Show Notes, 47.

News with Michael Lauck

Chinese UFO Sighting Explained

The English language version of the China Daily website reports that a recent UFO sighting in China was actually a research rocket launched by the Chinese Academy of Science. The May 13th launch was part of an aero-logical sounding program. You can read the original article, which includes some interesting photographs of the rocket, through the link in our shownotes.


Washington Post Article Tackles Why People Believe in UFOs

A recent Innovations Column on reports on an essay by psychologist Stephen Diamond that attempts to link a belief in UFOs, and other subjects such as ghosts, with a need to deal with the fact that some things are simply without meaning while others are beyond our understanding. You can read the coverage and the original article from Psychology Today through the links in our shownotes.

Insert Your Own Star Trek Joke Here

The NBC News website recently ran an article on Dr. Howard “Sonny” White, a physicist whose experiments may prove that warp drives are possible. Although the obligatory Star Trek references are included, the article is actually a very readable summary of the “warp bubble” theory, a loophole in Einstein’s theory that would allow practical faster than light travel. You can read it through the link in our shownotes.

Blue Book Investigator Saw UFOs and Extraterrestrials

In his testimony before the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure panel retired Lt. Col. Richard French stated that he had not only seen UFOs in 1952 but actually saw alien creatures that were apparently repairing a downed craft. French further claims that at the time he was assigned to the fledgling Project Blue Book as an investigator. You can read more about the incident, which occurred in Newfoundland, in Lee Spiegel’s article which we have linked to in the shownotes. Spiegel’s piece also contains video excerpts from French’s rather remarkable testimony.

Record Amount of UFO Sightings In Canada

Finally, as this week’s episode will be focusing on Canada it is worth mentioning that according to the Winnipeg Sun, the UFOlogy Research annual report states there were 1,981 sightings in Canada in 2012. That is an increase of slightly over 200% from 2011, which previously held the record for most Canadian UFO sightings. According to the report, the majority of the reports were from the province of Ontario. You can read more about it through the link in our show notes or just stay tuned and hear more about UFOs in Canada from this week’s guest Chris Rutkowski.

Interview with Chris Rutkowski

Chris speaks about the report on 2012 sightings,  and overall statistics of the year.

He later speaks of specific Canadian sightings, the Stephen Michalak Encounter at Falcon Lake:

As well as: Shag Harbour:   and more:

They further talk about Chris’ view on abductions and much more.

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