SHOW NOTES: Jon Sumple & Jack Roth

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, August 20th @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

Abductions. Reproduction experiments. Memories of seeing children off-planet. The idea of humans participating in an alien hybrid program sounds absurd until you talk to people who have experienced it. Thousands of individuals around the world have had reproductive experiments carried out against their will.

The most harrowing?

The termination of unexplained pregnancies. Memories remain suppressed and fragmented, leaving experiencers confused, depressed and with a profound sense of loss. In others, the memories are visceral and emotionally disturbing. Thanks to increased acceptance, more people are coming forward with their frightening experiences.

Are aliens involved in a complex hybridization project where humans are used to cultivate a hybrid population? Extraordinary: The Seeding tells these stories through one-on-one interviews with abductees—brave individuals sharing intensely personal and emotional stories.

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Show 363 Notes: Dr Bruce Maccabee

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, July 23rd @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

Lee Speigel with UFO Updates, Dr Bruce Maccabee returns to the show after five years so we can catch up with him about current technology, UFO pics, videos, CGI and more.

BRUCE MACCABEE spent his early year in Rutland, Vt. After high school he studied physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass (B.S. in physics) and then at The American University, Washington, DC (M.S. and Ph. D. in physics). In 1972 commenced his long career at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, presently headquartered at Dahlgren, Virginia. He has worked on optical data processing, generation of underwater sound with lasers and various aspects of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) using high power lasers. Bruce Maccabee has been active in UFO research since late 1960s when he joined the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and was active in research and investigation for NICAP until its demise in 1980. He became a member of MUFON in 1975 and was subsequently appointed to the position of state Director for Maryland, a position he still holds. In 1979 he was instrumental in establishing the Fund for UFO Research and was the chairman for the about 13 years. He presently serves on the National Board of the Fund.

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Show 362 Notes: Michael Hall

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, July 16th @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

MICHAEL W. HALL, J.D., is a former Superior Court Judge Pro Tem, Certified Mediator, and the founding partner of The Hall Law Firm, P.S. Michael received his Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in 1976 from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communications at Washington State University (in Broadcast-Journalism) and a Doctor of Jurisprudence (in just two years) from Southwestern Law School (in Los Angeles in 1987). He has taught legal seminars and conflict management courses for the Washington State Bar Association and The Boeing Management Association, and currently maintains a general legal and estate-planning practice in Seattle, Washington, where he also finds time to serve as pro bono legal counsel for various local and national non-profit organizations.

With a lifelong interest in UFOs/UAPs and Phenomenology (being an ‘Experiencer’ himself), Hall has served as a Field Investigator for the “Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), in 1974, Legal Counsel for “The National UFO Reporting Center” (NUFORC), since 1995, a Research Associate and attorney for the “National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena” (NARCAP), since 1999, as well as a long-time Consultant to the “Mutual UFO Network” (MUFON), since 1995. Additionally, Hall has been the attorney of record for such noted Ufologists and Researchers as Grant Cameron, Peter Davenport, Dr. Richard Haines and Dr. James Harder. Read more

Show Notes: Ben Hansen & Walter Bosley

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, July 9th @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, in the first hour guest Ben Hansen touches on UFOs and discusses his new show on the Travel Channel, “Ghosts of Morgan City“(Louisiana) and more. In hour two guest, Walter Bosley discusses UFOs, and more.

BEN HANSEN: Ben grew up primarily in Utah, the 2nd oldest of six children. Supportive parents encouraged him to fully pursue all of his interests. Like many of his friends, Ben’s dad enrolled him in sports and coached dozens of his athletic teams while his mom signed him up for piano and trumpet lessons and kindled within him an interest for music. Ironically, she was also the one who taught him how to fish, camp, and shoot a gun while his dad preferred to teach life’s lessons on the court and baseball field. Because his parents were so supportive, Ben developed an obsession for trying new things, especially if it involved earning certifications and licenses. These endeavors included becoming a licensed land and sea airplane pilot, amateur radio operator, licensed falconer, certified SCUBA diver, hang glider, EMT, Search and Rescue dog handler, and earning the Eagle Scout award in Boy Scouts (in large part thanks to his mother). He graduated with honors from the University of Utah with a Bachelors degree in Sociology, certification in Criminology and Corrections, a Spanish minor, and a year of study abroad completed in Australia. Ben maintains his Spanish fluency and has used it quite frequently in his work and personal life.
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Show Notes: Diana Pasulka

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, July 2nd @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

BIO: Diana Walsh Pasulka is a Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion. Her research focuses on religion and technology, including supernatural belief and its connections to digital technologies and environments.

She is author of American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology, forthcoming with Oxford University Press. Her current projects include two edited volumes, Believing in Bits: New Media and the Supernatural, co-edited with Simone Natalie and forthcoming with Oxford University Press, and Post Humanism: The Future of Homo Sapiens, co-edited with Michael Bess and forthcoming with Palgrave MacMillan Reference.

American Cosmic is available at these book sellers:  Barnes & Noble; Indie BoundAmazonOxford University Press;


Show #356 Notes: Lee Speigel & Rich Hoffman

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, June 4th @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

LEE SPEIGEL: Lee Speigel has been interested in the idea of UFOs, aliens, living dinosaurs and the whole range of topics that often overlap the worlds of science and unexplained phenomena since he was a young boy.

His first foray into the pursuit and investigation of these topics was in 1975 when he produced and wrote a documentary record album, “UFOs: The Credibility Factor,” for CBS Inc. It marked the first time that military and scientific voices came together to disclose their personal UFO encounters and to call for government recognition of the phenomenon. Check out his full bio here:

RICH HOFFMAN: has a BA in Organizational Communications from Wright State University. He is an Information Technology consultant and strategist. He has been a defense contractor for over 20 years working primarily for the Army Materiel Command HQ with a
variety of companies. Currently, Mr. Hoffman is an Enterprise Architect working at Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He has over 54 years experience in Investigations a research of the UFO subject. Mr. Hoffman has served as Director of Investigations, Star Team Manager and Director of Strategic Projects as well as State Director in MUFON and other organizations.

Show # 355 Notes: Dr Michael P. Masters

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, May 28th @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

BIO: Dr. Michael P. Masters is a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana. He received a Ph.D. in Anthropology from The Ohio State University in 2009, where he specialized in human evolutionary anatomy, archaeology, and biomedicine.

Dr. Masters spent the following decade developing a broad academic background that unites the fields of anthropology, astronomy, astrobiology and physics, to examine the premise that UFOs and Aliens are simply our distant human descendants, returning from the future to study us in their own hominin evolutionary past.

His new book, Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon, challenges readers to consider new possibilities while cultivating conversations about our ever-evolving understanding of time and time travel.

Website & Social Media Links:

Website (abbreviated title of the book):

Twitter: @MorphoTime



Show #354 Notes: Anthony Lappé & MJ Banias

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, May 21st @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

ANTHONY LAPPÉ is a New York-based showrunner, director and investigative journalist. He was the executive editor of the Guerrilla News Network, and produced their award-winning Showtime Iraq war, documentary, BATTLEGROUND. As a commentator, he has appeared on media outlets around the world, including the BBC, Radio France, Radio Havana, Fusion, NPR and Sky News. He has written for The New York Times, Details, ESPN: The Magazine, New York Magazine, VICE and the South China Morning Post. He is the author of the graphic novel, SHOOTING WAR. For VICELAND, he was the showrunner of BLACK MARKET WITH MICHAEL K. WILLIAMS. For HISTORY, he has helmed AMERICA’S WAR ON DRUGS, RFK: THE KENNEDY FAMILY REMEMBERS and the upcoming UNIDENTIFIED: INSIDE AMERICA’S UFO INVESTIGATION ™.

MJ BANIAS is the author of “The UFO People: A Curious Culture.” He is an educator, writer and blogger. He was a former field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, has been featured on multiple podcasts and radio shows, and contributes to Mysterious Universe and RoguePlanet. His work has been included in Fortean Times, FATE Magazine, and in a book entitled UFOs: Reframing the Debate. He lives in Canada with his wife, two children, and a massive cat.

Show #353 Notes: Gordon Lore & Barry Greenwood

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, May 14th @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

GORDON LORE began his professional writing/editing career as Vice President of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP, then the world‘s largest UFO organization) in the mid-1960s. He was responsible for heading a large scientific network of subcommittees that lent its expertise toward solving one of the primary mysteries of the 20th century and beyond. He played a prominent role in a day-long Congressional hearing on UFOs in September 1968. Lore was an uncredited scientific advisor to the late director Stanley Kubrick on his seminal science fiction film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, in 1967, which celebrated the 50th year of its release in April 2018. He is also the senior author of Mysteries of the Skies: UFOs in Perspective (Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1968), the first-ever book based entirely on the early history of UFOs, and the sole author of Strange Effects From UFOs (NICAP, 1969). He edited UFOs: A New Look, the UFO Investigator and the UFO Research Newsletter. He wrote and edited hundreds of published articles on one of the most mysterious scientific puzzles of all time.

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Show 351 Notes: Paul Carr

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, May 7th @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

BIO: The perfect storm of being born a Sputnik baby, a low curiosity threshold, and a high threshold for social disapproval, Paul Carr has had a lifelong fascination with the exploration of outer space and all things unexplained. He went to high school in northeast Texas, and after earning a B.S. in physics at Iowa State, became a spacecraft systems engineer – a career that now spans 38 years and many different space missions. While working at the Applied Physics Lab in Maryland, he earned an M.S. in applied physics from Johns Hopkins University.

In 2011, Paul was recruited to join the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations team, introducing him the world of field investigation of anomalous aerial phenomena –  a topic he’d found fascinating since the 1960s. In 2017, he took over as director of the independent organization that continues to investigate reports worldwide. He lives in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. with his wife, two teenagers, and an unjustifiably large number of pets. His preferences include: hoppy ales, Shure microphones, music by dead people you’ve never heard of, Terry Pratchett’s novels, and interchangeable lenses. Although very large, he remains mostly harmless, and his children know it.

Show #350 Notes: PJ Hughes, Omar Lara & Dave Beaty, USS Nimitz UFO

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, April 30th @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)

PATRICK “PJ” HUGHES served in the Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician primarily on the E-2C Hawkeye and C-2A Greyhound airframes. He left the Navy in December of 2010 as a First Class Petty Officer to work on the civilian side of military aviation employed as a Technical Representative for the E-2C and E-2D Hawkeye.

He spent his active duty time on both the east and west coasts deploying in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010. As an Aviation Electronics Tech he was responsible the Avionics and Weapon Systems onboard the Hawkeye. Those systems included AN/USG-3 Cooperative Engagement Capability, the APS-145 Radar System and various other communications, COMSEC, and navigation equipment.

In November 2004, Patrick was a Second Class Petty Officer attached to VAW-117 (Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron), “The Wallbangers,” and was with the squadron onboard the Nimitz conducting Air Wing and Battlegroup exercises. While he did not directly witness the Tic Tac anomaly, he adds to the events that November when he describes how two USAF officers along with his Commanding Officer confiscated his classified recordings from an E-2C Hawkeye that witnessed the Tic Tac.

PJ is also privileged to share the events described to him by a close friend and another Navy Sailor who was airborne in the Hawkeye and witnessed the Tic Tac form up with the E-2C during flight.

OMAR LARA: United States Navy Veteran from Nov 1998 to February 2008 with over 7 years of sea service. An Aviation Boatswains Mate- fuels, subject matter expert on board Nimitz class aircraft carriers. Overseeing fueling and de fueling of embarked aircraft. Conducting shipboard maintenance on all aviation fuels systems and components. Was Stationed on board USS Dwight D Eisenhower CVN69, USS Nimitz CVN68, Commander Amphibious Group Three.

DAVE BEATY: is an Emmy award winning filmmaker and producer, brings over 2 decades of unique story telling expertise to the production department of Dreamtime Entertainment . Dave’s unique style, creative vision, Directing, Editing, Videography, Sound Mixing, and computer graphics helps elevate the idea and bring emotion to the story.

Dave is an innovator in the television industry, first being involved in the development of an experimental television center, combining computers, video, art and technology in the early ‘80’s. Since then, he’s been a leading voice in the integration of digital media tools and computer technology in post production. In addition, Dave’s innovative producing and editing style has resulted in outstanding achievements in both documentary and entertainment programs.

Awards include a 2009 Emmy award for the PBS national documentary “Under the Sea With Al Giddings” an Emmy for camera work in Travel Channel’s, “Waters Edge The Bahamas” and in 1999 a Suncoast Emmy Award for his editing of the PBS documentary, “Children of the Fourth World”. In 2000 Dave received the International Monitor Award for “Uncommon Friends of the 20th Century”. Dave has also been honored with many Telly Awards, Addys and a Cable Ace nomination. Other network programming includes Travel Channel’s “Freeze Frame Fiji” and “Wildlife Encounters In Alaska with Ali MacGraw”, The History Channel”s “Fireboats of 9/11” and “The Nazi Plan to Bomb New York”. Dave has also worked on feature segments for America’s Most Wanted, Animal Planet and Home & Garden Television to name a few.

Show 349 Notes: Jim Penniston & Gary Osborn

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, April 23rd @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-4)


TSgt. JIM PENNISTION: is USAF Security Forces / Retired. He entered the Air Force in 1973 and served over twenty years active duty in the US Air Force. Jim was assigned to the Strategic Air Command “Elite Guard” in Omaha Nebraska, providing security for General Officers, Congressmen, Foreign Heads of States, and the President and members of his Cabinet. Penniston held key assignments throughout the world. Including service in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He wrote defense, security, counter-terrorism, and contingency plans for the USAF and NATO. Additionally, he provided security support for Air Force One, and other classified aircraft weapon systems. Penniston held for the majority of his twenty-year career a U.S. TOP SECRET / BI / SCI and a NATO TOP SECRET COSMIC / ATOMAL security clearance.

GARY OSBORN: Since January 2011, Gary has been working with Jim Penniston (ex USAF retired) and John Burroughs (ex USAF retired) – primary witnesses of the Rendlesham UFO Forest Incident in December 1980. In particular; an independent study of the Penniston Binary Code. Work is still in progress and the findings thus far are no less than phenomenal.

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