911 UFO

by Charles Lear

 When most people think about UFO sightings and their documentation, it is in visual terms and in the form of photograph, film or video.  There are several cases, however, that were documented and archived as audio recordings.  Two famous examples are the1965 recordings from Edwards Air Force Base made during an incursion of 12 UFOs and a recording made by Lt Col. Charles Halt as he investigated the 1980 occurrence in Rendlesham Forest.  Within recent years, the FAA, despite its history of being uncooperative with researchers, has released numerous recordings between control tower operators and pilots.  What’s special about these audio recordings is that they bring you into the event as it unfolds and you get to experience the first hand emotions of the witnesses.

Though all of the above examples are worthy of a thorough, individual recounting, there is an extraordinary tape from 1994 recorded by the Liberty Township 911 dispatch center in Trumbull County, Ohio.  The center covered a vast area and was responsible for fielding emergency calls and dispatching emergency and police personnel.  On duty the night of December 15, was police officer, Roy Anne Rudolph. Just after midnight, Rudolph received a call from a man who reported a strange object in the sky that was descending at an angle with what looked like flame coming from its rear.  Thinking this might be a plane in distress, Rudolph alerted the other officers manning the center that there might be a possible crash emergency.  Then three more calls came in from the same area, around a residential road called Sampson drive, including one from a woman describing a large hovering light over her property. This moved the situation away from being a crash incident and they were now dealing with a UFO.

 In addition to the calls from concerned citizens, a woman from the local news station called saying she had received a call from a woman describing a large blue/green object hovering approximately 50 feet above the ground while making no noise.  Rudolph questions why aliens would want to visit Liberty saying, “there’s no intelligent life in Liberty.” Because there was now media scrutiny hanging over their heads, Rudolph chose to contact a trusted officer and friend, Toby Meloro using her mobile phone and have him check out the reports.  As he was headed out to the area of Sampson drive, Rudolph was hopeful that he’d come back with a mundane explanation.

Meloro drove to the area and was stopped in the street by a man who had also seen a large light in the sky and Meloro assured him that he would check on it.  Meloro then saw a light himself and reported over the radio that he was observing it and was attempting to get closer to it.  As he drove, his car suddenly shut down along with his radio.  While attempting to restart the car a huge, red light shone down on him that lit up the area as “bright as daylight” and it seemed to be coming from a structured object that was silent and “as large as a football field.”  The object then moved away from him heading south and as it did, his car and radio came back on.  He heard his call sign, 998, being called out by Rudolph, who had become concerned after he had failed to respond and he picked up the radio to let her know that he was again operational.  He then told Rudolph that he needed a moment to collect his thoughts and this indicated to her that he had experienced something profound. Read more

Show 370 Notes: Rob Shelsky

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ROB SHELSKY is an avid and eclectic writer, and averages about 4,000 words a day. Rob, with a degree in science, has appeared on numerous radio shows, and just has finished his film shoot for a new television series coming on the Travel Channel. Rob was an on-camera expert for the show.

With regard to radio shows, Rob has been interviewed on over 100 such programs, including three times on George Noory’s Coast-To-Coast AM Radio Show, House of Mystery, three times on Art Bell’s Midnight In The Desert, The Kingdom of Nye, Beyond The Veil, The Kevin Cook Show, and many others.

Rob was invited to give a presentation at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. in 2015. He was also invited to give a presentation at the Mysteries of Space and Sky Conference, in Baltimore/Washington D.C. This year, and was invited to give a presentation at the First Annual AlienXpo in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Rob has often and over a long period explored the alien and UFO question and has made investigative trips to research such UFO hotspot areas as Pine Bush, New York, Gulf Breeze, Florida, and other such regions, including Brown Mountain, North Carolina, known, for the infamous “Brown Mountain Lights, as well as investigating numerous places known for paranormal activity. He has traveled abroad to do this, as well, as with traveling to sites in the United Kingdom, and other countries where UFOs have been reported. Rob was a member of MUFON, and a Field Investigator for this group. Rob has written articles for the former AlienSkin Magazine as a resident columnist there, as well as for other magazines, such as Doorways, Midnight Street (U.K.), Internet Review of Science Fiction (IROSF), and many others. While at AlienSkin Magazine, a resident investigative columnist there for about seven years, Rob explored and wrote articles about the paranormal, as well as UFOs.

With over 20 years of such research and investigative efforts behind him, Researcher and Author Rob Shelsky is well qualified in the subject of the paranormal. Rob Shelsky tends to be the skeptic, and insists upon being able to “kick the tires” of a UFO, to ascertain their reality. He is, as well, a theorist, constantly coming up with possible explanations for such phenomena. Rob asks the hard questions others seem to avoid. He looks for hard evidence. Often, he comes up with convincing answers.

Rockin UFOs!

by Charles Lear

  When people in the UFO community refer to To The Stars Academy founder, Tom DeLonge, more often than not, the words, “rock star” precede his name.  This seems to serve the purpose of distinguishing him from “normal” UFOlogists but the truth is that he is but one of many rock musicians who have had or have a serious interest in the subject.  What’s unusual about DeLonge is that he has managed to gather the highly credentialed people he has staffing TTSA and that his group has stormed to the forefront of the field overshadowing other long existing research organizations.  For a “rock star” to manage this he has to overcome the big issue all UFOlogists are concerned with and that is credibility.  If a witness was drunk or on drugs during a sighting, a case will most likely be dismissed by an investigator.  As many rockers throughout history have been notorious for their often, extreme indulgence, well, you get the idea of what DeLonge is up against.

Going back to the beginning of rock and roll, founding father, Elvis Presley was a believer and a witness according to his hairdresser/spiritual advisor, Larry Geller.  Among Geller’s claims is that at Elvis’ nativity, his father saw a strange blue light in the sky and knew something special was happening.  Geller also claimed that Elvis was telepathically contacted by aliens at eight years of age and shown his future as the King of Rock and Roll.  Rockers who were witnesses and spoke for themselves include: John Lennon, who, along with his girlfriend, May Pang, saw a craft with a dazzling display of lights in 1974 over a New York apartment building, Jimi Hendrix, who witnessed a UFO in the State of Washington with his brother, Leon, Lemmy Kilmister who had a sighting of an object that hovered and then suddenly accelerated to an extreme speed in 1966 and Keith Richards who not only claimed sightings but was convinced his estate was a UFO landing spot.

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Hawaii UFO Encounter in the 1970’s


I can’t remember the exact year but it had to be the late 70’s before the new road was built between Kona, HI  and Hilo.   I was driving from Hilo back to Kona through Pohakuloa Army (I think) base.  We were used to all kinds of things flying overhead and vehicles all over the place.  This day I was driving my Pantera when I saw what I thought looked like a UFO on the side of the road I debated wether or not I should stop but decided to keep going.  The closer I got the more it looked like a UFO!!! I also thought it had to have seen me so I was in trouble no matter what I did.  I kept going still looking like a UFO the closer I got the more is was just that.  Thinking I was either oksy or doomed I kept going, when I got there It looked like exactly what I thought a UFO!!!! but there were men coming out of it that were human I’m pretty sure anyway.  It looked exactly like the spaceship I saw on your program.  When sketching this I realized that it has no detail because it was so long ago I can’t visualize it anymore.




I was 11, or maybe 12 years old, that means it was around the year ’94. I lived back then in Santiago, Chile, in a house near to a park where me and my friends used to play soccer very often. One day, while we were just playing and kicking the ball the highest we could, we realized that right above us was this silver thing…just there, not moving. It was round and not very high, we could see clearly a metallic kind of material that reflected the light of the sun on its surface. We just stood there, a bit afraid, but without moving an inch. It must have been like a minute or less of that, both the kids and the object just paralyzed. But then, as if it was just enough of that, the silver thing began moving towards the south, slowly at first and then picking up more speed. We began running behind it, or we tried to, but in 5 minutes it was just gone over the mountains. All the kids present that day were left with this weird feeling of awe and excitement. We all knew we saw something unique that would forever be remembered.

369. Randall Nickerson & Emily Trim, Ariel Phenomenon

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