Show Notes: Ben Moss, The Elephant in the UFOlogists’ Living Room

YouTube Live Streamed Wednesday August 30 at 8:00PM to 10:00PM EST (GMT-4)

Alejandro Rojas is in Budapest, guest Ben Moss discussing the foibles of the UFO field and Martin joining in on a few topics. Warning, this show may be controversial!!

Bio: Mufon’s Chief Field Investigator in Virginia, and a member of the rapid deployment Star Team (Strike Team Area Research). He is a guest expert on The History Channel’s Hangar 1 TV show, and has written numerous articles for the Mufon Journal and various online web sites. He has appeared on Paranormal TV and The Paracast Radio show as well as numerous other broadcast.
Ben has been with Mufon since the early 90’s. He is a native of Richmond Virginia where he studied Psychology at the University of Richmond.

As a Mufon investigator, Ben also diligently studies such disciplines as History, Archeology, Physics, Astronomy, Religion and many other Sciences required to investigate such an elusive subject as ‘UFO’s’.
Since a chance encounter with James Fox at the 2014 Mufon Symposium, Ben and Tony Angiola began a long and thorough search for what Ben called ‘The Lost Socorro Footage’. After locating and presenting this VHS video, Ben and Tony were mutually introduced to the Socorro original NICAP investigator, Ray Stanford, through Jan Harzan.
Ben and Tony have spent 100’s of hours discussing this case in person with Ray, a friend of the late Dr. J Allen Hynek, Project Blue Books UFO expert. Ray revealed new and revolutionary evidence regarding this case to us and still possesses material gathered form the site, including the rock broken under one of the crafts landing struts, which is still under study.
Our presentation is a fascinating look from the inside out of the Air Forces investigation of this case, which today is still classified as an “Unknown”.
Ben and Tony have been researching this case for over a year now and have collected an impressive amount of new data, including footage and audio recording from original witnesses