379. Jeff Bennett & Deep Prasad

BONUS FULL SHOW, HOUR ONE: Astrophysicist Jeffrey Bennett on our solar system, black holes, the big bang, the possibilities of intelligent life in our universe, our bottleneck of technology and much more. HOUR TWO: Deep Prasad, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, extraterrestrial artifacts, UFOs and more.  FOR FULL SHOWS, EVERY WEEK,  PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON

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2 thoughts on “379. Jeff Bennett & Deep Prasad

  • November 20, 2019 at 4:00 am

    Hi Martin. Aussie listener here. I’ve been really enjoying the show over the last couple of years and usually manage to catch it a few hours after you go live.

    Gotta say I was pretty disappointed in Bennett’s interview in the last show. I worry when experts in one field (astrophysics) start to offer ‘expert’ opinions in other fields (climate science) when the reality is they are no more an expert than you or I. I was surprised you let his comments about climate sceptics slide, I was hoping you’d press him a little harder on that. And his comments about Thatcher being a ‘climate change advocate’ were naive, non-factual and and devoid of any knowledge of the UK’s political scene at the time and problems Thatcher was having with the coal miner’s union. Incidentally, Thatcher recanted most of her previously held views on man-made climate change after her political career had ended.

    As for no one making money out of the man-made climate change agenda? Remind me again how much coin Gore charges for his speaking engagements or how many millions he made selling carbon credits.

    Anyway, I love the show and the topic of UFO’s. Can we just steer away from these alarmists in the future?


    • November 20, 2019 at 8:34 pm

      There is actually a bit of a crossover of science when it comes astronomy and planetary science. Jeff has been teaching and writing about this topic for over 30 years. I understand why people are afraid and want to deny the 97% consensus of science of what fossil fuels has done to our CO2 levels and the danger we are in.

      I also find it interesting that it seems a lot climate change deniers seem to bring up Al Gore like he was just a conspirator of the whole “climate change hoax” … out to make millions off of it.

      So, I wonder would someone like you suggest it is all a hoax and we do nothing? If so, do you ever wonder if your children or grandchildren (if you have or will have them) will be perfectly fine in the future when it comes to all of this?

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