Blog: UFOs and Comic Books

cf2bf9ea-34af-4f23-b724-e5fe46fdc9cd-1by michael lauck

Usually when you hear “UFOs” and “comic books” in the same sentence, there is some type of insult being thrown. Maybe it is the local news anchor leading off a sighting report with “it may sound like the stuff of comic books” or skeptics saying that comic books provide the basis for imagined encounters. I personally do not cringe when I hear these things said, though, because I read some of my first true UFO stories in comic books.

rsz_kennetharnoldmaury_islandI hadn’t really thought about it for years but I recently saw a television feature on the Shag Harbour incident. As the show (I am not sure what it even was or which channel aired it) covered the famous Canadian UFO crash, it was mentioned that the story was even featured in a comic book. They briefly flashed a page on the screen and I realized it looked familiar. “I had that,” I told my wife, who did not even bother to look up form her iPad and just gave me that same nod I get when I am explaining such esoteric topics as why Shaw Brothers kung fu movies are all amazing or how I feel the only real Batman is Kevin Conroy.

When I was in first or second grade I ended up with a collection of UFO stories in comic book form that my school library was removing from their inventory. I am not entirely sure how I ended up with it; I think my mom volunteered at the library and the staff knew I was already a dedicated comic book fan. All I know is that I read it cover to cover several times until it gave me nightmares. I could not say exactly what it was that scared me so badly but I do remember that I eventually threw the book away after waking up terrified in the middle of the night.