Billy Meier, A Living Controversy

maxresdefault-1by Martin Willis

I fell asleep last night with a YouTube video playing a UFO documentary and forgot I had the YouTube autoplay switch on. I woke up to another video which was actually an audio interview with Michael Horn talking about 2015 Billy Meier “scientific evidence”. For a moment, I thought I was having a nightmare and then like passing a train wreck, I had to watch or in this case listen to most of the interview. Horn makes nothing but proclamations, and his “science” is no science at all from what I can see. He claims that MUFON knows that the Billy Meier case is real, but will not discuss it because they are infiltrated by the CIA. He claims the CIA filters all MUFON UFO reports. He also bashes Stephen Bassett for hiding Billy Meier’s proof, plus bashes all people claiming to be abducted (accept for a few early ones). He further summarizes the government sprays gas into homes and examines people who then think they are abducted by aliens. Twice now I have been asked by Michael Horn if he could be a guest on my show, and I have turned him down. I don’t see where it would benefit what I am trying to do as I think the Billy Meier Case is too ridiculous to debate. However, if this seems close-minded of me, please comment below with your opinions. I question if Michael Horn really believes Billy Meier’s story, hook-line & sinker, or if he is just along for the ride. 

Why is it, no matter how much Billy Meier is credibly debunked, his followers turn a blind eye to the truth? Meier himself says, almost all of his attackers have never even met him. I ask what does that have to do with anything? Would he expect if I met him he could convince me otherwise? Should I not think Ken Lay or Bernie Madoff pulled off a scheme with Enron because I have not talked to them directly?

Asket & Nera
Michelle & Susan, Dean Martin Show

Whenever Meier is exposed, he claims outlandish things had happened in his defense. For instance, when he “took a picture of his Plejarens contacts:  Asket & Nera”. After publishing the image in a book, it was revealed that this was actually Michelle DellaFave and Susan Lund from the Dean Martin Show. His response to this was: “Men in Black swapped the real pictures out while the book was getting published”.

Clear original pictures of his flying saucers show inverted plates with cereal bowls on top, trash can lids and other assembled household objects that he later blurred in his released images. His videos have been proven fraudulent with optical illusions of close models, fishing line supports, pendulum action and more. Yet the followers of this cult leader keep turning their heads away from any of these proven facts. Finding just one fake should make a healthy skeptic question the whole of all claims. This is the difference between being open minded and gullible.

bannerfans_16980710From all I can see, Billy Meier seems like a nice cheerful man. However, that does not exempt him from being a Charlatan, and taking advantage of all the people supporting him. It seems like there is no silver bullet for exposing him as his followers remain true no matter what. He has great power over his followers, we have seen examples in the past.

If there was an award for the longest running hoax in UFOlogy, it would most certainly be presented to Billy Meier.

Here is a well researched website on the Billy Meier Case:

2 thoughts on “Billy Meier, A Living Controversy

  • January 1, 2016 at 1:01 pm

    So I’m less convinced than many believers about the extra-terrestrial hypothesis, and I’m often surprised by what people consider viable proof ( like the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter).. but the entire topic of Billy Meier is a major problem for ufology. If the community can’t even purge themselves of that sort of tripe then there’s a major problem for the entire discourse.

    Take for instance free energy agitators or anti-gravity proponents. The fact that physicists pay them very little mind indicates a consensus and puts the onus entirely on those making the claims. The fact that Meier has the ability to command cult-like beliefs in his followers and then get them into ‘respectful’ debate is a shame for the entire community.

    In the same vein I’m continually perplexed why people continue to support both David Jacobs and Steven Greer types at the same time. I’m not familiar with MUFONs standards, but the community appears to be willing to accept whatever speaker is offering as proof, and to ignore what anyone else is saying.

    Just my two cents,

    P.S. I love the new website and the show, thanks for all your hard work!

  • January 2, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    Meier is just that, a cult leader. People on the outside always see how twisted cult leaders are, but not the followers. I hope he never asks his followers to put their Nike’s on and drink Kool Aid.

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