Open Minds Magazine contributor Ryan Sprague will talk about the recent International UFO Congress,his new play about the Rendlesham Incident and UFOs in general on the next episode of Podcast UFO.

(Podcast UFO) – Friday, March 29 will bring listeners a new episode of Podcast UFO featuring host Martin Willis’ conversation with with researcher and journalist Ryan Sprague. In addition to discussing Sprague’s exciting new project, a play based on the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, they will discuss the recent International UFO Congress (“It’s no longer the days of these white haired men,” according to Sprague).

As the author of a play about the Rendlesham Forest Incident, Ryan Sprague has done extensive research on the topic. On the show he reports being told that during the official debriefing given the US Air Force personnel who witnessed the events they were informed “civilizations travel to this planet from time to time, they come and go as they please and this is something that is in corroboration with the government.” This promises to be an exciting episode for everyone interested in the field of UFOlogy.

As always the episode will cover the week’s UFO and space science news. Future episodes of Podcast UFO will feature interviews with Grant Cameron, recently named Researcher of the Year by the International UFO Congress, Kevin Goodman, the UK author and Warminster Mystery expert, as well as Canadian science and technology writer, and UFO researcher, Chris Rutkowski.
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