149. UFOs over Maine

ufo_sightingsbAlejandro Rojas weighs in on the “Roswell Alien” slide, and guests Audrey Starborn of Experiencer’s Speak, Dan Bru of Portland Maine UFO Group and Eric Mitchell join us for round robin, UFOs over Maine, abductions and more.

Check Open Minds out article on the Roswell slide here.

One thought on “149. UFOs over Maine

  • May 26, 2015 at 3:52 pm

    Great shows! I’m a subscriber on the cheap side and one of the few that actually likes the T-shirt : ). I’m writing today about the guest Audrey Starborn, Listening to her story had me up to the point when she started in on the whole anti-oil, green happy-dippy, anti TV, iphone materialistic tired old story.

    She sounds like an extremely polished speaker on these topics and I just think she’s some shill from an environmental group rather than a real experiencer. Her laughing arrogantly when someone wrote in about asking for some kind of proof… now I know proof of UFOs and especially abductions are practically non-existent and subjective. But to laugh at someone asking a question and stating she doesn’t have to provide anything is quite arrogant and she has lost all credibility.People like her are whats wrong with ufology today. Claiming this and that without anything to back up their story. Just another flake on the pile. Starborn…lol please.

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