42. Sam Maranto

bannerfans_7094968 Show Notes: After the news, Sam Maranto is back to talk about UFOlogy in the crosshairs, a discussion about issues with the UFO field and skeptics.

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  • April 12, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    You can’t convert skeptics into believers any more than you can convince Christians there is no god. I really don’t understand the need to get so upset about the these people. There will be naysayers on any idea you would care to come up with. Let them go. A day will come when the proof will overwhelm them. Until that time we need to focus more on ourselves, ditch the in fighting, the fringe talks at UFO conferences, etc. Have you looked at who the leaders are in this field? Most of them have dipped into the outlandish: 911 conspiracy theories, The Illuminati, The Powers that be? Just stick to the phenomenon or get out of the way. I’ve been to conferences where these people sing as part of their presentation. No wonder we aren’t taken seriously. On the other hand, just because the skeptics want to debunk us, it is their right to do so, even if they are doing it with faulty evidence. The smugness is hard to take, so that is why I don’t listen to them. By the way, I don’t call them skeptics, I call them pseudo intellectuals, because that is the bottom line for them, proving their intellectual superiority.
    I liked the interview very much BTW! Sam sounded a lot like Stanton Friedman, a man I really admire.

    • April 12, 2013 at 10:45 pm

      I don’t think that you know enough about this pseudoskeptic movement, Fredling, particularly with respect to the amount of damage that pseudoskepticism is doing to our field. I also have a problem with what you said about conspiracy theorists. There is no reason for us to start a fight with conspiracy theorists.

      I will say that, although I don’t agree with everything Maranto said in this interview, I do believe that he is one of the few in UFOlogy, today, who understands that pseudoskepticism is a big problem that is causing us much damage and needs to be dealt with in a more active way than doing nothing and hoping that the problem will resolve itself, in the future.

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