381. Chris Lambright, Mysteries of the US Navy & UFOs

Guest Chris Lambright discusses his research into the US Navy, and its relation to UFOs, which includes the USS Nimitz UFO Encounter, also Bigelow Aerospace as well as connections between the US government & TTSA and more. FULL SHOWS, EVERY WEEK,  PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON

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Show 381 Notes: Chris Lambright, US Navy & UFOs

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, December 3rd @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-5)

Guest Chris Lambright discusses his research into the US Navy, and its relation to UFOs, which includes the USS Nimitz UFO Encounter, also Bigelow Aerospace as well as connections between the US government & TTSA and more.

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CHRISTIAN LAMBRIGHT has worked extensively in Computer Technology and Internet services, has a background in graphic arts, illustration, and CGI, and holds a degree in Psychology from Baylor University. He is a former investigator for the Center for UFO Studies and contributor to the Computer UFO Network, and is a licensed private investigator. Currently in Austin, Texas, he is working on a documentary film on a classic sighting, doing independent research, and always writing.

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UFOs Over Scotland

by Charles Lear

In listings of top UFO hot spots around the world, the small town of Bonnybridge, Scotland is frequently included.  Bonnybridge lies within an area known as “The Falkirk Triangle” which is described variously from being a large area defined by lines drawn between Edinbugh in the east, Glasgow in the west and Stirling in the north to a smaller triangle formed by three roads: the M8, the M9 and the M80.  The area has a history of many sightings and episodes that were exceedingly strange and the citizenry of the town of Bonnybridge has petitioned a succession of British Prime Ministers for an explanation.

Notoriety first came to the area in 1979 with the November 9, encounter in Dechmont Woods in Livingston, West Lothian by Robert Taylor.  Taylor was a forester and was on his rounds at 10:30 AM in the company truck with Lara, his Irish Setter.  According to him, he went into a section just south of the M8, got out of his truck and walked down a path with the dog for about 700 yards.  In a clearing, he came upon an object hovering around 50 feet in the air that was dome-shaped with a flange around its base that had cross-shaped objects projecting from it.  As he watched it, with his dog barking excitedly, different sections would fade out, revealing the trees behind them, and then fade back in.  Then, two objects that looked like WWII sea mines with about six spikes sticking out of them fell from the bottom of the craft and hit the ground with a thud.  They then rolled towards Taylor and each object used a projectile to grab him at the hips and pulled him.  Taylor described an acrid smell and then losing consciousness.  When he came to, the objects were gone but there were indentations in the ground and marks similar to caterpillar tracks.  He had a grazed forehead and chin and his heavy-duty work pants were ripped at each hip.  He went to his truck to radio back to the office but found he couldn’t speak.  Taylor then started the truck and ended up backing into a ditch, which forced him to walk the quarter mile to his house in the town of Deans. His wife was alarmed by his muddy and disheveled appearance and he told her he was “attacked by a spaceship” which she, naturally, didn’t believe.  Mrs. Taylor phoned a doctor who examined Mr. Taylor and found nothing wrong with him as far as any kind of brain or sensory issues.  The doctor suggested he go to a hospital for further tests and Taylor did so but left after becoming impatient while waiting to be seen.  Mrs. Taylor had also called Robert’s boss, Malcolm Drummond, who came to the house and listened to Taylor’s story.  Drummond knew Taylor to be an honest man and making up such a strange tale would have been quite out of character for him.  The case was reported to the police who investigated it as an assault case.  The “crime-scene” was cordoned off and evidence was recorded.  Significantly, the tracks that looked like caterpillar tracks showed no signs of an entrance or an exit.  There were also drag marks that supported the story of Taylor being grabbed and pulled. Taylor’s pants were subjected to forensic analysis in Edinburgh and the examiner determined that they were torn by something mechanical.  The dog, meanwhile, would never leave the house, even to relieve itself, for months afterwards.  In 2018, the West Lothian Council created a UFO trail in the woods to commemorate the event.

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Show 380 Notes: BRYCE ZABEL

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, November 26th @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-5)

Screenwriter – producer, author – journalist, Bryce Zabel’s website: https://whatifufos.com


  • Creator of Five Produced Primetime TV Drama Series
  • Individual Winner: Writers Guild, Sidewise Award for Alternate History,
  • Series Winner: Emmy, Gemini
  • Chairman/CEO of the Television Academy
  • Writer of a #1 Box-Office Film
  • Adjunct Professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts
  • Member of DGA, WGA, SAG
  • On-air Anchor/Reporter for CNN, PBS, NBC

CNN correspondent-turned-screenwriter Bryce Zabel has created five primetime network television series and worked on a dozen TV writing staffs. A produced feature writer in both live-action and animation, he has written and produced for nearly all major networks and studios and collaborated with talents like Steven Spielberg, David Kelley and Stan Lee on projects that include series, video-games, comic books and web content.

In 2008, Bryce (with his wife, Jackie) received the Writers Guild of America (WGA) award for writing his third four-hour Hallmark mini-series, Pandemic. He has received credit on produced films and miniseries that include Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Blackbeard, and NBC’s primetime The Poseidon Adventure. He wrote Syfy’s first original film, Official Denial, and the first film in the Unsolved Mysteries MOW franchise, Victim of Love. He has also worked for ABC, CBS, FOX, HBO, Showtime, SONY, Warner Bros., 20th Fox, Universal, USA, Animal Planet, etc. Read more

UFOs and Astronauts

by Charles Lear

From the very beginning of the U.S. space program, astronauts have reportedly seen UFOs.  For those who subscribe to the extraterrestrial hypothesis, it makes sense that space faring beings from other planets would take an interest.  But, whatever they are, astronauts have not only reported seeing UFOs, but some, most notably Gordon Cooper and Dr. Edgar Mitchell, have gone so far as to publicly advocate for disclosure and an end to secrecy regarding the subject.

Gordon Cooper described having encounters with UFOs as an Air Force pilot prior to his involvement in the space program.  In his 2000 memoir, “Leap of Faith: An Astronaut’s Journey Into the Unknown”, Gordon wrote that he chased saucer-shaped craft over Germany in the 1950’s, where he was stationed, and that objects that were faster than known man made machines flew over the base daily.  He also made mention of being given film in 1957 of a saucer that landed at Edwards Air Force Base which he sent off to the Pentagon and never saw again.  In contrast, he claimed that neither he nor any other astronauts had seen UFOs while in space and refutes the report that he saw a green glowing object approach his craft during his final orbit in May 1963 aboard Mercury Faith 7 while over Australia.  Cooper made a similar claim in a March 1980 interview in Omni conducted by long time UFO researcher Lee Spiegel.  In that interview Cooper stated that, of all the astronauts involved in the space program only James McDivitt “might” have seen a UFO.  He also remarked that allegations of astronaut UFO sightings “got so bad that there were deliberately falsified tapes of communications with the astronauts, where UFO material was simply edited in.”  A review of claims of astronaut encounters and statements finds that there is, indeed, a lot of poorly supported information out there.

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379. Jeff Bennett & Deep Prasad

BONUS FULL SHOW, HOUR ONE: Astrophysicist Jeffrey Bennett on our solar system, black holes, the big bang, the possibilities of intelligent life in our universe, our bottleneck of technology and much more. HOUR TWO: Deep Prasad, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, extraterrestrial artifacts, UFOs and more.  FOR FULL SHOWS, EVERY WEEK,  PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON

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Show 379 Notes: Jeff Bennett & Deep Prasad

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, November 19th @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-5)

HOUR ONE: Astrophysicist Jeffrey Bennett on astrobiology, the possibilities of intelligent life in our universe and much more. HOUR TWO: Deep Prasad, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, extraterrestrial artifacts, UFOs and more.

JEFF BENNETT (Ph.D., Astrophysics, CU 1987) has taught at every level from pre-school through graduate school and is now a full-time writer/speaker/educator focusing on student and public understanding of math and science. He is the lead author of best-selling college textbooks in astronomy, astrobiology, mathematics, and statistics; of six books for children that have all been read by astronauts from the International Space Station and of critically acclaimed books for the general public on topics including the search for extraterrestrial life, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and global warming. His writing as earned numerous awards, including the American Institute of Physics Science Communication Award. Other major endeavors include serving as a Visiting Senior Scientist at NASA Headquarters, where he led efforts to forge stronger links between the research and education communities; proposing and co-leading development of both the Colorado Scale Model Solar System on the CU campus and the Voyage Scale Model Solar System on the National Mall in Washington, DC; and leading the creation of the free app “Totality” for solar eclipses. His personal web site is www.JeffreyBennett.com


Joe Rogan Experience #1388 – Louie Psihoyos

DEEP PRASAD is working with the world’s first quantum computers in order to help build the infrastructure that will support the next decades worth of quantum technologies. His goal is to save humanity hundreds of billions of research hours in developing the next generation of photovoltaics, superconductors and metamaterials. In his spare time, he advises several blockchain startups focussed on healthcare applications. Deep was named one of Toronto’s Top 20 under 20 in 2015. He has given talks on many cutting edge technologies including the intersection of AI with Blockchain and Healthcare, as well as Quantum Computing.

Not So Ancient UFOs

by Charles Lear

The history of UFO sightings and alien encounters as portrayed in the popular media is, mostly, separated into distinct periods: modern, from the late 1890’s airship flap followed by World War II “foo fighters” into post-1947 after the Kenneth Arnold report, and ancient interaction pieced together using “evidence” from the time of cave dwelling humans up to the time of the builders of cities and megalithic structures.  UFOs depicted in Byzantine paintings (misinterpreted conventional symbols) the 1561 report from Nuremburg, Germany and the 1566 report from Basel, Switzerland are often thrown in during reviews of UFO history but what about the time in between then and the 1890’s?  It turns out that there are quite a few reports from the period in question and they read like modern reports although they were written before the modern context of alien visitation.

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