Upcoming Guest: Marie Cisneros

YouTube Live Streamed Wednesday February 7th at 8:00PM to 10:00PM EST (GMT-5)

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest Marie Cisneros will discuss UFOs in Montana, including Malmstrom, nukes and famous sightings such as the Mariana UFO.

Bio: Marie Cisneros has a Bachelor’s degree in the medical sciences, working for many years as a medical word specialist and document transcriber. Although trained in the I.T. and data world, she has always had a keen interest in the sciences and especially a great interest in ancient artifacts, astroarchealogy, the unknown and paranormal, UFO’s as well as various other esoteric subjects, and has taught seminars locally. She is operating and managing a start-up independent research company, Cygnus Research, in which she focuses on ancient artifacts, as well as other topics of interest. Before starting this company she operated a document-writing service for five years.

Marie’s interest in Ufology started when she was around age 10 when she witnessed her first unidentified aerial vehicle. Having had multiple sightings since that time, the need to find out all that she could about them became a lifelong quest. Thus her work in the Ufology field has been both academic and personal, as she seeks answers to her own sightings as well as seeking answers for others who have experienced something they cannot understand and does not fit in with their worldview. It is her sincere belief that Ufology is a genuine science and that this phenomenon…whatever it is, needs to continue to be investigated, until we get the answers to the questions that so many others have asked.

Marie has been a Field Investigator since 2006, being promoted to the C.A.G. section of MUFON with the ability to do investigations nationally in 2016. Before moving onto to C.A.G, she was a Field Investigator for Michigan MUFON, having investigated over 100 Michigan cases. Through C.A.G., she is an acting State Director for MUFON Montana. Currently she is also part of the Communication Department team, and conduct the interviews for the One on One section of the MUFON Journal and have been a contributor to OpenMinds.tv. She has also assisted the archivist in conducting research, and worked on gathering data related to military UFO reports.
She has been a past guest on MUFON Radio on KGRA several times, as well as the “We are Not Alone” Radio Show with Dave Twitchell.


One thought on “Upcoming Guest: Marie Cisneros

  • February 10, 2018 at 1:04 am

    My God, a nut and says she is the Mufon director for the state of Montana and has never even been in the state?? Wow… Her employment sounds like she was a doctor’s office file clerk. A bachelor’s in the medical field??? How about medical transcription certificate from a community college…….sound about right for what she did as a job? Now she operated a document-writing service for 5 years….what is that, typing, resumes????

    Sorry to break another fantasy bubble, but there is no such thing a astroarcheology….at less until we find bones or ancient civilizations on Mars or another planet. Wow… Con persons have it easy in ufoology…as you are all extremely gullible.

    There is a nut downtown whom sees demons all the time, screams they are aliens and he to has read lots of books – so that makes his a researcher like this nut.. Should I have him call in to be interviewed???

    Interview these people before you put them on the air.. or you end up having nothing but nuts listening to your show, all for free

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