202. Free Show: Erica Lukes

hqdefaultAlejandro Rojas with the news, guest Erica Lukes joins us to talk about the Ham Radio/American Airlines Case, as well as other interesting Utah cases including orange orbs, what it was like as a MUFON State Director, and what she is up to now. Listen to her shows on Friday evenings at: KCOR/UFO-Classified-Hosted-by-Erica-Lukes

Show Notes

One thought on “202. Free Show: Erica Lukes

  • May 28, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    Erica has some interesting perspectives on the subject, but she’s too soft on the Roswell Alien crowd.

    Although some of the folks involved in that ridiculous episode are less guilty than others, the guys at the core of it were 100% aware of the con they were perpetrating.

    As such, any future input from them in the UFO field should be considered extremely questionable. They made their bed, and they should lie in it.

    … Oh, did I say “lie” ? Money talks, folks.

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