Chris Rutkowski Discusses Record Amount of Canadian UFO Sightings on Podcast UFO

The May 17th episode of Podcast UFO features an in-depth discussion with Chris Rutkowksi focusing on UFOs in Canda.

(Immediate Release) – After the weekly news round up, Martin Willis is joined by Canadian UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski on the latest episode of Podcast UFO. The episode, which premieres on May 17th, will feature a discussion on Canadian sightings. It has recently been reported that 2012 was a record year for UFO sightings in Canada with more than twice the number of 2011 sightings. Rutkowski will address this and other aspects of the study of unidentified flying objects including the overlap with other areas of the paranormal. “There’s so many different facets that you can be involved with that you may have to pick and choose eventually,” Rutkowski said, also adding “There’s been some interesting overlaps…”

Chris Rutkowski also tells host Willis that he hopes to see more scientific study of unidentified flying objects. “There’s a lot of grist for the mill here for people to do a lot of interesting scientific research,” he said in the interview, “and it’s simply not being capitalized on.”

On the Podcast UFO Forums, which can be found at, Chris Lambright will be featured in a Guest Star Forum starting on Friday, May 17. For almost a week, forum members can pose questions and interact directly with him through the dedicated Guest Star Forum. A former Podcast UFO guest featured in both Episode 25 and Episode 29, Chris Lambright is the author of X Descending, a book focusing on evidence collected by Ray Stanford and Paul Bennewitz. As always, the forums are free to join and also allow listeners to interact with one another as well as the Podcast UFO Team. Archives of previous Guest Star Forums with Kathleen Marden and Peter Robbins are still available to read.

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