Show Notes, 37.

37. Listener Sightings Podcast; Starting out with the News with Michael Lauck

James Fox Offers Reward For UFO Proof

James Fox, the man behind the documentaries Out Of The Blue and I Know What I Saw who was most recently seen on National Geographic’s Chading UFOs, has a new film in the works titled 701.

As a part of production he is offering $100,000 for, and I quote directly from the 701 website, “the best proof that UFOs are real (implying structured craft not manufactured from any known agency on earth).” The proof needs to be able to be scientifically tested but can be a still photograph, video footage or even material.


Dr. Stephen Greer’s “Sirius” Premiere

“Sirius,” the latest project from Dr. Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project will premiere on Earth Day, April 22nd in LA. The documentary focuses on proving that aliens have not only visited the Earth using faster than light drives and amazing energy technologies but also that Earth has these systems as well, which are suppressed by the power elite. Tickets are available online;

Did UFO Blow Up Russian Meteor?

Last month’s Russian meteorite is refusing to leave the headlines. According to a recent article on the Daily Mail website, Russian UFO researcher Alexander Komanev claims that something actually shot down the meteorite in the skies over the Ural Mountains. According to the article he has received at least three different videos showing a small ovular object hit the fireball. Also, it is alleged that there were several UFO sightings in the area before the event and none since the meteor’s explosion. Check the link to the article in our shownotes for a link to the Daily Mail article, which includes stills and video.

Martin talks via email with friend/UFO researcher Chis Lambright and here is what he had to say about the Russian meteor video theories:   I went first and verified that this was an actual video taken over in Russia by someone, and I found the 16 second clip that shows the whole thing. It was taken from a camera mounted inside some kind of vehicle and shows the meteor from it’s first point to the final blast. But, if you watch the entire scene as it happened, with the vehicle moving along a curved road and the windshield finally aligning with the moving meteor, I think it become clear that it’s just a glare/reflection at the perfect instant when the meteor brightens and the smudgy windshield lines up that makes it look like something caught up to the meteor from behind (it’s actually the reflection/angle changing with the car and meteor both moving).
 Long story short, after watching it many, I posted a few sentences on one of the Youtube videos to suggest people watch the entire -original- video and see if it looks much different when you watch the entire thing. Pretty quickly, someone named “russiantexasw24” wrote back to my post:

So much for offering my 2cents I’m a debunker. Slammed by both skeptics and true believers alike, I get no love at all :p

SpaceX Dragon Strikes Again

In another step towards the privatizaton of the final frontier, SpaceX’s Dragon capsule has again successfully docked with the International Space Station despite a post-launch thruster problem. Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been proving that the future of space exploration may no longer be in the hands of government agencies such as NASA. In related news, Dennis Tito, the world’s first space tourist, has announced a proposal to send a married couple on a trip around Mars. The mission feasibility study used SpaceX’s Dragon capsule as a model.

New Van Allen Belt Layer Discovered

In a February 28th newsconference NASA announced that recent probes sent to measure the Van Allen radiation belt found that it is not the double ring previously believed but in fact a triple ring of protection around the Earth. The crucial data was only captured because a group of scientists successfully lobbied for the Relativistic Electron Proton Telescope to be activated ahead of schedule so its date would overlap with the end of another program. Read more, and view the press briefing materials, at the link to NASA in our shownotes.

South Texas UFO Conference

For those in and around southern Texas, Friday, March 15 will see the Out Of This World Cnference in Edinburg, Texas. Running from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, conference highlights include presentations by Stanton Friedman (who just received a “Lifetime Achivement Award” at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix), Noe Torres, Travis Walton, a special showing of Fire In The Sky and more. Tickets for the one day event start at a reasonable $15 and you will find a link to more information on our website.

Thanks to Kathleen Marden for passing along the news about Stan; she also tells us that the International UFO Congress proclaimed Grant Cameron “Researcher of the Year.” Kathleen is of course co-authored “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience” and “Science Was Wrong” with Stanton Friedman. She has new book, “The Alien Abduction Files,” co-written with Denise Stoner that is currently available for pre-order on

Finally: Mickey Mouse, Spaceketeer!

Finally, Martin, you may have heard one or more of the theories arguing that Disney, and possibly Walt Disney himself, has been involved in government plots concerning UFOs. A copy of the 1995 special Alien Encounters (From New Tomorrowland), which was aired on the then brand new and now defunct network UPN, has turned up on YouTube. Hosted by Robert Urich, the special investigated the possibility of alien encounters while touting a new attraction that, I believe, never actually opend to the public. Do you remember this special at all, Martin?

“Lost” Disneyland UFO Documentary on YouTube


Michael Lauck talks about his UFO  sighting

Marc Hamel, Tyler Patraw of After Hours Show internet radio show talk about their sighting around a campfire

John Tackett talks about his sighting at 8 years old in a school playground.

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