One thought on “271. Free Show: Caroline Cory

  • October 11, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    Just watched the film last night!
    I’m a “want to believe” person due to experiences in my life that has lead me
    down this particular path of study. The idea of subjecting this phenomena to the
    rigors of science really intrigued me. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough science
    in this film or objectivity. The film showed more perspective from Caroline and the experiencers than from
    the actual scientists — which I thought the film was supposed to be more from the scientific perspective…
    At least that’s how it was advertised. Caroline seems like a lovely person — and someone who’s ideas and perspective
    I find very interesting — a lot of which resonates with me — so I don’t feel she’s full of it in what she teaches and practices— but I do think she reached on this one trying to connect what she believes into the science of it. Proving
    consciousness scientifically doesn’t prove people are talking to aliens or interdimensional beings, it doesn’t substantiate or validate anyone’s experiences. This doesn’t mean I disbelieve people’s stories, as I’ve said I’ve had my own experiences. But this film just didn’t provide the validation I was hoping for. The film itself was beautiful, I hope to see another one from her but next time with more of a balance in perspective.
    Thank you!

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