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by Michael Lauck

Why It Doesn’t Matter Who Is Behind UFOs (Yet)

0In recent years I have noticed that many in the UFO field (I’ll use researcher as a general term to describe unidentified flying object investigators, their kith and kin) have begun to form their own theories about who is the behind the phenomenon. I think this is a natural process when one researches any subject; as one becomes more and more invested (emotionally, intellectually and even professionally) in any topic pet theories begin to develop. However, I have noticed that many researchers have become preoccupied with arguing the truth of these theories, sometimes even squabbling with one another as to whether UFOs are piloted by extraterrestrials or extradimensional beings as if a creature from another dimension is any less alien than one from another planet! To my mind this is actually hurting the legitimate study of UFOs and undermining any chance of serious scientific interest.


At this point, no matter what anyone says, we simply do not know if UFOs are controlled by an intelligence, much less what that intelligence may be. If someone had ironclad, conclusive proof of such a thing then all arguments about UFOs would be settled. In the absence of this proof, asserting that aliens, break off Nazi civilizations and/or “Stargate” style black project CIA pilots are inside UFOs is a moot point until it is first conclusively proven that UFOs are not merely misidentifications but very real and deserving of serious scientific consideration. It is not that this line of research should not be followed at all but it should be recognized as secondary for the time being..

474be648-0618-4525-ba10-9fcb004006c7_will-storr-heretics-enemies-of-science1-15022013The prime concern for UFO researchers should be organizing a large, well-funded and scientifically sound project to investigate what is appearing in our skies. The fact is that despite the fine and often thankless work being done by many very dedicated researchers the last 65 years or so, we still do not have any definitive answers to the questions surrounding unidentified flying objects. The sad fact is that, barring some miraculous turn around in policy resulting in complete government disclosure (and that assumes that the government has something to disclose), it is going to take a major effort by well equipped scientists to decipher the UFO mystery. There is good reason to take scientific interest in unidentified flying objects once it is accepted that there is something beyond misidentifications of known man-made craft and astronomical or natural phenomena. Once it is accepted that there is a certain, albeit small, percentage of sightings that defy explanation then it will become a priority to determine what is behind those sightings. After all, if these unknown objects are man-made but of undetermined origin, that suggests a threat to air traffic safety (for they have no registered flight paths or radar transponders) and national security. If the unknowns are an undiscovered type of natural occurrence then this should attract the attention of meteorologists, climatologists, astronomers and physicists (and probably a whole range of other scientific types that escape me at the moment). Unfortunately, insisting that UFOs are not only real but piloted by aliens undercuts the scientific method robs the subject of any interest that it may generate among scientists.

ufosQuibbling about whether UFOs are piloted by extraterrestrials or transdimensional beings before the existence of UFOs have been proven to the satisfaction of mainstream science is not the only barrier between UFO researchers and science. Insisting that UFOs are some type of constructed craft is problematic for many scientists. It would be more proper to hypothesize that this is the case and try to develop a method to prove it (after, of course, it is proven that UFOs exist). Another barrier is the insistence by some researchers that they know how UFOs operate or why exactly they come to Earth. All of these assertions put the cart before the horse and just reinforce the notion that the field of UFOlogy is unscientific.

viborg-jellyfish-ufoImagine for a second that the government was funding a study about giant squids, an animal that we have only recently been able to observe in the wild, to determine their mating habits. Sounds reasonable… but now imagine that this study was being funded 25 years ago, before a live squid had been captured or observed in the wild. The study would be ridiculous because the animal was only barely known and could not be found to study. After overcoming these issues then maybe you study mating habits, otherwise you are putting the cart before the horse (or squid). This is what researchers do by insisting that science study specific characteristics of something that might not even exist!

This is not the only barrier some researchers build between UFOlogy and science. Another great mistake is to couple the scientifically questionable subject of UFOs with another scientifically questionable subject. Tracking and predicting UFO appearances by chupacabra or sasquatch sightings, for example, is just asking mainstream to forgive too much! Providing “evidence” to science gleaned through psychic contact, automatic writings, visions and such is also just asking too much suspension of disbelief. I won’t even get into the touchy subject of abductions.

139087781-examining-the-ufo-evidence-photos-comIn the long run, not only do these missteps by UFO researchers make mainstream science world lose interest, they give ammunition to debunkers.  This might not seem important, after all, why should UFO researchers make any concessions to debunkiers? However, the unscientific approach taken by some researchers give debunkers an opening to attack researchers’ beliefs and methodology. Worse yet, this opening allows debunkers to ignore or gloss over evidence in favor of the attacks. At best this puts researchers on the defensive and at worst it allows debunkers to win debates.

Ultimately, the field of UFO research needs the support of legitimate, well trained and experienced scientists. We must work to attract mainstream scientists to help prove that unidentified flying objects represent a real scientific mystery that merits investigation. After it is proven that at least some UFOs are, in fact, real then the field can move to determine what they are and, if they are some type of construct, who is creating them and how they work.

3 thoughts on “Blog: Extraterrestrial, Extradimensional, Extraneous

  • April 5, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Hi Michael,

    I agree with you that there is a lot of wacky stuff going on in the UFO sphere which clutters what is already a complex phenomenon. But there is a public intrigued by wacky stuff and they are people interested to sell more wackiness to them. But this is true of every topic, even if you consider for an instant Middle East politics, the economy or medical therapies…lots of buyers and sellers of crazy ideas.

    I don’t think Bigfoot is scaring scientists away from UFO studies but rather the old and universal resistance to paradigm shift. This is true within science itself, always been, from one Copernican revolution to the next. That resistance to the new is an extremely powerful characteristic of the human psyche. Remember how even Dr. John E. Mack suffered at the hands of his colleagues at Harvard. And this happened after a lifelong achievement of research and scientific publications and a Pulitzer price.

    Skeptics don’t need to be part of a debunking conspiracy to be so adamant in wanting to contradict UFO adopters. At a personal level the topic irk them so deeply they are provided extra motivation to go battling the gullible crowd. Many are as sincere as you and me. They just want us to see the light.

    In this debate, it is rather startling to see how polarized opinions are. I belong to those who have come to the conclusion that they are enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that the phenomenon remains mysterious in its nature, but is real. And of course “Circumstantial” will be the missing link for skeptics, or even Weakest Link as it is called in the sterile debate about Darwinism…

    So how can this topic move forward? Debating facts between believers and non-believers will be as unproductive as debating gun control. At a personal level everyone goes along its own path. I don’t think it will come from the scientific community either, which is already capable of calculating the precise size and direction of a meteor crashing over Russia not long ago.

    We know enough to be sure that some governments have been involved in studying UFOs. Could that big mystery not trigger all the alarm bells during the heydays of the Cold War? Of course it did.

    My gut feeling tells me that we might have to wait for a massive event, the one that everyone will record on their smartphone and share with the rest of the world in 15 minutes… How long do we have to wait Michael? As long as it takes for a space journey to earth, or as quick as stepping back from another dimension.

    In the meantime we can listen to a few more great podcasts from you guys.

  • April 5, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    Perhaps quite some time… Perhaps it is actually right, good and necessary to deny contact with extraterrestrials. Not a popular theory round here perhaps but worth considering. whether or not that is the case then the only real problem facing governments who want to keep ET contact secret is keeping science disinterested. Right now this is done by marginalizing the UFO topic… We must keep from reinforcing the perception by adding other marginalized subjects to the mix.

    • April 5, 2013 at 5:16 pm

      Richard Dolan and others make the point quite brillantly that science and a few governments are indeed studying covertly UFOs, have made contacts and have made possibly important scientific discoveries. For that you need secret funding for many years and tight control. If this is the case, again stressing on the “if”, then yes Ufology needs to be weakened and marginalized as soon as it is making inroad in the public.

      Surely mixing UFOs with the Werewolf never helps.

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