To The Stars Observations

by Phillip Sanders

As a child, I watched my share of sci-fi movies and had a fleeting curiosity about UFOs. My two favorites were The Day the Earth Stood Still and Invasion of the SaucerMen. Did not really give much serious thought to the subject until a day in 1976 when I was reading a book about near death experiences. One of the footnotes referred to a book by Kenneth Ring, where he made the observation that NDEs share many common elements with UFO abduction experiences. I was intrigued by this revelation. So, the next day I ran out to the nearby college bookstore and bought a few UFO books. Over the years, these few UFO books have somehow mysteriously multiplied themselves on my bookshelf. However, owning all of these books have done very little to answer the ultimate question; what is the truth about the UFO phenomena.

I am a retired scientist and I have always approached fringe science with extreme skepticism, but at the same time, a willingness to honestly examine the stories. There are endless stories, some credible, most ridiculous. One story that I am sure most people dismissed had to do with UFOs causing a little league came to come to a halt. Frank Edwards chronicled this event in his book Stranger Than Science. Why didn’t I dismiss this story? My brother played in the game in question and my cross country team bus driver was quoted in the book. I talked to both of them, it happened, just like Frank Edwards said it did. This really made me wonder about all the other weird stories in that book. Concrete information is what is needed. This was as concrete as this topic ever got to me until December of 2017 when the New York Times published the landmark story about the pentagon program that studied the UFO phenomena in the 21st century! Wow! To date, I still can’t understand why this story isn’t talked about daily in the mainstream media.

Or maybe I can understand why this story has faded into the background? A key element to the NYT article is the formation of the To The Stars Academy. It is made up of highly pedigreed scientists and an entertainer. Their mission is Research, Development, and Entertainment. Waaaaa???? The first two are a no brainer. The Entertainment faction of To The Stars is both incomprehensible and odious at the same time. What in the world were they thinking? Having worked as a scientist for several decades I can attest to the fact that most scientists have very little common sense and perhaps did not see how ludicrous this combination really is. I don’t have much of a clue as to why Entertainment is a key part of the To The Stars Academy . I can speculate, however. The first, most obvious is that the Entertainment wing is an overt effort to raise money to finance the R&D wing. If this is truly the case, it immediately causes reactions like I initially had, which were; another attempt to cash in! The bright lights of TTSA apparently didn’t think about this or didn’t care about how this looks from the outside. Again, I have no clue. They could have achieved this goal by doing it behind the scenes and kept TTSA a purely scientific endeavor. But they did not do this, which begs the question, why? Perhaps the answer lies somewhere with the notion that the “real truth” about UFOs is very disturbing and potentially disruptive to earthly societies and governments. So the purpose of the Entertainment wing may be there to facilitate a paradigm shift in the thinking of we earthlings that will make the “truth” about UFOs more palatable. I would argue that since the days of The Day The Earth Stood Still till now we have been inundated with thoughts and imagery about UFO critters that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Maybe TTSA entertainment will add a dose of fictional reality to the storyline and serve as an expectation management guide? Who knows? We may find out soon enough.

Let’s look at the apparent facts surrounding the recent revelations. Somewhere in the early 2000’s the pentagon had a program to study “aerial phenomena”. In October of 2017 the principal of this program resigned and gave a press conference. Somewhere shortly thereafter the entity known as To The Stars Academy was formed with several highly credentialed individuals and a high profile entertainer. Then in December of 2017 a New York Times article was published that told the story of the pentagon program and the TTSA. Cockpit videos were released and pilots that were in these aircraft went on national television to tell the story. Principals from the TTSA went on radio/tv talk shows to discuss these events where they flat out said there would be more revelations. Then very recently, March 10, 2018, sure enough another highly unusual cockpit video is released showing unconventional aircraft in flight, complete with cockpit audio. Accompanying this release was an article in the Washington Post by a high ranking official from the Bush and Obama eras, more or less saying that the pentagon isn’t taking these phenomena seriously enough. I don’t have the time or energy to fully amplify these events in this blog, but suffice it to say that if a serious minded individual listened to Hal Puthoff and Luis Elizondo speak, that individual would be compelled to take a very deep breath.

So, here is the synthesis of all of my observations; the pentagon studied UFOs, released videos and allowed pilots to talk in public, an organization , TTSA, was formed with a very curious structure, meager coverage by the mainstream media, and a new release of formerly classified cockpit videos/audio showing unconventional aircraft. Obviously the government is working in concert with TTSA. Why? Why entertainment?

I remain puzzled in the Great North Woods of Michigan !