Close encounter with formation of UFO

Close encounter with formation of UFO

I am a commercial pilot with over 5000 hrs and have never flown at night after this event.Back in June 1998 I saw from a distance six strange lights while night flying over metropolitan Adelaide with a tourist. I was gaining my night flying hours to gain experience for further training .Naturally I contacted ATC approach and told them that I had visual traffic at 12 o’clock same night in Controlled airspace coming towards me.I asked for vectors.The controller replied no other aircraft? I made a few more calls relating to this traffic ,a formation of flying objects orange in colour. Later the controller told me he has asked the guys in the towerat Adelaide airport to have a look.He got back to me with they see nothing? I flew right thru this formation nearly hitting one it was that close.I continued and landed at another airport as planned. I called aviation ATC after landing and they wanted the aircrafts registration..My near miss fell on deaf ears.Later shocked after dropping of my passenger at her backpacker accommodation.” She was a German tourist” I did not know but experienced the event. I dropped by my parents place.My father looked at me and asked have I seen a ghost? I explained what had just happened and he told me to call this guy..a UFO reporter Collin Norris.I did,Collin said his phone had not stopped ringing from eye witness on the ground of my close encounter. This story attracted media and lots of people heard about what happened to me. So did the ATC guy I was talking to that night.I never reported what happened with him as he came forward months later. He the ATC guy recognised me from the media and we both actually went to the same school and class as kids. He stopped my sister who he knew from church and told my sister to tell Mark that’s me that he did see something on the radar that night but chose not to agree on air. I later met up and even recently and he still openly admits he saw these objects on radar.
I went on to become a commercial pilot,I did intend to go to airlines but I never wanted to fly at night again cos of the shock of nearly having a mid air so I chose Visual flying later seaplanes as a career.I feel if this never happened I’d be nearly a retired airline pilot.However what I saw as scary as it was money can’t buy. Hope you enjoyed my story..
Mark J Muscat

Large Black Triangle UFO at Treetop Level

Large Black Triangle UFO at Treetop Level

note: image simulation posted by admin

This sighting is from about 1979 or 1980 roughly. I was about 7 years old at the time. It happened in rural southern Indiana about 50 miles south of Indianapolis.

I was in the bathtub I recall when my sister and parents starting making a fuss about this thing in the field across from the house. They were in the garage looking at it. I remember getting out of tub putting on underwear and going to the garage to see what they were talking about. I remember the thing was so close and so big that I backed back into the garage a bit when I initially stepped in the doorway because I was embarrassed about just being in my underwear and I could be seen from this thing lol. Anyway, it was hovering over a cornfield that was bordered by trees and I recall it taking up an area maybe 3/4 of a football field and I recall it being about tree top level so maybe 75 ft from ground… The field that the object was hovering over was maybe 250 ft away from where we were seeing it. It made no noticable noise. It started to slowly move to the south and my dad was curious and followed it in his truck. He came back a while later and said he followed it maybe 5 miles and was able to easily keep up with it and then it just bolted and disappeared at once.

I don’t remember specifics like windows or lights unfortunately. The most vivid memory of it was it’s size and how close it was to us. I don’t recall details on time and date, but I know it was dark, likely around 10pm or so and it was warm enough weather that I could be out in just underwear. Our home was about 10 miles from a nearby town and our nearest neighbor was about a half mile away. Not sure if anyone else saw this or not.

My enounter in NW Indiana and theory that came on 11/6/2018

With high frequency non-ionizing fields and an electromagnetic fluxing system to control inside the layer fields envelope. Highly dangerous propulsion but obviously it can also shield this problem away from the UAP occupants. Under the clouds at 3:17 PM CDT I saw the energy layers projected over my position at 2 o’clock position looking ese at about cloud bank level. The field was blue the craft orange red. This suggest the UFO is being held in the central layer of the layer fields at different high energy frequencies upon each other. The craft tilted in the lower edge of the cloud deck afloat in these clouds. It last 12 or so seconds but then it traveled upward and was hidden from my view.

Reddish UFOs

In June 2018 my wife took a cruise with a friend and his wife from New Orleans to Mexico and back. On the return cruise, she went out on the balcony around midnight where the sky was clear and the full moon was out. As she sat on the balcony, she centered herself and asked what she was supposed to learn from the difficult time they were having with her friend’s wife, who has Alzheimer’s. After a while she saw what appeared to be 3 reddish orange “birds” flying not far away. As she watched, they would dematerialize and appear again somewhere else in the sky. This continued for several minutes and at one point she counted 7 of them at one time.

When her friend joined her, he saw them and observed that the “birds” were not flapping their wings and that they seemed to be making their own light. I.E. the moon was casting a silver light and the UFOs were not silver.

My wife and I have been watching all of Dr. Steven Greer’s YouTube presentations and have been meditating in order to try and contact ETs as he does with groups. We have come to the conclusion that the UFOs (birds) were appearing for my wife’s benefit.

Quick Sighting in Buga, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Hello Martin,
Thanks for sharing your link. As much as I listen to your show and spout-off about UFOs in group messages/online, I shouldn’t worry about anonymity. Haha, but I understand its necessity.

Sadly, I do not have pictures, only a brief recollection and a corroborating witness (that does not speak English).

First, I’ll provide some quick back story. I love South America, and Colombia in particular, as the taboo nature of ET/UFOs is much less than home in the States. Many people aren’t exactly, chomping at the bit to share stories or talk on the subject, but many will openly admit if they’ve seen something, or at the very least, NOT ridicule an individual immediately. (ITS DELIGHTFUL! haha.)

I was riding my moto/scooter through the streets of Buga, a sleepy rural community about an hour outside of the nation’s third largest city of Cali. I went to pick up my girl friend from her night class at the local university. She got out of class a bit late that evening, around 9:30. I was waiting for her on my moto, playing on my cell phone outside the school gate. I greeted her and as she climbed on my moto and put her arms on my shoulders, she paused for a moment. She pointed up in the air, and said rather calmly in Spanish, “well, there is the UFO you are always talking about.”

We gazed upwards at an angle, (I am unsure how many degrees) off to the South East direction, and there against the backdrop of a dark evening sky was what seemed like a cluster of objects, in the shape of a LARGE, dark triangle. No lights, No noise. The object, or objects, moved incredibly slowly and was relatively low in the sky, far too low to be an air plane.
I recalled a particular brown shade to the cluster, or object, but my girlfriend disagrees and recalls it being a dark triangle. We stared and squealed with glee, I fumbled in my pockets for my phone, trying not to break my gaze of the object. As it floated slowly, and soundlessly off into the distance, a building blocked my gaze. I gasped, looked down to pull out my phone, and told my girlfriend to hang on tight we were going to try for a closer look. We took off on my moto, heading southeast in the direction we last saw whatever it was, but within moments, as we passed buildings and finally reached a clear roadway, we had lost the object(s).

I am no aviation expert, solely an arm-chair ufologist, but I know it was NOT a plane. Perhaps a VERY LARGE flock of birds, or a cluster of dark balloons, I really cannot say anything for sure. But it was LARGE, LOW FLYING, SILENT, and TRIANGLE shaped.
Many of my local friends have told me, (after I bring up the subject) that the Cauca Valley, and this rural community sees OVNIs or UFOs relatively frequently.

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Submarine Sonar Anomaly in the late 80s

Submarine Sonar Anomaly in the late 80s

This is 1st hand Late 80’s in sonar on a submarine doing a Med. run on way to Italy.

Can’t say how far because we took a week doing ops on way. We were over ultra-deepwater. There is a charted area with unmistakable mechanical loud noise coming from below in the middle of nothing. I was told to ignore it, we know it’s there. It is not on any chart you will see, it’s “need to know” and since we all had Top Secret it’s above that. If you talk to submariners that worked sonar and went to the Mediterranean, then docked with USS Orion sub tender. They did the same route and some of them have heard it. Whatever it was is far lower than any of our submarines of the day could go including NR-1.  There was one other thing of interest, thinking about the USO Podcast. Another time about 20 years ago off of another continent there were swarms of fast moving underwater objects using propellers that would split off in different directions. Not close to supersonic, not even sure you can do that underwater. Whatever they were they were of very serious interest well above my clearance. They were not ours, and seriously doubt they belonged to other ships in the area from an unfriendly country. Have no clue what they were or where they came from. They started fairly nearby went straight then branched out. Never heard them come back.

Would love to hear other vague stories from sonar. No one else on the ship is aware of anything outside the hull but sonar hears everything.

Silent Fuselage

On Sept. 2nd, 2017 I was camping with some family members on my property located in Indianola, Utah. At about 7:00 pm I was setting in front of my brother in-law’s trailer along with my wife, sister, and brother in-law. I was looking to the south and saw what I first thought was a small jetliner sized plane (50 passenger) moving from the southwest to northeast in a shallow curve to the east. It was flying parallel to a mountain ridge that is south of my property and was at an altitude of about 1000 feet above the ridge. The object was flying flat and level at about the speed of a small private plane.
The object looked like the fuselage of a small jetliner, and was silver in color, having what looked like window in the front but no windows along the sides. The odd thing about it was that I could not see wings or tail section on the fuselage. It had a rounded front and end. It was about 1.5 miles from my location.
I then noticed that there was no sound from the engines. My brother in-law said he could barely hear something but I could hear nothing. Something that large should have made a lot of noise to stay in the air. By the time I was able to get a pair of binoculars and get them adjusted I only caught a glimpse of the object before the mountain obscured the view. Through the binoculars I saw some red toward the rear of the fuselage which may have be a reflection of the evening sun. It could have been a very large balloon, but blimps have engines that can be heard and it didn’t look like a blimp. If it was a free floating balloon then it was a very large one and its altitude would change as it passed over the ridge but its altitude was always the same. I really don’t know what it was.
Roger O.

Strange lights Near Wodonga, Victoria in Australia.

Strange lights Near Wodonga, Victoria in Australia.

This is my UFO sighting from Wodonga, Victoria, Australia at approximately 8:20 PM on Saturday, 17 March. It was dark as there was a low cloud cover (due to a rain shower). It was a mild evening (approximately 25° Celsius 0r 77° Fahrenheit) at the time I had the sighting. I went outside as I had noticed that there was a light rain shower which was unusual as it’s been a very hot day and a long period of dry weather. I called for my father to come out side and check out the rain. We were outside for a couple of minutes and as we turned to go back inside my father noticed a light the sky. He asked, what is that? At first I thought it was a plane or an aircraft of some kind but I quickly realized it was stationary in the sky. It was located in a south west direction. From my position, it was 240° on my compass. It was at height of between 10° and 15° from the horizon in the sky. It’s hard to estimate the altitude of the object but it was definitely below the low cloud cover. No other celestial object were visible in the sky. The width of the object was not quite as wide as what the moon would be but there was three lights in a straight line formation. Each light flashed individually from the left to the right but you could still see the glowing of the other lights when the lights were flashing. It was hard to make out any shape but the flashing lights were very bright (white like magnesium burning). It stayed for approximately five minutes in the same spot with no noise. It then gradually it moved to the left (or to the south) but away from where we were. It was approximately 210° on the compass where it’s stopped again and it was stationary for another five minutes before it moved away from us (the same original direction) and eventually out of sight. It was very unusual. I estimate the object that we were witnessing was approximately 3 to 4 kilometers from our location. We were perplexed at what we had witnessed. I was not able to capture a photo of the object at the time but I took a picture of the direction we viewed the object from the location we viewed the object the next morning (I drew dots where the object we observed was) – I hope that makes sense? Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rectangular UFO Viewed Up Close

Sighting was approx. July 1988 100km to the North East of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada at 12-1AM.
I and three other individuals noticed a large object emitting light travelling directly over our vehicle.
The object was rectangular and approx. 200 feet by 100 feet in size. It was so close overhead and so bright that if caused a glare on the windshield. It was maybe 200 feet above us, maybe closer.
The entire underneath was illuminated by what looked like an electrical glow. Colours were blue, green and some orange in a swirling pattern.
We stopped the car as the object travelled from the North to the South. It drifted slowly (maybe 50km/h) on a clear moonless/windless summer night making no noise, and was still drifting when we got out of the car.
We were standing outside looking at it as it came to a stop maybe .25km from us. I had a pretty good look at it and can say for certain it was about 20 feet think and black or very dark in color. It was a dark night but the lights underneath the object were fairly bright.
After about 3 or 4 minutes the object then “charged” up glowing bright and then shot off to the South West at an incredible speed. It reached the horizon in approx. 1 second and disappeared into a dot of light.
I know of at least 2 other sightings of this object by people I know including a daylight sighting where the object was a few hundred feet overhead. In that incident the observer saw a smaller rectangle that was red and silver checkerboard color.

Sighting was in Nova Scotia approximately here
google map link

Grandfather‘s Encounter

I have a weird one.
My grandfather was a bomber pilot in the
infamous 509th bomb group in Roswell New Mexico.
My Mom and I stayed in my grandfather’s house
in El Paso Texas from about 1971 on .My very first memory
is my ONLY experience and it’s one that sounds very much like an abduction.
I was about 3-4 years old and my bedroom lit up
with a blue light and what looked like miniature cartoon characters
we’re moving about my room. I can still visualize it somewhat.
It’s the only memory I have besides the final being back in my bed with
giant black almond eyes right up against my forehead and a loud
rushing sound. I also remember a large white head attached to the black eyes.That was it..From elementary on I was interested in Near Death Experiences for some reason and in about 4th grade clearly remember checking out books by Dr Raymond Moody on NDE’s along with UFO books.
I have been fascinated with both subjects ever since although I didnt realize my first memory was maybe UFO related until much later in life.
My grandfather was a career Air Force pilot and ended up in retiring a Lt Col . He was my father figure and having just retired we spent most of my youth together.
I would ask him all the time about UFO’s and he would tell me there was nothing to it. As a matter of fact I asked for 38 years and he always said
the same thing.Then in 2012 at 88 years old and about a year before he died with health failing I asked one more time.This time he said “Well do you really want to know?” My brother was there and looked as shocked as i did hearing this, but we both said YES !!
Instead of saying anything
I asked again, Are some UFO’s alien craft ? I had learned to phrase it
more correctly because hardcore officers don’t give up anything without the question being perfect . (Col John B Alexander cones to mind) But instead of the usual dismissals this time he nodded a very solemn
“YES”. We were floored because he was quite serious .
That’s it..
All my life I have looked up hoping to see something but have never seen
ANYTHING I couldn’t disprove to my own liking.
Weird life never seeing anything except my first memory perhaps being an odd encounter,but I believed something is visiting .
I believe you Martin and your hot tub UFO.
But few believe this type of story so I never relay it.
My grandfather was real he can be easily verified because he’s the pilot
who’s plane accidentally dropped a hydrogen bomb near Albuquerque in the mid 1950’s .Lt Col Richard J Meyer (although he was Captain Meyer in the 50’s)

UFO Over Waterloo, Ontario Canada Dec. 7th 2016

See the video I captured here :

This sighting took place in Waterloo Ontario, 100 km west of Toronto. On December 7th 2016, at around 5 pm. I was at work and I stepped outside for a cigarette break, and I was listening to PODCAST UFO! I’m not joking… I listen to the show all the time at work and am very into the study of the Phenomenon.
It was close to dusk, just going into the civil twilight period which is the brightest part of twilight. The sun was down, but it was still very light out, just around the time the street lamps come on. I had a great view of the area because my workplace is on the top of a hill, which gave me an excellent view of the southern sky that night.
I was looking south and immediately noticed a very bright light low in the sky, not far above the horizon. I thought this was a strange place for such a bright light and it seemed to be very far away but still really bright. It was brighter than Venus or other planets I had seen in the skies many times before at that time of day. It was much brighter than satellites and the ISS, and I became very puzzled by its peculiar features. I was amazed to see it pulse on and off. It was a quick strobing that flashed brightly about three times then two or three dimmer flashes all in about half a second then no flashing for a second then it repeated. It was intense and very bright then would completely fade. It continued to pulse and then I noticed it was moving. It was at this point I quickly grabbed my phone and starting recording video. This light seemed really weird to me because I had seen so many satellites before and never saw I bright light pulse on and off. I thought it was something like the ISS space station spinning or reflections off of a spinning satellite, but it was pulsing quickly like a strobe light then off then strobing again. I could see other planes in the sky and their lights were not bright and you could see a solid outline of a plane clearly against the sky. In the video there are 1 or 2 planes at low altitudes but they are not even detected by the camera.
The strobing like from the object did seem a bit like aviation lights that strobe but after looking into it I have not found any aircraft that have bright white intense strobing white lights. This flashed brightly when it was low on the horizon, coming towards me and also flashed bright when it was above me. All the air craft I have seen only are bright from one direction, either head on or under the craft, not both, and never white.
Compared to the light I was looking at, it was completely different than the planes in the sky. When the light stopped pulsing, there was nothing there in the sky that was visible. There was no solid dark shape that should have been visible. It seemed like it was at a very high altitude. I’m guessing at the max flight ceiling or higher. I have never seen anything like this in the sky before and it was very interesting to watch.
I reported the sighting to MUFON and NUFORC. A MUFON investigator followed up via email and determined it was a helicopter because he did a quick search and found an airport in the area. The problem with his conclusion was that the light wasn’t anywhere near the airport. It was much farther to the southwest. I know this because I live right beside the airport and have been seeing all the lights and traffic that come through there for years. There is no way this was a helicopter because helicopters don’t fly over the city at high altitudes. The small older helicopters only fly short routes over the country and the only other helicopter you see is the rescue or emergency craft that travels to Toronto to the hospital. Helicopters do not have bright pulsating or strobing bright white lights that fly at super high altitudes. Every helicopter I have seen flying I have heard even at a distance.
I have been outside at work on break, looking at the great view from the top of the hill, many, many times before, and have seen lots of satellites, planes and helicopters. All of which are highly recognizable and mundane. What I saw December 7th was very strange and remains unexplained as far as I am concerned.
In the Video I shot of the craft on Youtube I point out that it seemed to “zig – zag” in a quick weird manner as it was over head and have stabilized footage of it moving. But after re shooting video of a plane in the same position a few weeks later, I realized this was an anomaly cause by slighting moving the camera or phone while zooming.
Even though I realized it didn’t move in the “zig zag” manner, this pulsing UFO is something very strange, and is not a helicopter, plane and I don’t think it’s the disco ball satellite either.
After watching the video again, it seems to change speed and almost pause at the 1:20 mark. A satellite moves quickly across the sky in a very steady and straight course.

Matt Lacasse
Feb 04 2018