Special Podcast UFO Episode Features Lloyd Pye, Starchild Skull Mystery

The latest Podcast UFO release has been delayed until Saturday to brings listeners an interview with author and researcher Lloyd Pye. Latest news on the Starchild Skull and the White House Petition for government research support will be covered.

The normal bi-weekly schedule of Podcast UFO is being interrupted to bring listeners a special interview with Lloyd Pye, the custodian and champion of the Starchild Skull. Pye is in the middle of a campaign to raise signatures for an official White House petition. If the petition can attract 100,000 by early March, there is a guarantee that it will be reviewed by the current administration. Host Martin Willis will discuss this effort as well as the latest news of genetic testing that has been conducted on the Starchild Skull and the need for future testing. In an effort to bring listeners a more in-depth conversation, the basic history of the Starchild Skull has been published by Podcast UFO at https://podcastufo.com/blog/the-starchild-skull/. “I don’t want to cover the same ground as other shows,” said Willis, “so this will give a chance for all of the listeners to catch up before the show.”

The Starchild Skull was allegedly discovered in Mexico by a visiting American teenager in 1930. It is not shaped liked a normal human skull, leading some to believe that it belonged to an alien or alien-human hybrid. After the original owner of the skull passed away, it was given to the current owners who contacted researcher and author Lloyd Pye to help them determine the origins of the mysterious artifact. Extensive testing has been conducted on the skull, as well as a normal skull that was discovered with it, but more is needed.

In addition to the interview with Pye, Podcast UFO will also present the second installment of news. This episode will include discussion of Asteroid 2012 DA14, a new Canadian television show on possible alien encounters and the 1980 feature film Hangar 18.

About Podcast UFO:

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