Belgian UFO Wave; Part II


by Nathalie Laurent, Belgium 



Sources: Vague d’OVNI sur la Belgique, 1 and 2 (books)
RTBF news (TV)

Date and time: December 5, 1989 17.45-18.00
Location: Ans, Nicolaï Place

Mr. F. Valenzano, weatherman in the Belgian Army, was with his daughter. She was the one to notice what at first she thought to be a plane. Valenzano looked up and saw an object hovering at a pretty low altitude (100-150 meters). It seemed very large and was coming from the direction of the nearby town of Liège. The witnesses could see red and blue lights moving from one side of the object to the other. When it flew directly over them, they noticed 3 3 large white lights pointing to the ground but without lighting the area, nor producing any cones of light despite the misty weather.
The object passed the witnesses and slowly flew around the Nicolaï Place, then passed the witnesses again. Valenzano then noticed a rotating red light at the center of the 3 white lights. This red light seemed to be located lower, as if independent from the main object.
The object moved away. Valenzano could not see the thickness of the object at any moment.

Date and time: December4 or 5, 1989, 23.00
Location: Liège

The witness, who wished to remain anonymous. Ms. L., was on the 8th floor of an apartment building on the riverbank.
She noticed a bright light coming towards her while losing altitude. At first she thought it was an airplane about to land at the nearby airport (Bierset) but soon the object was flying over a building on the opposite side of the river 100 meters away then coming even closer at a distance the witness estimated at 20 meters. She thought it was about to land on top of her own building.
She described the object as a completely black wing shaped plane with very short but wide wings and 2 fins at the back. Though it was a bright light that first caught her attention, the object seemed to be completely devoid of any lights. It seemed to be made of roughly rectangular shaped blocks and reminded her of early 20th century airplanes.

Date and time: December 11, 1989, around 18.30
Location: Jemeppe-sur-Sambre

  1. JC S., civil servant, was driving on a brightly lit motorway when he saw and even brighter light facing him about 100 meters from the ground, it looked stationary. The witness stopped on the parking lot of a supermarket from where he could observe the light. He couldn’t make the shape of the object but could see 3 white lights in a triangular formation and a pulsating red light at the center of the triangle. It looked huge, bigger than an Awacs plane. It didn’t move for about 5 minutes, then as the witness was about to leave, the object shifted slightly and quickly departed to the north.

Stunned, the witness got back to his car to pick up his wife at work. At first he didn’t tell her anything but as they were approaching their house in Hameau des Comognes around 8.30 pm, Mrs. S noticed a bright light in the sky. She asked her husband to stop the sky because she was seeing a “cluster” of red lights coming from the object toward them. The cluster flew around a power line then went back to the object. Then the object, which had been stationary, shifted a little and departed to the North.  Mrs. S. estimated the dark object was about the size of a soccer field. The cluster was about the size of a car made of 10 to 20 lights.
When the couple finally reached their destination, they didn’t talk about the incident for several hours.


Date and time: December 11, 1989, 18.45
Location: Ernage

This is one of the most publicized cases of the wave. The witnesses are a Lieutenant Colonel in the Belgian Army, Mr. André Amand, and his wife, Chantal.
The witnesses were driving from Ernage to the Gembloux train station. Suddenly Mr. Amand noticed 3 or 4 lighted panels behind trees on his right. The panels were going south. The panels seemed to belong to the same object and a red pulsating light could be seen underneath. The witness decided to stop the car to watch the phenomenon. His wife opened her car window. At first the object continued its trajectory, passed the car but suddenly it stopped and came back to where the car had stopped. At that moment the witnesses could only see a gigantic white light. They heard no noise and were starting to feel uneasy. Chantal asked her husband to start the car. As the engine started, the bright light was replaced by 3 smaller lights in a triangular formation with a red light in the center.
Despite the full Moon they were unable to see any structure behind the lights. As the object started to majestically turn the red light detached itself and came closer to the car before going back to the main object. The object quickly disappeared.

Date and time: December 12, 1989, 2.15 AM
Location: Jupille-sur-Meuse

Mr. F., the witness, who wished to remain anonymous, was asleep when a strange noise woke him up. He got up to check on the house central heating. The boiler being in a different building, Mr.F. went outside. He quickly realized the sound was not coming from the boiler room. He walked around the house to find the source of the odd sound. To his utter amazement there was an object hovering 10 meters from the ground 80 meters away from him. The huge egg shaped object was bending the top of some pine trees, as if resting on them. There seemed to be a dark windshield on the largest side of the object and there was like a belt of reddish lights around it. The witness could also see some kind of fins or oars at the back. There were 3 bumps in a triangular formation at the bottom from where lights could be see shining. The object reminded the witness of some old submarines from a Jules Verne Novel. There was a sign, a bit like a stylized electron on the side. The UFO was 20 meters long. Though it was really close to the witness, the edges of the object seemed blurry, as if behind a veil of mist. The weather was dry and crisp that night. After a moment, the object seemed to back a little, as if to free itself from the tree tops and the humming sound that had woken the witness up started again. As the object rose, the 3 bottom lights started shining brighter, violently illuminating the ground below.
The witness who was partially hidden behind a wall until then moved to get a better view of the departing UFO when suddenly it vanished. After a few second, the spot where the object had been was filled with a column of light whose top was disappearing in the sky. The column suddenly disappeared too. The witness went back to his house after a few minutes.
The witness was interviewed by TV journalists. Both the police and the army investigated this case. And helicopter was seen flying over the area. After local investigations, it appeared that several people were awakened by the strange humming noise but didn’t bother to check it out.


Date: February 2, 1990
Location: Gilbressée

The son of Mrs. P. who was 16 at the time got up very pale and dazed that morning. At first Mrs. P. assumed he got drunk with a friend on the previous night but his son’s condition worsened during the day. His pupils were completely dilated and he hallucinated. As his mother feared he had taken drugs, she took him to the doctor. After some tests, the doctor was sure no drugs were involved.
As the hours went by, the young man’s condition slowly improved. He finally told what he remembered from the previous night. He said he went outside to pee. He saw a bright light in the sky and stared at it for an undefined period of time. He felt as if someone was coming to get him and then he remembered nothing till the next morning.


This is the only reported case of a supposed abduction during the Belgian wave. Rumor has it that there were other cases but the SOBEPS and other ufologist groups were (still are) very reluctant to report them.


Date: May 4, 1990 23.00
Location: Saint Georges (near Liège)

  1. G.D. went outside to check on his greenhouses before going to bed. Once outside he heard several dogs barking. Intrigued, he looked around and saw, 100 meters away from him in one of his fields, a strange white luminous phenomenon. It was a cone shaped object with the top hollow a bit like a crater. It was silently hovering a few meters above ground. The witness walked half the distance separating him from the UFO. The top of the object seemed to lift up and then went down again and the object turned from white to orange. The witness then decided to go get his wife to she could see the UFO too. His wife thought she saw 2 antennae at the top. The watched for several more minutes then decided to go get their son who owned a video camera…but he was not home and by the time they got back to the field, the object had disappeared.
    On the next day, they checked the location where they had seen the object and found 4 larges round in which the grass was flattened and twirled, as if it had been caught in a whirlwind. They also noticed some yellow powder. Unfortunately the case was not investigated until the following week and all traces were gone.


This is the only reported case of a supposed landing.