Blog: Frank Stranges: Friend To A Venusian

by Michal Lauck

val-thorValiant Thor and Frank Stranges

Commander Valiant Thor and his crew first visited a UFO convention on the East Coast, where pictures were taken. According to his book, Stranger in the Pentagon, Dr. Frank Stranges was then introduced to Valiant Thor after being snuck into the Pentagon. Although the US government refused Thor’s offer to provide humanity with technologies that would effectively end disease and death in 1960, his mission to Earth was extended. According to Stranges, Thor remained in contact. The Venusian not only invited Stranges on board his vessel to meet his family and crew, he provided regular messages for the members of NICUFO, an organization founded by Dr. Stranges.


The Founder of NICUFO

20130218131011-DrFrank60sDr. Frank Stranges was the son of Italian immigrants. He first received a calling to the ministry as a teenager and went on to found the evangelist organization,  International Evangelism Crusades with his father. In addition to his theology degree, Stranges also claimed to have degrees in psychology and criminology. He also served as the Assistant Deputy Director of the California State Marshal Association. In college, Stranges was first introduced to the subject of UFOs by a roommate’s story of seeing strange objects as a military pilot. The man maintained that his superiors insisted that the objects were merely geese despite the fact that they were obviously not. This story led Stranges to his own investigations into the flying saucer phenomenon. He eventually began to tour the country giving a lecture on UFOs, mainly to church groups, which eventually led to his meeting with Commander Valiant Thor. In 1967, Dr. Frank Stranges also founded the National Investigations Committee on UFOs, a tax-exempt non-profit group. Over the course of his life, Dr. Stranges wrote several books, including The White Planet, The UFO Conspiracy, Spacecraft Over Earth, Stranger In the Pentagon and, with Commander Valiant Thor, Outwitting Tomorrow.

The Story of Valiant Thor

imagesHoward Menger was a UFO contactee who claimed to have been in contact with extraterrestrials since his youth. He held several UFO conventions on the East Coast to promote his ideas. At one of these gatherings, a man claiming to be a Venusian attended with two members of his crew. The man, calling himself Commander Valiant “Val” Thor, and his crewmates Donn and Jill allowed themselves to be photographed by August Roberts, who passed some of the photographs on to his friend Dr. Frank Stranges. The reverend incorporated at least one of these photographs into his lecture, stating that this was possibly the face of an extraterrestrial although he had never actually met Thor or any of his crew. In 1959, while signing books after one of his lectures a woman insisted on speaking with Stranges in private. She offered to take him to meet the Venusian, but only if he strictly followed her orders.

Agreeing to the woman’s conditions, Dr. Frank Stranges found himself being taken into the Pentagon via an employees’ entrance the next morning. It was soon apparent that the visit was not only unofficial but actually unauthorized! Despite the security in place, Stranges found himself inside the headquarters of the American military, without authorization and face to face with a man who claimed to have come from Venus. Commander Valiant Thor did, in fact, appear to be one of the men whose picture was taken at the Howard Menger convention. He explained to Stranges that he had been sent to Earth on a mission to offer the human race gifts that would mean the end of disease, poverty and even death. He had met both President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon, but they had decided that the Venusian gifts would ruin the American economy and refused them. He had been unable to persuade them to change their minds, so he was planning to return to the interior of Venus soon.

6542d715ccf9273e535ab1f0fceb958f_largeThe Pentagon meeting was only the beginning of Stranges’ relationship with Val Thor. The Commander would return to Earth and begin a new mission, living and working among the human race with his family and crew. He would not only invite Stranges to visit his spaceship, other high level members of NICUFO would also reportedly meet the Venusians and visit their ship. On the extended mission to Earth, Thor brought his wife and daughter (both of whom Stranges met) as well as his crew. The Commander was in regular communication with Dr. Frank Stranges, giving him not only the book Outwitting Tomorrow but also regular messages to print in NICUFO newsletters.

According to Stranges, the government realized he was in communication with Valiant Thor after his initial visit to the Pentagon and government agents had warned him not to speak of the meeting. Later, he was visited by Robert Kennedy who wanted two questions relayed to the Venusian because Thor seemed to have knowledge of both the past and future. Stranges, for example, reported that in their first meeting Thor had told him details about his life that were unknown to him, but later confirmed by his parents. Kennedy wanted to know who had killed his brother and if he had a chance to become president. According to Stranges, Kennedy was warned by Thor not to pursue the presidency during the next election cycle but disregarded the Venusian’s advice.

Although Valiant Thor looked like a normal human being from Earth, Dr. Frank Stranges alleged that there were a few telltale signs that he was not. The alleged extraterrestrial seemed to be able to speak any language on Earth and was known to suddenly appear and disappear. Thor also had no fingerprints. His fingertips were smooth and featureless. He also had no navel, although his crew did. This led Stranges to speculate that the Commander was not born, like the rest of his crew, but created by a higher power. There was even speculation that Commander Valiant Thor was not simply an extraterrestrial but an angel.

Dr. Frank Stranges passed away in 2008. Since his death NICUFO has stopped accepting new member at any level. Messages from Commander Valiant Thor are also no longer being distributed, if they are continuing at all. If Stranges is to be believed, there is no reason to doubt that the Victor One and its crew are still hidden somewhere on Earth, quietly observing the human race.

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