Show Notes Episode 4.

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Martin: I was little bit skeptical about today’s guest but I spoke with a number of people, and they told me that things just seem to happen when Stan Romanek is around.

I’m on the line with Stan Romanek, how are you doing Stan?

Stan: I’m doing good thanks for having me on.

Martin: I have to say right off the bat that when I was first contacted about having the podcast you as a bit skeptical about some things, and even though you knew that you still agree to come on and I appreciate that.

Stan: I understand there are some things I’m skeptical about to, it’s no different than what I’m going through.
Martin: a lot of people that are listening to the show may or may not know about your past so please fill us in and recap if you would.

Stan: everything started for me when I was a child but the main event, was in 2000 when I met my wife, online she was in Nebraska and I lived in Colorado. I wanted to entice her to come and visit with me so I thought I was going to videotape the surrounding area and I decided to do this December 27, 2000 and beautiful winter day. I headed up the back roads to what is known as red rocks in the theater which is an outdoor concert theater and I actually never made it there. There were some cars pulled off to the side about 30 or 40 of them, and they were looking up above at some power lines, and when I looked to see what they were looking at, I saw an object. It was just kind of floating there the first time I saw the subject, I said that is the weirdest hot-air balloon I’ve ever seen, and then I realized it was not a hot-air balloon at all was a metallic craft. I was a very aggressive skeptic at the time, I did not believe in UFOs, I do not believe in any of his stuff but there was right in front of me. It scared me pretty seriously but I was pretty shaken up, but I remembered I had a video camera with me so I filmed it and/or other witnesses there as well and that’s how it all started.

Martin: wasn’t that particular situation posted on the news?

Stan: there were so many people that the news eventually did get a hold of this. The city bus drivers take their tests up there on that road and some of them saw the object too.

Martin: so this progressed into?

Stan: it went from there, whatever this thing was it seemed to somehow have affected my car, there was no sound was just a static electricity. We had an incident where we had to drive out estate but to Pennsylvania we drove out there and drove back then were followed by UFO over 2 1/2 states. With witnesses in the vehicle and I had my first of production experience in 2001. How if you watch TV a lot you always hear these people talk about the sleep paralysis thing but I was wide awake there was no sleep paralysis I remember everything. Except for the fact that I didn’t believe in anything and had a really hard time with this and I try to convince myself that it was a dream but it wasn’t. I was manager of a retail store in the UFO was hovering over my building. I was just about to close out the evening and some customers came back in and told me there was something hovering over the building. I thought at first that some idiot climbed up on the roof and was messing around up there but when I when outside it was this perfectly round sphere, about 40 feet in diameter just bring over my building stationary there was about 40 miles an hour wind that day but this thing was not moving at all. Eventually just kind of floated away I quickly have to the store and I very seen on UFO soars when the weather was another one. When I was heading home a Sevres blinking off in the distance and then I realized I was catching up to it was going over my building where he lived. I ran upstairs and got my sister and my friend was waiting for me to go out to dinner that evening. I got my camcorder and wall watch the subject for a while and that’s kind of the beginning of the of abduction thing.

Martin: you claim that has happened several times?

Stan: it has, this UFO thing has happened… You people have to understand there are a lot of skeptics out there, I being one of them. People have to understand what makes this case of different, most of the stuff that happens only happens when there are other people around. A good example is you know I had the producer for good morning America here in the producer from 2020 primetime. They saw stuff when they are here that it freaked him out so bad that when they went back to ABC headquarters they said that we get into this story right and she was fired almost instantly and the person for good morning America quit shortly after. This is all on record and it continues like that for volumes of witnesses and the evidence that makes a difference I guess.

Martin: why you, have you ever been asked that question?

Stan: you know that’s the million-dollar question, I wish I had an answer. It’s not just me, its thousands maybe even millions of people, when this started, you can’t just go to the police department, and I tried that. You can’t just go to a shrink you know because I thought I was going crazy. I went to a psychologist I said you know just test me, I think I’m going nuts. They tested that I wasn’t nuts, but she had a hard time believing my story. The first conference I did when this happened was UFO Congress and the researchers of my case decides talk about what they had found and started researching my story, whether catching on surveillance and stuff like that. While we were there we had a three-star general come up to us crying because he started having experiences. He said he went to the Pentagon but they kept shutting them down and nowhere to go, so that had brought home to me that this was really happening. The people are anywhere from being doctors and lawyers to generals and all kinds of different genres of life and they’re all coming forward. But it scares people so much that they don’t want to admit that this is happening. That’s why there are so many skeptics I think.

Martin: I have been very open to UFO sightings and even landings, but when it comes to the abductions, I’ve always been very careful about stepping into that because it is so far out there.

Stan: it does, you know I had people tell me they come thousands of light-years whether they come and see you? Especially the reason video where I thought I caught peeping Tom and I get a lot of flak from that because I release that to the public. They say, they come thousands of light-years why are looking in your window? I say how the heck should I know? I don’t have the answers but it happens a lot, not just to me if anybody does any research, they’ll find out that it really does happen a lot. If you are a true experience you will have all kinds of weird things like that show up throughout your experiences.

Martin: I would have to say of all the things I’ve known about you and not watch that video. I’ve never really thought that video was right, to me seems like a fake video, seems like a puppet doesn’t seem real to me.

Stan: you know a lot of people say that and it could very well be but here’s the thing. I wasn’t even going to release a video to be honest with you because I had issues with it. Now that being said, there was a man named Jeff Peckman who came to my talks at first he didn’t believe any of this stuff because he was heavily into politics. He said if this was real the government would not people know that this was real. We had to enlighten him about that fact and how the government is just trying to hide this stuff. He got so upset that he wanted to start something called the Denver ET initiative. Since the government was not to let anyone know me to do it from the grassroots up. While they came to me and asked me for some evidence to use and I said okay, you can show up about what this video to be released because I’m a little unsure about it. So they use this alien in the window that were talking about. Somebody actually broke into my house, stole the file with that video and it was released all over the Internet. Despite the fact that we tried to stop it and close it down right away they just wouldn’t happen so we released it. The people need to know the full story about this video. I was on the Larry King live show they had some debunkers, this was a local group that wanted to investigate my story but I said no because they were hell-bent on trying to say that everything I did was ridiculous. But that video started when I lived in Nebraska, I eventually got married with a woman I met online she’s my wife and I moved to Nebraska to be with her because she has two kids from a previous marriage that she could not bring the Colorado. I have two twin stepdaughters, at the time they were young teenagers very pretty stepdaughters. I was watching TV and got up to get a glass of water and I saw had popped down, and this is what in the world peeping Tom Tracy may stepdaughters. This one on literally for about three or four months and I called the police and got a hold of all the neighbors. Got so bad that we started leaving traps and stuff underneath the Windows like sticks, I had it back by the door stuck around Coppermine had called the police. I have all the police records and everything for this. One of the people involved in my case of Nokia video camera, next time you see something, or suspect something set up that video camera aimed toward the window and that’s exactly what I did. I was sitting on the edge of the bathtub down the hallway of the view that particular window and I was reading a magazine. I really want to catch this guy so it set up the camera and pretended I was going to bed the cat peeking out. Well there were two bright flashes of light and after the second flash of light, I saw his head popped down and I thought I got him I got him. Then I went to the window and I saw what I thought was a child running toward the backyard and when he got to a Bush he stopped and looked back at me and I get it tidied his eyes were not normal and it scared me. You can watch the video, I run and jump away. That being said the debunkers, on the Larry King live show said that was all done with animation on your computer. Well, it’s been proven that if there was animation may be coding on the film and there is not and was not manipulated it had this thing analyzed over and over again. You see the video, you see the eyes blink, what people need to understand this is nothing compared to what I have that will be released soon.

Martin: I would consider if that video is proven to be authentic, it would be the most important video in the whole world. That’s how I feel about something like that.

Stan: well it has been proven authentic but let’s face it you and I both know there are going to be people that are skeptics no matter what. I could bring them in ET and they would say it is a kid in a suit in a costume, because people are afraid. That video again is nothing compared to what I have, it had construed nice by all those professionals, and one of the guys that made Final Cut Pro and he said that this is will this is camera there is no special effects. Can I 100% proof that it’s not a costume or mask, no. But it doesn’t make sense that it would be I mean someone would have to spend thousands of dollars on this mask. The reason I said that is not only can you see the facial features, you can see it blink, you can see it squint, but if you look closely at that video the infrared reflects off the retinas.

Martin: my first skeptical thought about something like that is, wouldn’t there be thousands and thousands of dollars to make a film like that? But you’re saying that you were involved in the releasing of this?

Stan: no, it was stolen and I have to prove to that we call the police and everything. He was released without us wanting to be released. And that’s another thing people always say you’re doing this to make money. Nobody, absolutely nobody makes money in this field, nobody. I mean international best-selling author and I’ve almost lost my house two times.

Martin: you know you’re the second person in this field that is told me the same story. To be fair to you and to be fair to other people that may be a little on the fringe, there is a misconception that a lot of people would make a lot of money doing what you do, and you don’t I keep hearing that.

Stan: you don’t, that’s the thing, who in their right mind? The skeptics say this and even I said this will people are just doing this to get attention. Who in their right mind would want this kind of attention? I have a bullet hole in my windshield, and I don’t even have the money to fix it. I’ve been shot at twice, I’ve been beat up, I’ve been told to keep my mouth shut, I found surveillance equipment in my house, my phone has been tapped, this is all really happening. Who would want that? Would want this kind of attention, you’d have to be out of your mind.

Martin: now tell me about a situation where you would beat up?

Stan: eventually I can’t my wife into moving back to Colorado. Nebraska, the people seem friendly, the weather scared the beJesus out of me, when you see a cantaloupe sized hail it kind of freaks you out, when you have mile wide tornadoes that go through your backyard, Colorado does not have that, they have little tornadoes but not that. So eventually we moved back to Colorado, I was a cyclist and 91 my teammates and coach died in a plane crash so that ended my Olympic career. But I really liked Colorado Springs because that’s where the Olympic training Center was it’s just beautiful. So eventually we moved out of Nebraska and to Colorado Springs. Trouble is not only was the Olympic training center there, but I found out there about five top secret military bases in that area, NORAD being one of them, Schreiber being another and then you have the Air Force Academy also. I was working fairly close to where I live, and I like to ride my bicycle to be in shape, I was on the sidewalk at a stoplight and I noticed a few vehicles back there was a black unmarked SUV and they were yelling at me. I thought oh great, a bunch of drunk military guys. So I ignore them and I just kind of pushed through the went over an embankment and back into the park parking lot where I worked, then I rode my bike behind my place of employment, and I was going to lock my bike up. Somehow this black SUV beat me toward the back cut me off and the guy jumped out of the passenger seat and said to me: you need to keep your mouth shut, I told him I didn’t say anything to you I don’t even know you. These guys were very nicely dressed crew cuts pleated slacks, they look like typical military black ops, that’s how they look to me, and I grew up in the military so I feel for those things. We bantered back and forth then he jumped me and try to start beat me up, there are four of them, I had a cable lock a very thick cable lock on my bicycle seat and I unwound it and figured I would and tried to kung Fu karate me. I clocked him with a chain and knocked him down to the ground. This was happening as people driving by, and then I heard them start talking about the UFO stuff, then I heard them talk about information that there was no way they should’ve had. Then I realize this must be some type of military government thing. As always wrestling around the second guy I felt a tingling sensation on my lower back and I had the dirt. I was tazed, but I knocked out that one guy, then they grabbed her friend and got in the truck and drove off. But there are people that were chasing these guys, and when they went on the basic chasing anymore and the police came right away. People call the police when this happened, I had the police reports. I ended up with a broken wrist and a broken nose. Since then I’ve been shot at twice, once in front of my house and the other time when I was driving to one of my talks in Denver

Martin: so can we talk about here book? And then later on I will talk about some of the new developments.

Stan: sure, my first book messages, I became an international best-selling author, and my first book I talk about in chronological order what happened. In my second book answers, but talk about what I’ve learned and what I believe happened, and what I’ve been learning from my experiences. There is so much more involved than people could even remotely imagine. You know I had to come to terms that UFOs were real, and then I had to come with terms of something’s driving UFOs. Then I had to come to terms that there were multiple things out there, some are like us, some are multidimensional and then I had to come to terms that people don’t know who they really are, they don’t know the amazing ability to have, and this is coming from people high up in the military. One of the people involved my cases ex-Navy intelligence and one is ex-NSA, and a filter this information to me, and I share it with the public. It is amazing, it is really amazing. I feel sorry for the people that don’t believe is a kind of stuck in this little box, and I get to be outside of the box looking at all this amazing stuff. My wife also wrote a book from my side of the bed, what it’s like to be married to an abductee. There are people that lose their marriages over this stuff, family members won’t talk to other family members because of this stuff.

Martin: now has that ever happened to you, family members not talking to you?

Stan: family members, you bet, there are family members that think I am just a nut job. I found out recently that my sister and my brother have had experiences. It seems to be kept in the family, there is a major connection with military my father was involved in an incident in North Dakota 1968 I was five years old at the time. He UFO came down and armed one of the missiles and then they attracted to a small town in North Dakota were covered over a water tower.

Martin: things happen all the time and people are around you all the time when things happen. You mentioned when we talked briefly before the recording that some things happened recently can you talk about that?

Stan: I can’t because they’re doing a TV show, and they don’t want people to know about it. Not one of these UFO crews is a very prestigious television organization for lack of a better description. They came here to do a story about me, they had a film crew year had me hooked up to all this video equipment, and a capture all kinds of crazy stuff while they were here. From balls of light flying through our trees to weird stuff on their thermal imaging camera, we had an incident when we are outside where there was an unmarked helicopter, flying really low and it just kept hovering across the street above the house, watching us. All the power went out in the neighborhood, I got a call on my cell phone and someone said your powers are right? Yes who is this? They said it wasn’t by accident and then they hung up. This television group that was filming captured it all.

Martin: speaking of neighbors, you live in a small neighborhood right?

Stan: I do, in fact, sometimes there is spill over. Our neighbor is the sweetest person she’s a devout Christian with three kids. She was letting her dog out around 11 o’clock at night; they have a motion activated spotlight in their backyard. She let her dog out and her spotlight shone to her back fence. Something was climbing on the fence and looking at her, it scared her so bad she went inside and didn’t come out of her house for days. Eventually she came and told us about it, and that is one of the reasons the TV crew was there to the doctor about what happened.

Martin: I heard you mention earlier interdimensional, what is your thoughts on that? We talked about extraterrestrial, but what are your thoughts on interdimensional?

Stan: it is come to my attention this is what I’ve been told by these ex-government officials, even the Vatican talk about this there are multiple things out there, there are good and bad things out there just like there are year. There are things are so advanced, they don’t even have physical form. Now we don’t understand time and we don’t understand dimensions because we think linearly. It’s kind of hard for us to understand for the fifth dimensions and I was told that there are many things out there. In fact, what really kind of amazed me I’ve heard this from really high up there were pictures taken of the actual Roswell crash, I’m not sure if anybody has this. The creatures they crashed at Roswell word actually alienate all, they were from the future 40 to 50,000 years. They looked a lot different but they were actually time travelers. Is that what really happened? I can’t 100% prove that, but it sure is interesting whatever it is. This is in my book answers; there was a timeline war, what happened with the Roswell crash was some technology was covered which was called the looking glass technology. This was a way you could look into the future. There is a lot of whistleblowers have come forward regarding this, so I think this is true in this what I’ve been told because this technology was back engineered and given to the wealthy elite, so they can stay wealthy to the future. It screwed up our timeline, and supposedly there was going to be a catastrophe in 2010 which never happened. It would’ve wiped out most of the human population and we would’ve moved underground. Then we would have become this type of gray ET like thing that came back to visit us. When a crash in Roswell they were trying to warn us from what I understand this catastrophic event that was going to take place. Trouble is people can have a hard time with this, because most of people they were like me have an idea of what reality is. You get up in the morning go to work come back they watch TV and go to bed and that’s what you do. You don’t want anything to upset that reality. I talk about there are two realities, the one that we perceive and the one that were taught and then there’s the true reality. The one that we are taught we will guard like crazy because it’s frightening to think of anything else.

Martin: religions of the very same way, any strong traditions evil one of protect.

Stan: exactly, I was a Christian, one of the things that change my paradigm little bit was I when this all started to my Minister, my pastor has said look these things are happening to me. He got so freaked out he kicked me out of the church and I don’t want you around the parishioners, Satan is in you basically is what he said. I was so heartbroken that start realizing this guy was a hypocrite did some research on Christianity and I was really started by Emperor Constantine and blah blah blah and I just started learning. I always tell people look, it is okay don’t leave me, there are some things that I go through that I don’t believe myself. But, before you do say anything, do some research just don’t blurt something out. Number one it makes you look like an idiot, number two, don’t be afraid of the truth because the truth will set you free.

Martin: said earlier something about pictures of the Roswell crash, as far as I know this is unheard of.

Stan: I have pictures of the actual wreckage, at least that’s what they told me, I validated this person. They lived in Roswell and her friends with the… Whatever that guy’s name is

Martin: that would probably be the most important pictures I have ever surfaced.

Stan: I’ll send them to whoever wants them. I can’t tell you the real or not they look real, they’re not very good quality. I’m going to be at the UFO Congress conference coming up next week and she exposed media there to show me the original pictures. She tried to scan them and send them to me; she’s one of the granddaughters of the people that was there when it happened. There is a general that recently passed away this family send me something I can’t release his name, because he told his son that would. There are 120 top-secret documents that talk about UFOs on the base, arming the missiles and harassing the B-52 bombers.

Martin: this is all been very interesting Stan, your website can you go and plug that.

End of show