52. Roger Nygard, Skeptic

roger-nygardShow Notes: Filmmaker of Six Days in Roswell, & Trekkies, Roger Nygard talks about his skeptical views on why he thinks that extraterrestrials are not visiting us. Check out: thenatureofexistence.com

4 thoughts on “52. Roger Nygard, Skeptic

  • June 14, 2013 at 7:27 am

    Well! I have found a new god in Roger Nygard! He knows everything. He knows how aliens would think, what their technologies are, how long they would live, what their evolutionary process is. His knowledge is boundless. He must have a background in astrophysics. Does he? I never heard of the Fermi paradox. Boy that explains a lot! I feel so stupid, thinking of those thousands, upon thousands of UFO sightings around the world, and thinking they might be from outer space. I never knew the world governments did so much stealth testing of secret flying machines. I wonder why they do it over major cities, like Phoenix, or in the woods behind my house?
    He was all over the map, sometimes not making a lick of sense, well actually, a lot of what he said didn’t make a lick of sense, but I’m not too bright. He reminded me of a religious zealot with his hands firmly planted over his ears, singing la la la so he can’t hear anything that is going to shatter his world view.
    Wonder what he is so afraid of, that he can’t open his mind one tiny bit? A skeptic he is not.

  • June 14, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    Once again, the host was soft on what I call a pseudo-skeptic. Roger is very bright, but if he was truly exploring the “government craft” theory, how would he explain crafts over a mile wide? These were witnessed by tens of thousands of sane people. Does he really think that our, or any other government could create vehicles like this or ones that were clocked on radar, (plus simultaneously eye-witnessed) going thousands of miles per hour, that make sudden right angle turns? I agree that some of the sightings may be experimental craft, but to think they all are?

    Fermi’s Paradox, they should be here? Well maybe they are, and just maybe they have been visiting here for millennia. I am not saying they have, I am just saying it is possible.

    I agree with Nygard that we may seem like a chimpanzee to a higher intelligence, but our world is teaming with life, so why would there be no interest in observing. I agree with the host, that we are violent and perhaps that is a reason they remain out of reach. From a distance, we are finding planets that can possibly host life. If we could, wouldn’t we want to explore them? Is it hard to believe that if we were advanced by a million years, this would not be easier to do?

    I watched the latest Star Trek movie the other day, and Kirk temporarily was removed from command because he interfered with a civilization of lessor intelligence. Yes this is fiction, but it is a probable standard, or at least a possible one.

    I agree societies as we know them, can and will most likely destroy themselves. Yet, if societies have evolved differently than what we know, maybe they can survive for billions of years, or at least it is possible. If so, such societies would also have the capability to inhabit several planets to protect themselves from extinction do to natural disasters.

    The thing that bothers me with intelligent, so-called skeptics is, they are are so close minded. The fact that we exist at all, is far more of a miracle than the possibility being observed by an advanced intelligence that has mastered interstellar travel.

    I loved your Nature of Existence film Roger, open your mind a little.

  • June 14, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    Really enjoyed the interview with Roger Nygard tho a lot of what he said Is the skeptics dogma of the Fermi Paradox etc

    It is easy for skeptics to generalise when talking about UFOs to suggest it is all misidentified or natural phenomena but as we know there is compelling evidence from around the world which points to a phenomenon outwith our current understanding of science, the default answer of these being experimental US military aircraft is becoming laughable since unless they have developed craft with anti-gravity, invisibility, able to make right-angle turns, incredible acceleration that would kill any beings inside then we have to work to find out what these things are.

    Martin, I know you are well researched and well informed but it would be a good idea,the next time a skeptic comes on the show to have some pre-made rebukes to their assumptions and dogmatic use of badly understood science to backup their beliefs.

    In saying that, I am open minded and we must strive to find out what these craft/phenomena are regardless of what the answer is.


  • June 16, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    I was impressed by your cool, when no matter what you said about the Fermi Paradox that indicated you know what it was, even when you said it was on your homepage, you were told to look it up. I could take lessons from you.

    Fermi, shmermy, how about other dimensions? Case not closed.

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