Shag Harbour – UFO Fishing in Canadian Waters!


Gurudatt Shenoy


A sleepy fishing village awakened by a strange incident

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Fishermen and women are not someone you would want to mess with, especially Aliens from another planet or dimension. But when a strange craft fell out of the night sky towards Shag Harbour on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada on the 4th of October 1967, the place got immortalized in the annals of UFO History

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This event now famously called the Shag Harbour incident, brought international fame to this otherwise obscure fishing town.

Just around midnight, Laurie Wickens and his friends were driving on Highway 3 when they saw something falling from the night sky into the chilly waters of Harbor.

They drove to the nearest vantage point to have a better look to find many other people gathered at the same place.  Once there, they noticed a large circular object seem to float and contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to report a fallen aircraft into the Gulf of Maine.

A constable from RCMP, Ron Pound who responded to Wickens call himself saw the object with its lights on and estimated the object to be about 60 feet in size.

Ron was soon joined by his superior, Police Corporal Victor Werbieki along with some locals who saw an object shaped like a flying craft with yellow lights slowly moving on the water leaving a yellow or orange colored foam on its path.

Concerned that the fallen object is some kind of airplane with potential survivors, other RCMP officers arrived for help.

They contacted the Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) in Halifax to inquire about any fallen aircraft when suddenly the object started to sink into the waters and soon vanished.

Considering the gravity of the situation, RCC Halifax contacted Royal Canadian Air Force “Air Desk” based in Ottawa to respond to the emergency at Shag Harbour.

The Royal Canadian Air Force later intimated the Royal Canadian Navy who dispatched a team of divers from their Fleet Diving Unit on the scene to search for survivors. After couple of days of searching the waters, the divers found nothing on the seafloor.

Extended Search

After the initial search and conclusion that no object or aircraft was found, a secret flotilla of RCN and US Navy ships from the nearby HMCS Shelburne  based, combed the sea bed around Shag Harbour.

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According to unofficial military sources, the object was picked up by radar coming out of Siberia and after falling into the waters off Shag Harbour it had dived and moved through the sea further 25 miles and then come to a rest near about HMCS Shelburne.

Alerted by the submarine magnetic detection grid around HMCS Shelburne, it is claimed Naval Ships surrounded the object and tried to recover it.

The military divers who approached the craft collected the yellow orange foam like material.

The fallen object was then joined by a second USO that seemed to be rendering help to the damaged object. The naval divers purportedly saw some beings inside the crafts.

This event is mentioned by “Harry” an American diver who took the photographs as the naval divers were collecting the foam like debris from the fallen craft and recounted in a book titled; Dark Object by Chris Styles and Doug Ledger.

Here come the Russians

As the Canadian and American Navies were investigating the incident, a submarine from the Russian (earlier Soviet) Naval fleet was seen approaching the coast of Nova Scotia. This diverted the investigating ships to be diverted to the Russian intrusion and when they returned the fallen craft as also the second object had disappeared.

This is corroborated by eyewitness seeing a similar UFO leaving the area around the fallen site on October 11th.

Further a History Channel in 2006 interviewed one of the divers in the original search at Shag Harbour who corroborated that both the US and Canadian Air forces and Naval forces monitored the object for three days until the objects vanished.

No Paperwork and Lips sealed

Generally any event and investigation of military leaves behind a paper trial. However in the Shag Harbour incident no such documentation could be uncovered and thus all that we have is unofficial testimonies from divers and military sources.

The Canadian defense department maintains the event as unsolved and officials are tight lipped to speak any further about the incident.

There were more incidents that occurred similar to the one at Shag Harbour in nearby locations. On October 12th another similar incident occurred at Woods Harbour which is about couple of miles off Shag Harbour.

A Cameron family reported seeing bright red lights that were about 50-60 feet in diameter at a height of 500-600 feet remain stationary for about 7-8 minutes and then vanish. The objects reappeared again after which they reported the matter to RCMP who found their account to be genuine.


After 50 years the Shag Harbour UFO incident remains one of the strangest and unsolved mysteries and witnessed by many people.

This gives credibility to the sighting as something not imaginary and truly extraordinary.

However, the official witness accounts do not provide any more details than a flying object falling into the waters off Shag Harbour.

All the juicy details of the incident is uncorroborated and come from unofficial sources.

It could well be a case of hiding the failure of the US and Canadian navies in detecting soviet activity so close to the coast of Nova Scotia and Maine.

The accounts of UFO could be a smoke screen to keep the public guessing what actually happened.