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Jeremy Ely Still 1My name is Jeremy Meador, I’m a paranormal investigator and historian with over 10 years of field experience in various fields of study. I belong to a paranormal team in Las Vegas, Nevada called the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal which was formed by myself and others in 2003. I’ve been featured on multiple television shows such as: Syfy Channel, History International, and other media.

I became aware of the Ely ufo crash back in 2008 when I was conducting an interview on the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal radio show I host with my teammates and the topic of ufo crash lists was brought up. Among the many vague and short snippets of information was the Ely, Nevada ufo crash bullet point. I was asked if i knew anything about it, which at the time, the answer was no. The information given was a date, August 12, 1952 and 16 bodies recovered. Being a longtime Nevada resident, I was adamant on finding out what exactly occurred and set off on an investigation that has taken several years, trips around the country, and interviews with dozens of witnesses.

After searching initially on the internet, I was told by ufo groups and uncountable ufologists that there was either no information available, or that the event was unverifiable due to the lack of witnesses. As i found out later, there are lots of reliable witnesses This became a goal of mine to find and document these witnesses and find out what really happened.

During my work, I found that most, if not all of the information about the incident was wrong or misleading. There actually was two seperate incidents that get confused and jumbled together. An actual ufo crash occurred in 1952 and A ufo landing in the 1970’s. This website is dedicated to my research on the events. SOURCE >>

July 7, 1952 Saucer Collision Over Northern Utah

On July 7, 1952 at 10:30 a.m. a bright orange fireball with a blue gaseous smoke trail was observed flying at high speeds over Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah. Hill Air Force Base dispatched a B-26 bomber piloted by Robert S. Kalweit to pursue the object. While the bomber was giving chase, the unidentified flying object suddenly stopped in mid-air near the western shore of the Great Salt Lake and a bright flash was seen. Several eyewitnesses report that when the orange fireball stopped in mid-air over the Great Salt Lake, that a second object coming from the north collided with it. The collision is what actually caused the bright flash of light. The objects ended up both crashing eventually, but miles apart.

Once the flash was seen both by ground witnesses and Kalweit’s crew, the orange object made a quick 180 degree descent at rapid speed, and flew at an even faster supersonic speed towards the Nevada border. The object flew so quickly towards the Nevada border that the military originally thought that the object had crashed into the lake and sent out search parties to comb over the desert surrounding the lake and in the lake itself.

Witnesses in a small town known as Montello, Nevada report hearing a loud explosion a little after 10:30 a.m. Witnesses working at a local railroad compared the explosion to a bomb going off and shook the ground.  On July 8, 1952 a small search party made up of local ranchers led by Ralph Gibbs went to the site of the explosion to investigate. The search party found a very large portion of burnt land, but no traces of UFO material.

At approximately 11:30 a.m. on July 7, 1952 (an hour after the orange fireball made its appearance) an airlines pilot observed what he said was a fresh forest fire about 30 miles west of Wendover, Nevada. Other pilots who flew over the area thought that the fire was caused by a meteorite but it was actually the crash site of the second unknown object.

Winter 1952 Ely, Nevada Mine Crash

In the winter of 1952 a glowing object came crashing down into the Robinson copper mine just outside of Ruth, Nevada during the night shift. The object crashed into a snow bank on the outskirts of the mine property. The military arrived on the scene and blocked off all entrances to the mine claiming that a small plane had crashed. While the public was gathering at the main entrance to the mine, a convoy of military trucks hauled the bulk of the craft out of the back entrance to the mine to Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah.

Summer 1962 / 1964 Train Story

In the summer of either 1962 or 1964 (depending on who you ask) a Nevada Northern Railway train carrying copper ore came around a bend in the tracks near the small community of Cherry Creek, Nevada when they came across a strange sight. The tracks were torn apart and “thrown like pretzels” said one witness. The brakeman of the train hit the brakes and the train stopped in the area where the tracks were destroyed. When the train came to a halt, the crew could see where some kind of object came from the sky, crashed into the tracks, and settled in the nearby scrub brush at the base of a mountain.

A group of military soldiers arrived at the crash site and ordered all of the people that were on the train to get on a truck and be driven back to Ely. Once the train’s crew was out of sight, the main road was blocked off and the soldiers decided to take a closer look at the object. When the soldiers got up close, they could see that the object was a silver disc tipped upside down with a hole ripped in part of the craft. Lying in the crumbled wreckage were the bodies of the “little pilots.” The pilots were small humanoid figures of a brown complexion. Some stated that although none of the humanoids were alive at the crash site, there were small footprints leading away from the site indicating that at least one being survived and decided to leave and walk away to an unknown location.

The biggest crane in the county at the time had to be brought in by rail to pick up the craft due to its awkward shape. Once the craft was loaded onto trucks the object disappears from history.

1970’s Mass UFO Landing

The event took place sometime in the 1970’s during the night shift at the Robinson Copper mine in Ruth, Nevada.

Witnesses report that the lights began to shut on and off repeatedly and unexpectedly in the middle of the night shift. After several “shut offs” the mine foreman (for my lack of knowledge of the title of whoever was in charge) told all of the regular employees to go home due to the faulty lighting. The bulk of the miners listened to the foreman and went home, except for a few stragglers.

Once the bulk of the miners left the property and the lights continued to turn themselves on and off, witnesses say that the foreman raised his voice and sternly told the remaining miners that they had to leave. After the second request, the majority of the remaining miners departed.

A third request was given several minutes later, but in an almost threatening tone of voice saying that they “had to leave immediately or else…” and shortly after a glowing object flew from the Duck Creek wildlife area and slowly landed in one of the mining pits, apparently damaged and spewing a liquid similar to motor oil on the ground. Almost immediately after the object touched down, military helicopters appeared and carried the glowing object away from the scene.

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