The “godfather of UFOlogy” Stanton Friedman will return for an unprecedented third appearance on Podcast UFO. The new interview will focus on the early days of his famous Roswell investigation and more.

(USA) – The newest episode of Podcast UFO, ready to premiere on Friday, March 15, features the third appearance on the show by Stanton Friedman. A nuclear physicist and considered by many to be the “godfather of UFOlogy,” Friedman will discuss the early days of his Roswell investigation and more with host Martin Willis.

Friedman has authored (or co-authored) several books on the topic of unidentified flying objects, including “Flying Saucers and Science,” “Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience” and “Crash at Corona.” He was also produced DVDs on the topic, appeared on many television shows and lectures extensively all over the world.

In addition to Martin’s conversation with Stanton Friedman the episode will feature UFO and science news. Upcoming guests on Podcast UFO include Swedish researcher Clas Svahn, Grant Cameron and Jerome Clark.

About Podcast UFO:

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