Breaking News, a Clear Picture of Alleged “Alien”

Curt Collins posted that a member of the Roswell Slides Research Group, Jose Antonio Caravaca, shared a new (and clearer) photo of the mummy earlier today. He has now posted that photo on his blog.  We cannot wait for the details! This looks more as if it were found with a robe that was not adorned in the slide presented May 5th. It looks pretty certain that this is the same mummy as you can see the angle mark above the eye in both images and ribs look identical. You be the judge, compare the two images for yourself. It does not look like Jaime Maussan makes good on his $10,000 offer to show proof that this is a mummy. See the document below signed by him and dated May 20, 2015.

Here are some of Jaimie’s translated Twitter quotes:

“This picture has been published without presenting a single analysis to confirm your authenticity given as actual without investigation”  and “This new attempt to discredit the evidence presented in witness only demonstrates his importance. This is fraud.”