Blog: Mysterious UFOs or UFBugs over Denver?

by Martin Willis 

 There is a buzz going around about Denver that you probably have heard, an anonymous person claims he is filming UFOs over Denver, and everybody is talking about it. He contacted a Fox 31 News reporter, brought the film in and showed her the footage.

Watch news clip here.

Fox 31 then took their own cameraman to the area and filmed the same thing with the same results which all occurred between noon and 1 PM.

“That is not an airplane, that is not a helicopter, those are not birds… I can’t identify it,” aviation expert, FAA accident prevention counselor, and former pilot Steve Cowell told Fox 31. [sic]


Why would this gentleman be filming every day for months and what was he filming? Additionally, why would he slow down his film to look at it? Regardless, there is no question that the film does show something.  But is it an unidentified flying bug (UFB), or is it a UFO?

This is not very convincing to me, but it is surely getting a lot of publicity and people are talking about it that do not even talk about UFOS. Currently as I’m writing this, the sighting is considered a UFO that is unexplained. I don’t think it has to remain this way however.

What research can be done?

I am more on the side of an opponent that this is truly a UFO. Proponents are the ones that need to take action if they want to be taken seriously.

A series of cameras, (high-definition preferably) could be set-up to triangulate how far away this unidentified object is. This way they could discover how far away from the camera lens it is actually flying. If it is 30 feet or less, then yes, it is a bug, if it is 2,000 feet, then it is not. The use of high definition may be able to solve the issue as well.


So wouldn’t it stand to reason that proponents would jump on this opportunity to prove or disprove the claim? By doing nothing shows that they are not really taking this seriously.

If proponents claiming this is a UFO are looking for credibility in this highly publicized situation, they cannot just sit on their laurels. It is okay if it is proven that it is a UFBug, that does not mean that other UFOs are not UFOs. If this “UFO ” is an everyday event between noon and 1:00PM, then I would consider this an opportunity to look into this. If it proves to be a UFBug, the debunker may say; “I told you so”, but at the same time they will surely gain respect that proponents were responsible enough to look at it scientifically.

In my opinion (and this blog is just that), if the proponents want to retain their credibility, they need to work the bugs out of this one.

One thought on “Blog: Mysterious UFOs or UFBugs over Denver?

  • November 24, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Hmmm…I thought that this object was taking off and landing at around the same place during the same time period every couple of days. That does not sound very likely to be a bug. In any case, I pretty much agree with this post. I tried getting in contact with the Photron corporation to see if they would be interested in volunteering their high-speed cameras to be used in filming this UFO, but I don’t know if they are going to. You would think that, one way or another, if they wanted to volunteer, there would be some free publicity in it, for Photron. Maybe someone else with high-speed cameras would be interested, if Photron is not.

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