Micah Hanks Visits the May 3rd Episode of Podcast UFO

Researcher and theorist Micah Hanks visits the latest episode of Podcast UFO for a discussion of the future of UFOlogy.

(Immediate Release) – Host Martin Willis sits down with paranormal researcher, writer and radio personality Micah Hanks on the latest episode of Podcast UFO, available through iTunes or at PodcastUFO.com. Known for his strong and innovative opinions, Micah will bring the Podcast UFO audience a great deal of food for thought. For example, he’ll discuss the future of UFOlogy with Martin saying “With future technologies advancing and the use of AI to work in conjunction with people, if we feed known data to a computer of several orders of magnitude this information, we may get closer to some answers.” The discussion will also touch upon very real world factors facing UFOlogy today. “If you want to sell books,” says Hanks, “you have to be sitting there and telling people what we are dealing with when it comes to UFOs. We really can’t look at the UFO phenomenon and say we know what we are dealing with.”

In addition to Martin’s discussion with Micah Hanks, the show will also include the weekly round up of UFO and science news. Stories in this episode include pilot encounters with UFOs, research into the speed of light and an early assessment of the success (or failure) of the Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure.

About Podcast UFO:

Podcast UFO is a weekly audio podcast that brings listeners news and interviews related to unidentified flying saucers and the search for alien intelligence. Each show features in-depth conversation with today’s most important and interesting UFO researchers, skeptics and experiencers. Produced and hosted by veteran podcaster Martin Willis, the show can be streamed through PodcastUFO.com or youtube.com/user/PodcastUFO as well subscribed to via iTunes. Podcast UFO can be contacted at martin@podcastufo.com.