Podcast UFO Visits One of UfOlogy’s Unsung Heroes, Investigator, Sam Maranto

Sam Maranto, longtime MUFON investigator and the main force behind inquiries into the many Chicago area UFO sightings will join Martin Willis on the March 1st episode of Podcast UFO.

(For Immediate Release) – Sam Maranto, the Illinois State Director for the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, will join Martin Willis on the March 1st episode of Podcast UFO. The two will discuss Maranto’s investigations with a focus on the Tinley Park Lights, a spectacular series of sightings in the Chicago area. One of the incidents occurred in the skies over a performance of Ozzfest, resulting in thousands of witnesses. “Ozzy Osborne was playing that night,” Willis said in regards to the sighting, “and of course anything unusual coming into town has to stop in and see Ozzy, right?”

Willis is quick to point out that the Tinley Park Lights are actually a very interesting and serious set of encounters. They have been featured on several TV shows and were included in a list of the best UFO sightings caught on video by Dateline NBC. As in addition to the interview with Maranto, Podcast UFO will also feature a round up of UFO related news from around the world.

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