Show 201 Notes, UFOs Over Poland

510k31-w6FL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_Our next show will be posted Friday this week with guest, Piotr Cielebias about his book, UFOs Over Poland, The Land of High Strangeness

Born in 1986 in Czestochowa, Poland Piotr Cielebiaś holds an MA in history and a BA in political sciences. He is a well known Polish writer and journalist specializing in fringe science and paranormal phenomena, co-founder of website collecting UFO reports, long-term ufological publisher and contributor to ufological magazines and websites in English. He writes regularly for – the most popular Polish web portal and for “Nieznany Świat” – the oldest Polish monthly publication devoted to fringe science and paranormal phenomena. He is the author of “The True UFOs” – a book in Polish summarizing the UFO phenomenon as a whole.