Show Notes 262: Kevin Goodman

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Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest Kevin Goodman discusses Warminster UFOs, as well as other UK UFO sightings and encounters.

Bio: Kevin Goodman was born at the dawn of the space age. In his preteen years, he began to become interested in the golden era of what has become known as “The space race.” He also began to question the accepted teachings of his catholic upbringing, regarding our origins and what he later called “Brainwashing” and enforced belief by the church that Earth contained the only life in the universe.
At the cusp of his teen years, he was exposed to the writings of Erich Von Daniken, and “Chariots of the Gods?” was the first book he read on the paranormal subject.
In the early to mid 1970s, a plethora of books, mainly reprints from the 1960s were released. Such luminaries as George Adamski, Donald Keyhoe, Brad Steiger and Brinsley Le Poer Trench, thanks to the cheaper paperback format reached a larger audience, aided by such sensationalist titles as Flying saucers are hostile, Operation Earth and Secrets of the ages fuelled Kevin’s enquiring mind.
In 1973, Kevin read The Warminster Mystery by Arthur Shuttlewood. This was to change his life forever, as he recalls: “Up until then, I had assumed that the majority of the UFO/Flying Saucer Phenomenon was mainly connected to America. Suddenly, I learnt that there was a major event that had been here, in Britain. So, I was determined to go there as soon as possible to experience what all the fuss was about…”
Finally visiting the town in the long hot summer of 1976, this was to be the first of many repeated journeys to the town, until the mid 1980s, by which time the original phenomenon in the town had subsided but after seeing and experiencing the whole Warminster mystery for himself. Like many others who had been there, Kevin began to put the subject behind him as other matters took precedence in his life.
But, it was in the early part of the new millennium, through a number of coincidences that his interest was reignited. His first book, “UFO Warminster: Cradle of contact” was published to positive reviews, which chronicles his experiences in Warminster and the after effects he had during the 1970s. Along with his co-author, Steve Dewey, for the 50th anniversary of “The Thing” in 2015, “Fifty years of a mystery” was published. This is a breakdown of the whole Warminster myth. He has, with Steve Dewey, written a number of fiction books, based around the fictional town of Dereham, in Wiltshire utilizing their knowledge of both Warminster and the UFO phenomenon there. Sorrow Mystica and Crossing the line have already been published, and are working on a third book in the series.
Kevin has been the co-organiser of a number of events held in the town, Weird 09, Weird 10, Warminster 2015 and the now sadly cancelled event for 2016, Warminster area 51.
Since then, Kevin and Steve have concentrated upon a series of cross genre fiction novels, under the umbrella title of The Dereham chronicles. Two of these books are available via Amazon and other outlets.
“Whatever the cause to the events in the Warminster area were, I don’t know the answer. All I can say, with my hand on my heart, they happened. I know, because I experienced some of it for myself. And without seeming trite, for me, and others, it was a life changing event.” Kevin Goodman.

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