Show 381 Notes: Chris Lambright, US Navy & UFOs

Simulcast, YouTube Live Streamed and on KGRA Radio Tuesday, December 3rd @ 6:00PM to 8:00PM ET (GMT-5)

Guest Chris Lambright discusses his research into the US Navy, and its relation to UFOs, which includes the USS Nimitz UFO Encounter, also Bigelow Aerospace as well as connections between the US government & TTSA and more.

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CHRISTIAN LAMBRIGHT has worked extensively in Computer Technology and Internet services, has a background in graphic arts, illustration, and CGI, and holds a degree in Psychology from Baylor University. He is a former investigator for the Center for UFO Studies and contributor to the Computer UFO Network, and is a licensed private investigator. Currently in Austin, Texas, he is working on a documentary film on a classic sighting, doing independent research, and always writing.

A summary of what will be discussed is included in Chris’ paper below

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One thought on “Show 381 Notes: Chris Lambright, US Navy & UFOs

  • December 4, 2019 at 1:52 am


    Ask an Australian when there a spider spinning shit…..


    by Lawnbowler1972

    The human species has always gazed to the stars and celestial heavens for answers to our biggest questions “where do we come from, why are here?”.

    Human consciousness and the search for REAL meaning has lead to the human race to be misled by the rich and wealthy, the powerful and most corrupt to deceive all of us for as long as we, and our ancestors , have known or “not known”.

    As you and I attend our daily boring grind the tasks for which allow us to pay for some sort of lifestyle, the eternal question is always nagging in our subconscious like an imprint on our DNA that is branded and tattooed in our soul. something is not quite right with this whole Human existence or lack of. The story doesn’t gel somewhere, it’s all becoming unglued.

    To the stars ( TTSA ) we must look. The answer MUST lay there As the millions of years and our ancestors have written on Caves and Rocks. Told stories oral/aural in nature passed on from generation to generation so that the lessons maybe easier for the next screaming baby born to do its duty for the human race.

    But it is not a race! it’s a journey. A journey that is just about to change once again with a fictitious war against the strange Alien. An extraterrestrial threat, a space enemy that is about to destroy all of our existence and genocide us all from the planet.

    TTSA is now a real organisation from the USA of course it has to be. TTSA (Headed by Tom Delonge and his crew) are here to save us all.

    The American government, a seperate, saviour is Lao ready to save us from the menace that lurks out there in the vast realms of space.

    Why now? why not the millions and millions of years that have passed does the Alien threat from space choose 2019 to wipe the planet clean, just in time for Sunday Roast.

    How convenient when the US government is looking to a One world Order . A government in charge of the whole world as one big happy family.

    isn’t it funny how the narrative of our most corrupt and elite is here to save the day. To save the future they protect for their precious family names and corrupt ancestors, in the thousands of years before, have deceived all of out poor descendants.

    Why can’t the star people be friendly, kind and helpful. it is a possibility? We will never see that side of the “Aliens” because the gears and mechanation have already turned. The space force a fleet of plasma weapons, Satellite space stations and nuclear weapons pointed to the stars are interestingly already in place to protect us (or really to protect the worldwide stock markets from collapsing into chaos). The vast (invisible) wealth that the elite have deservedly, just ask them, lawfully entitled themselves to. And the corrupt government‘s who underpinned all this fictitious game we so gleefully enjoy every day. A government that is supposed to be working for the every day human.

    remember the 2008 stock market crash I’m sure we do.

    Just remember as the space force and it’s TTSA organisation are in it for one thing, themselves!

    Keep and open mind

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