1. Stephen Bassett Podcast Notes

Martin Willis introduces the first show and welcomes people to contact him in regards to feedback or to be a guest on the show.

HE introduces the first guest, Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research group and asks him what his position is as a political activist. Stephen says he is not involved in the phenomenology, not a researcher, but advocating policy change on the UFO information embargo that the US is upholding.

He mentions the White House’s November 4th response to the Disclosure petition in writing, as “there is no evidence that an extraterrestrial, non-human intelligence engaging with us at all.” He then says, of course that is not true. He says in fact, the government has been withholding this reality since the late 1940s as a matter of National Security policy. He notes that his job is to change that policy as part of the Disclosure Movement. The goal is to the formal acknowledgment of the extraterrestrial presence by government.

Martin asks if the government does disclose, how could they justify all the money spent looking to extraterrestrial life in such programs as SETI and Kepler.

Stephen replies that the government has a great deal to answer for. All would be justified under the guise of National Security. It is not a cover up, but a truth embargo, and not illegal. The vast majority of the public may only be interested in the day forward and what do they want. It does not mean it wont be awkward, but the disclosure event overwhelms this.

Martin asks if all countries would have to come forward at the same time.

Stephen says it is not likely. He sites the countries that have moved forward. He says it would be very difficult to orchestrate as there would most likely be a leak and messy.

The United Nations or a major religious group could trigger disclosure. Most likely, it will be a major country, possibly with ET evidence. Then one country after another will follow.

Martin asks if WikiLeaks may disclose anything.

Stephen replies that it would be on their back burner as it may be in too deep of controversial water and it could undermine there overall cause. They would have to come out with some major UFO documents to heat the pot. Julian Assange has his hands full after sexual allegations, which are most likely bogus. This is what happens when you play hardball.

He talks about the Freedom of Information Act, IFA, HE says the idea that anything significant would come out of it unless by accident.

Martin asks if the government did disclose, wouldn’t there be panic, and what are the religious implications.

Stephen replies that it is a good strategy of the government to portray that there would be a collapse. He also talks about Roswell and close it was to have come out with it all then. The US just got out of a war then. Religions will be fine, and attendance may go up. Overall, he thinks we would have adapted in the 1940s. The other problem was the Cold War, and there could have been a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Now it is 60 years later. The awareness of the extraterrestrial presence is worldwide excepted. He does not thing there will be disruption.

Martin talks about ridicule, and how people can keep sightings to themselves.

Stephen says that this has been ghetto-ized and ridicule is part of the government control and very affective. Ridicule has kept the American people contained. That the press would be reluctant to report on it. But this is all changing. About 20% of people polled claim that they have had some kind of sighting. Almost 100% cultural awareness of the idea of extraterrestrial presence. Within a personal life, family and friends can ridicule, but the idea of you being crazy is less the case. There have been many witnesses, government officials and astronauts and more. Of course there are crazy people way out there and they will get ridicule. The fundamental question is, are the extraterrestrial here?

Martin talks about today’s physics and star travel. That our civilization could be young compared to others and their technology since our solar system is younger then many.

Stephen admits that just a 1000 years advanced would make a huge difference. It is amalgamous to a 19th century person saying we will never go to the moon. He thinks even without information from extraterrestrials, we would probably figure it out interstellar travel within 50 years. Right now we don’t know how to go to another star, it is just that simple. Or thought of travel is heavily Relativity dominated, but the theory seems to preclude travel between stars. We don’t have the full understanding of the cosmos. If you want to test that assertion, you want to see if anyone is doing it and that makes the case. He mentions it could be time travel or interdimensional. But interplanetary is the most logical.

Martin talks about a life insurance agent that claimed he was involved in UFO research in a special task force in the military in Vietnam. He claimed there were sightings during napalming. Martin asked him what the bottom line was as far as the government knows, are ETs here? He said yes they are.


Martin talks about Bentwaters England, military officers have a sighting, and James Penniston walked around and even touches a craft having hieroglyphics. It takes off at an impossible speed, and even with this testimony and these are not just ordinary people, it is swept under the rug.


Stephen says, swept under the rug is probably not a precise enough phrase.

He says there are a number of military personnel at SAC bases. ETs coming down to interfere with warheads. Bentwaters was very likely a nuclear tampering,


The three networks were not around too long when Roswell happened, so the media was easily contained.


The media was totally on board with the truth embargo and it was going to be maintained. This is throughout the Cold War and the media maintained this even after. Larry King covered the issue, but CNN did not put their foot in the door.

One of Stephens’s principle tasks is to keep pushing the media and they have not done their job. There would be plenty of benefits to the media including high ratings and Pulitzer Prizes if the media would take this subject one. If you got to the articles at Paradigm Research, you will see the media covered this fairly well. Once the media comes out, they cannot go backwards and they could end the Truth Embargo. Only Terry Hansen addressed this in a book called Missing Times.

A cool story is how the National Enquirer was founded by a young man Generoso Pope Jr who bought the New York Enquirer and republished it as the National Enquirer, and Weekly World News, they started putting out wild and crazy UFO and alien stuff with bizarre pictures, which was to form disinformation tool by the CIA.  Generoso Pope Jr had a PSYOP from the CIA. !!!

Stephen talks about World Disclosure Day on July 8th, 2012.

Petition II at whitehouse.gov and please endorse, his goal is 25,000 signatures. Below the podcast are three links, one to Paradigm Research, one to Petition II and one to World Disclosure Day.

The End