Vimāna in the Land of the Nirvana, UFOs Over India


Gurudatt Shenoy


Though UFOs are a big deal today in the US and elsewhere, it seems in ancient times thousands of years back, South Asia was a hot bed of UFO activity.

According to Dr.V. Raghavan, who was once headed the department studying the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit at a prestigious Indian University, claims that India was visited by Aliens from outer space. This was his conclusion after studying these ancient literatures for more than 50 years.

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According to the Indian scholar, there are too many accounts of flying machines called “Vimāna”, sci-fi weapons and weapons of mass destruction in the ancient Indian texts called the Vedas dated more than 4,000 B.C; from diverse sources.

Additionally there is literature that describes how these machines were built and how some of them could only fly in the atmosphere and others could engage in inter stellar travel.

The “Ramayana” which is considered as the “Bible for most Indians”, describes the flying car called the “Pushpaka Vimāna” that could fly through mind control.

Another ancient epic, the “Mahabharata” describes similar flying chariots and vehicles that are described as resembling what one would infer as “Missiles” flying around, as armies’ battle in this ancient war.

More recently, archeologists from the Indian state of Chhattisgarh have discovered some cave paintings that are dated more than 10,000 years back which remarkably show men in space suits.



UFOs visited India more recently

According to a recently declassified CIA document, the intelligence agency tracked multiple cases of UFOs in the 1960s, flying over the Indian sub-continent from Ladakh and Nepal up in the North to Bhutan and Sikkim in the East.

According to one such sighting of bright objects over the skies, a “Blazing” object flew over the town of Kaski in Nepal, one night on March 25, 1968 which later disintegrated. A huge metallic disc shaped object about six foot in diameter and four feet in height was later found crashed in a crater in place called Baltichaur, which is about five miles North East of the tourist town of Pokhara in Nepal.

Similar sightings were observed on March 4th 1968 over the remote Himalayan region of Ladakh and which seemed like a “Rocket” with a “white-yellow” trail at a great height.

Some of these objects such as the one over the Capital of Bhutan, Thimpu light up the night sky and made no noise as it streamed across the sky at high speed.

Mass UFO sighting in 1950s

India was witness to one of the most prominent mass sighting of an UFO in October 3, 1957 in a rural village named Manbhum in the North Indian state of Bihar.

The top national newspaper in India, the Times of India reported that Hundreds of people from this village saw what can be best described as a UFO. The object the villages narrated was saucer shaped and flew as low as 500 feet making a whirring sound hovering about the ground and then flew off at amazing speed. It also emitted smoke

Few years back, in 1951 the chief aerial officer at the Delhi Flying club claimed to have seen a huge metallic cigar shaped object hundreds of feet long hovering over the sky. After circling for some time, it flew off at very high speed. The officer was supported by other eye witnesses at the site.


The Kolkata UFO incident

The UFO sighting on the 29th of October 2007, over the eastern city of Kolkata one of the largest in India, was not only witnessed but also captured live by Video.

The witness who reported is not some rusty villager but a senior executive in a multinational company. Mr. Farhan Akhtar, the deputy general manager of H&R Johnson captured the UFO using his Sony DVD handy cam.

The indent happened early morning between 3.20 am to 5.40 am. As Mr. Akhtar woke up to have a glass of water, he saw an abnormally big star like object outside his window at 30 degree angle in the early morning sky.

The object appears like a white ball blazing on all sides, changing color and shape with red bulbs like dots on the circumference and white patch at the center.

Then the object changed shaped resembling a plane with a blue flame at the top and later turned into cylindrical shape.

Though it may seem to the casual observer that what Mr. Akhtar witnessed was a probably an aircraft landing at the nearby airport.  However, this person is habituated to seeing planes cross by everyday and airport authorities did not report any unusual plane or object on radar around the time.

The Met department also denied they had launched any weather balloons that time of the day.

Similar sightings have appeared across other Indian Metros such as the one over Mumbai, on the 10th of January 2014 when an amateur UFOlogist captured footage of five bright and color changing orbs.

India’s Roswell

Unlike other places around the world, UFOs decided to take a call over Indian skies a bit late in modern times and except for the earlier mentioned cases, there were hardly any reports of UFOs over India.

However, India had its own version of Roswell on the 20th October 2011.

A confidential inquiry by the Indian Government (which denies any UFO sightings across India) reported an event witnessed by Indian army soldiers at 4.15 am, a saucer shaped object land near the line of control on the border between Indian and China in the Himalayas.

The soldier claimed, “Two luminescent beings about three feet tall, each with six legs and four eyes, appeared from a tube protruding from the side of the craft” and approached the soldier asking directions for the planet Zorg in highly accented English.

The investigation however concluded that the soldier had consumed alcohol and did not report the incident as per protocol.

In another reported incident, in the afternoon on 15th February 2011,  close to the Indo-Chinese border along the Himalayas, a blob of bright white light appeared close to the ground and sucked up eight soldiers, a dog, three mountain goats and a snow leopard before vanishing into the sky.

The soldiers were later found to be in a swimming pool thousands of miles away in the beachside state of Goa. They could not recollect how they reached there.

The incident was reported by a local shepherd when grazing his sheep at the border.

According to the local Buddhist people who live in the region, there is a UFO base in the Himalayas from where these crafts appear sometimes and both the Indian and the Chinese governments are aware of it and keep a close watch on their activities in absolute secrecy.

The fact that the more recently revealed CIA report also claims to have tracked UFOs in the 1960s in generally around the same region, is quite an uncanny coincidence.

Scores of other UFOs have been reported across India in more recent years especially at tourist places such as the Taj Mahal but many have been proved as hoaxes and simply click bait.

The Indian “Bermuda” Triangle

On the east coast of India lies the “Bay of Bengal”, the largest bay in the world with waters flowing from the Himalayas into the sea in the bay.

That is a huge stretch of sea located 15°N 88°E,  4,694 m  deep at the maximum point and total area of 2.172 million km². The bay stretches into the Indian ocean to the south and the Andaman sea to the east, touching the land mass of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand.

Many aircrafts have disappeared in this bay over the years since 1944 and the most recent and prominent being the disappearance of an Indian Air force Russian built transport plane on the 22th of July 2016.

The twin engine Antonov An-32 twin engine turboprop transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force was on en route from an Indian Air force base near the southern city of Chennai (kind of Florida of the US) to Port Blair, the capital of in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (kind of Hawaii of the US) .


The aircraft was taking 29 soldiers and lost radar contact at around 9.00 am, 170 miles east of Chennai.

India launched a massive search and rescue operation immediate and also took assistance of the Russians and American satellites but till date neither the aircraft has been located or any debris recovered.

There was no distress calls or beacon locator found and it seems the aircraft simply vanished in mid-air.

It is not just a coincidence that the place is not far from the region where the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had also disappeared in 2014.

India’s North East region is well known for been a hotspot of UFO activity as well as  a place where a large number of allied aircrafts have disappeared or lost.

‘Nawngxyang’ lake also referred to as the ‘The Lake of No Return’ is a water body lying in the Pausang Pass region near the India Burma.

During the Second World War, allied forces used to fly over the Himalayas to provide reinforcements to the United States and Chinese armies stationed in China. Many a times, the aircrafts developed technical snags in air and the pilots in the absence of any radio communication tried to make emergency landings in the vicinity of the lake. The quicksand ensured that their aircrafts never made it out safely. Troops sent to examine the lake never made it back as well.

Additionally, there are claims that the lake is referred to in a script written by one of the ten lost tribes of Israel that were deported Israel after it  was conquered by the Neo-Assyrian Empire and some believe that the tribe is still lurking somewhere near the lake!

Indian UFO Research and Researchers

With the popularity of UFOs reports increasing around the world thanks to social media and online news channels that focus on click baits, the events in India have lead to spurt in local UFO research activities and budding UFO researchers.

Though the volume of UFO reports in India is nowhere compared to that in the US or elsewhere, a UFO India magazine has been recently launched.

While the western world is showing a dip in interest in UFO research by youngsters and generally the baton is carried forward by older researchers such as Stanton Friedman and Nick Pope, India is the opposite as most of the research is done by youngsters.

Kamal Pant, a lecturer teaching computer science at a local university in Dehradun in the state of Uttaranchal that just about borders China, believes in conspiracy theories about NASA and the US being involved in a cover-up of alien technology recovered from the Roswell crash.

He also claims to have CE-5 communication with Aliens by way of telepathy after filming “a mother ship taking off from and landing on the moon” in 2014.

On sending an email to NASA about the photograph, he got a reply asking him to cease and desist in his UFO adventure after which all his emails and files got deleted from his computer.

Pushkar Vaidya is not tin foil hatter and kind of prodigy of the like of Stanton Friedman.

36 years old, this astrobiologist by profession wants to believe and yet skeptical.

According to him there is element of reality in the UFO phenomenon. He has formed a forum where scientists like him can come together and discuss about the topic without embarrassment and also touches other topics such as cattle mutilations to astral travel.

However there have been also unfortunate incidents with the untimely death some of the UFO investigators.

One such incident is the untimely death of one famous UFO and Paranormal investigator, Gaurav Tiwari who was popular on Indian Television channels and usually called up for opinion in case of UFO sightings. He was found dead in mysterious circumstances at his home on 7th of July 2016.  There was a thin black line around his neck at the time of death and he had told his closed ones that some negative entities were out to get him.

Seems like the Aliens are now refocused their attention back on India.


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