Stanley Meyer, Running a Car on a ‘Water Fuel Cell’

An opinion by show listener: 'Bill'

I heard you comment on your show last week with Ben Moss about ‘What ever happened to the guy who ran his car on water?’ You may have been thinking about Stanley Meyer, who got some main stream media attention over this. He died suddenly in 1998. The conspiracy side of the story is that he was poisoned after a restaurant meeting with Belgian investors. (His brother claims that during the meeting Stan ran outside saying “They poisoned me”.) The official coroner ruling was cerebral aneurysm. Officially, ‘there is nothing to his invention, his patent has expired, and anyone is free to reproduce his experiment / invention, but no one has because it doesn’t work’. However, some believe differently.

Stanley was not the only one to come up with an invention that allowed an automobile to run on water, although he may be the one who has received the majority of mainstream media attention. But others have achieved the same thing.

The really fascinating part of these stories is not just that energy is being extracted from water. There is nothing new about separating hydrogen / oxygen from water through electrolysis and burning the hydrogen. The problem is, normally the extraction of hydrogen from water through electrolysis takes more energy to accomplish than the energy you get out of burning the hydrogen. So, in effect, it would cost you more to run your car on water than it would to run it on gas because of the energy you have to add from some other source (electricity, etc.) to separate the hydrogen.

What is earth-shattering (and therefore of course very controversial) about these experiments is that these experimenters report that they are getting more energy out than what they are putting in. This “anomalous energy” seems to violate the laws of thermodynamics. However, some think the real source of “anomalous energy” behind this phenomenon and many other similar “over-unity” (referring to more out than in) experiments is ZPE (zero-point-energy). It is thought that you are not really getting more energy out than in, but that you are in fact tapping a source of tremendous energy that exists all around us, even in empty space.

A year or so ago I went quite a ways down the zero-point-energy (ZPE) rabbit hole as a temporary detour off of my UFO rabbit hole journey, because some believe that it is ZPE that powers at least some UFOs. Of course there are also many investigating the ZPE topic that have no interest in UFOs and may not even know that some in Ufology claim this UFO/ZPE connection. But it is interesting to me how these two areas of investigation, UFOs, and ZPE, have striking similarities when it comes to conspiracy theory, disinformation, mysterious deaths, suppression/confiscation of evidence, etc.

Official news sources seem to put forth the narrative that there’s nothing to ZPE claims (as they also say about UFO claims). But there are just far too many reports of successes with ZPE experiments, in my opinion, to just dismiss them all as crackpots or mistaken observation (as with anecdotal UFO witness testimony). The majority of ZPE or “over unity” devices out there are in fact hoaxes, frauds, mistaken observations (as with UFOs), but there are some that defy explanation by conventional laws of physics (as with UFOs). These do not receive the media nor scientific community attention they should, but instead, if these devices receive any media / science attention at all, the attention seems to focus on the crackpots (as with UFOs). There are some very reputable, credentialed people involved with ZPE experiments, but these are by far in the minority and often ridiculed by the greater scientific community (as with UFOs).

If ZPE is real, or more accurately stated, if the idea of extracting energy from ZPE is real (actual ZPE itself is acknowledged as “real” by the greater scientific community, but what they do not acknowledge is the idea that energy can be extracted from ZPE, and this is why it is referred to as a “zero point”, that is, that this energy is already at a point from which no further energy can be extracted – let me know if you want more explanation on this), and if the government has already tapped this source of energy decades ago, from their own research (the concept of ZPE has been around a while, it was developed by Max Planck in Germany in 1911) plus from a “boost” received in more recent decades from reverse engineering of UFOs, then this is a paradigm-changing discovery. It could make each of us individually energy independent, “off the grid”. It would end our dependence on fossil fuels. It brings energy to developing countries, etc., etc.

An organization that investigates various forms of alternative energy is the Breakthrough Energy Movement If you want to hear a really interesting lecture on how ZPE may be the true source of energy behind a variety of different types of “over-unity” experiments being done (even where the inventors may not realize that ZPE may be what is behind the “anonalous energy” they observe in their experiments), here is a link to a lecture by Moray B. King. It is on the Global BEM YouTube channel from their 2012 conference in Holland. I’ve watched a bunch of Moray’s lectures and read some of his books. I think he is also entertaining to listen to. He’s been researching this since the 70’s:

One Million Cavitating Water Electrolyzers – Moray B King
About 6 min. into the video he talks about several car-run-on-water successes and shows a news video of a company in Japan that achieved this. About 39 min. into the video, he mentions Stan Meyers results and shows a news video about him. He includes diagrams from Stan’s patent and explains how it works.

When I starting watching videos and reading books on this subject, my reaction, similar to my reaction about evidence for UFOs was, “Why doesn’t everybody know about this?!”. But now, I think I understand better why they don’t know (in the case of both ZPE and UFOs): A very successful program of government disinformation and suppression. I guess that makes me a “conspiracy theorist” – at least that is the label the government would like to place on those who feel as I do. That label itself is part of their very successful campaign, in my opinion.

About Moray B. King:

Here is an “About the Author” bio from a book he published in 2001: “Moray B. King has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (1972), M.S. in Systems Engineering (1976), and has completed the Ph.D. courses in Systems Engineering (on thesis leave) all from the University of Pennsylvania. Since 1974 he has been researching the standard physics literature on zero-point energy and has studied the experiments of many scientists and inventors who have reported anomalous energy gains. He has given numerous presentations at energy conferences, written many technical papers, and authored the book, Tapping the Zero-Point Energy. In his career he has been employed as a system engineer, software engineer, research consultant, and is currently the senior scientist of Paraclete Corporation.”