1941 Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO Crash

In 1941, 7 years before the Roswell, New Mexico Crash in 1947, a similar UFO incident happened in the woods outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

huffmangranddaughterA story told by a woman named Charlette Mann reveals a long family secret of an alien encounter and mysterious UFO crash. The story was about Charlette’s grandfather Reverend William Huffman. Huffman was the pastor of the Red Star Baptist Church.

According to her grandmother’s deathbed confession, her grandfather was summoned around 9-10 PM to pray over victims of a wreckage in the woods outside town. Reverend Huffman is taken on a 10-15 mile trip and arrived at the scene which appeared to be a plane crash site already surrounded by policemen, fire department personnel, FBI agents, photographers and Military.

He was shocked to see not an airplane crash, but a scene of a strange disc-shaped object with strange markings that looked like hieroglyphic-like writings that he could not understand.

Cape-Girardeau-AliensEven stranger were the bodies of small humanoids of very large heads and large black shiny eyes. Nearly visible ears and mouths and totally without hair. Reverend Huffman was soon asked to come and pray over the dead bodies at the scene. After performing his Christian duties, a military personnel at the scene made Huffman swore into secrecy whatever he found out during that night. But Huffman could not hide the strange and baffling scene that he saw from his wife. The secret was kept by the family until Charlette’s grandmother told the story to her in 1984 as she was dying of cancer.

The seemingly Sci-Fi script UFO case was brought to public by Leo Stringfield in his book, “UFO Crash/Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum” with all the details of the Crash that Charlette gave him. Charlette believed that the story was authentic but still more details would be needed to put the UFO crash of Cape Girardeau in the authentic category.