The People vs The Government on UFOs

UFOs have such a mystique about them, and it is amazing that sixty years can pass since some part of our government has had at least some knowledge of what these things are. I am talking about the crash at Roswell of course.

One can only speculate how much was learned from that particular incident. They may have learned only that they were not of this world, and tried to reverse engineer what was left of that flying saucer. There is speculation that there has been more than one crash, yet who knows what was left of any of those crashes, if they existed at all.

There is so much we don’t know, but has anyone considered that there is a chance that the part of the government (i.e. CIA/NSA) that knows something, may know very little and not everything? They may know only a tiny part of the whole picture. I do believe that they are concerned overall with national security. How could they not be when there is factual evidence that nuclear warheads have been tampered with during sightings over silos? The consensus is generally that aliens are benevolent, otherwise with their superior and advanced technology; they could wipe us out in a flash. Getting back to missile tampering, to me, it almost seems like some type of message to us. Perhaps a call to eliminate our warheads altogether.

Speaking of warheads, I had a conversation with my brother in law who is a scientist at Los Alamos Laboratories a few days ago. I asked him if he believed in UFOs. I was hoping to have a sparing partner for a debate in an upcoming podcast. He told me he has never seen one, but he believes it is very possible that we are being visited by extraterrestrials. I can’t believe I was disappointed with his reply. It was only because I knew if he was a skeptic, that he would not be too harsh on me in our debate. I told him to ask around at work and see if he can find someone who has a strong stance. I mentioned to him that Los Alamos Labs comes up here in there in the topic of UFOs. His reply to that was, the only reason that happens is that there is somewhat of a mystery to most people of what goes on there. He has been part of our family for over 30 years, and I still do not know exactly what he does at the lab, yet I know he has a high-level security clearance and has something to do with warheads.

In thinking that our government is hiding things from us, I realize that it would only be the need-to-know segments of the government. I don’t think this includes presidents or their cabinets. I feel the same way about the military as well when it comes to superior officers. If an event would come to fruition such as deliberate contact from ET, then I believe that would change, yet still remain in the need-to-know. How expansive the need-to-know would be depends on the given situations. I think full disclosure would only come about if it were forced out, i.e. (as every skeptic mentions) the proverbial landing on the Whitehouse lawn. Or, of course an attack of some kind that could not be hidden.

If the extraterrestrials do not want us to know who they are, they are doing a good job silently buzzing around and watching us. Whether they are from another planet in a far off galaxy and have learned how to cut across space, or they are interdimensional and popping back and forth between dimensions. Or a little of both or a whole lot of both, we may never know.

I think the fascination I have and perhaps others do as well is, we want to learn more. We want to learn about what is up with other life out there and learn more about advance technologies.  We are addicted to oil and if there is an energy source right under our noses, it would be a great thing for all of mankind to be able to tap into it.  Can you imagine how the oil companies would fight to keep whatever that could be under wraps?

I don’t think the part of the government that is keeping the secrets from us is protecting us from ourselves, thinking they are stopping worldwide panic. I think it could have part to do with national security and possibly something to do with keeping known technologies hidden. It could boil down to what it always seems to boil down to and that is the mighty dollar. I am only throwing out my opinion here as money plays the part in all our wars and corruptions.

I don’t want to end this blog on such a sour note. I hope that in my lifetime I get a chance to learn more. Meanwhile, it is fascinating to talk about about sightings and to voice all of our speculations on UFOs.

Thank you for reading,

Martin Willis