Show Notes: Dr. George Gaines, 212

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28D1AFB3-CC6D-425A-8409-5F8AFA962DE5Dr. W. George Gaines grew up in Pensacola, Florida and has lived and worked throughout the United States and Europe.  In his youth he had a very notable UFO encounter that he will discuss. He graduated from The University of Alabama and later earned his doctorate at the University of Georgia.  His early career was spent teaching in the Louisiana State University System, after which he entered the private sector as a marketing research consultant and corporate officer at the Gallup Organization, Research International, and Synovate.  His most recent corporate assignment was to serve as Director of Consumer Insights for Outback Steakhouse International, where his duties included extensive marketing research in Latin America, Asia, and Europe.  Following his retirement in 2013, Dr. Gaines takes on occasional consulting assignments and pursues his lifelong passion of teaching firearms safety.