo Ontario, 100 km west of Toronto. On December 7th 2016, at around 5 pm. I was at work and I stepped outside for a cigarette break, and I was listening to PODCAST UFO! I’m not joking… I listen to the show all the time at work and am very into the study of the Phenomenon.
It was close to dusk, just going into the civil twilight period which is the brightest part of twilight. The sun was down, but it was still very light out, just around the time the street lamps come on. I had a great view of the area because my workplace is on the top of a hill, which gave me an excellent view of the southern sky that night.
I was looking south and immediately noticed a very bright light low in the sky, not far above the horizon. I thought this was a strange place for such a bright light and it seemed to be very far away but still really bright. It was brighter than Venus or other planets I had seen in the skies many times before at that time of day. It was much brighter than satellites and the ISS, and I became very puzzled by its peculiar features. I was amazed to see it pulse on and off. It was a quick strobing that flashed brightly about three times then two or three dimmer flashes all in about half a second then no flashing for a second then it repeated. It was intense and very bright then would completely fade. It continued to pulse and then I noticed it was moving. It was at this point I quickly grabbed my phone and starting recording video. This light seemed really weird to me because I had seen so many satellites before and never saw I bright light pulse on and off. I thought it was something like the ISS space station spinning or reflections off of a spinning satellite, but it was pulsing quickly like a strobe light then off then strobing again. I could see other planes in the sky and their lights were not bright and you could see a solid outline of a plane clearly against the sky. In the video there are 1 or 2 planes at low altitudes but they are not even detected by the camera.
The strobing like from the object did seem a bit like aviation lights that strobe but after looking into it I have not found any aircraft that have bright white intense strobing white lights. This flashed brightly when it was low on the horizon, coming towards me and also flashed bright when it was above me. All the air craft I have seen only are bright from one direction, either head on or under the craft, not both, and never white.
Compared to the light I was looking at, it was completely different than the planes in the sky. When the light stopped pulsing, there was nothing there in the sky that was visible. There was no solid dark shape that should have been visible. It seemed like it was at a very high altitude. I’m guessing at the max flight ceiling or higher. I have never seen anything like this in the sky before and it was very interesting to watch.
I reported the sighting to MUFON and NUFORC. A MUFON investigator followed up via email and determined it was a helicopter because he did a quick search and found an airport in the area. The problem with his conclusion was that the light wasn’t anywhere near the airport. It was much farther to the southwest. I know this because I live right beside the airport and have been seeing all the lights and traffic that come through there for years. There is no way this was a helicopter because helicopters don’t fly over the city at high altitudes. The small older helicopters only fly short routes over the country and the only other helicopter you see is the rescue or emergency craft that travels to Toronto to the hospital. Helicopters do not have bright pulsating or strobing bright white lights that fly at super high altitudes. Every helicopter I have seen flying I have heard even at a distance.
I have been outside at work on break, looking at the great view from the top of the hill, many, many times before, and have seen lots of satellites, planes and helicopters. All of which are highly recognizable and mundane. What I saw December 7th was very strange and remains unexplained as far as I am concerned.
In the Video I shot of the craft on Youtube I point out that it seemed to “zig – zag” in a quick weird manner as it was over head and have stabilized footage of it moving. But after re shooting video of a plane in the same position a few weeks later, I realized this was an anomaly cause by slighting moving the camera or phone while zooming.
Even though I realized it didn’t move in the “zig zag” manner, this pulsing UFO is something very strange, and is not a helicopter, plane and I don’t think it’s the disco ball satellite either.
After watching the video again, it seems to change speed and almost pause at the 1:20 mark. A satellite moves quickly across the sky in a very steady and straight course.

Matt Lacasse
Feb 04 2018

Upcoming Guest: Marie Cisneros

YouTube Live Streamed Wednesday February 7th at 8:00PM to 10:00PM EST (GMT-5)

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest Marie Cisneros will discuss UFOs in Montana, including Malmstrom, nukes and famous sightings such as the Mariana UFO.

Bio: Marie Cisneros has a Bachelor’s degree in the medical sciences, working for many years as a medical word specialist and document transcriber. Although trained in the I.T. and data world, she has always had a keen interest in the sciences and especially a great interest in ancient artifacts, astroarchealogy, the unknown and paranormal, UFO’s as well as various other esoteric subjects, and has taught seminars locally. She is operating and managing a start-up independent research company, Cygnus Research, in which she focuses on ancient artifacts, as well as other topics of interest. Before starting this company she operated a document-writing service for five years.

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287. Free Show: Brad Abrahams

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest Brad Abrahams discusses his full length film, Love and Saucers, where experiencer David Huggins claims to have had encounters for many years, and works through his past experience through his art creations. You can help us out at only $2 per month or more, click here for more info.

Show Notes


Show Notes: Brad Abrahams

YouTube Live Streamed Wednesday January 31 at 8:00PM to 10:00PM EST (GMT-5)

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest Brad Abrahams discusses his film, Love and Saucers where David Huggins, 72, claims to have lost his virginity to an extraterrestrial being as a young man, and creates art to express his feelings about his interspecies romance.

Movie info: https://www.loveandsaucers.com

Bio: Brad Abrahams is a documentary filmmaker and commercial director from Canada, currently based in the USA. His all-consuming interests in radical science, cryptozoology, and general esoterica inspire his stories. Love and Saucers is his first feature-length film, with two others in production and post (Cryptozoologist and On the Back of a Tiger). Though he has not yet had a supernatural experience, he is ready and willing. Fruit is his favorite food.