Show Notes, 48 Ralph Blumenthal

May 31 Asteroid Fly By

Asteroid 1998 QE2, which is about 1.7 miles wide, will be zooming by the Earth on next Saturday, May 31st. At its closest point, at 4:59 Easter Time, the asteroid will be a safe 3.6 million miles or so away. This will be close enough for NASA to map using radar imagery which will be able to sense surface objects as small as about 12 feet across. No doubt this data will help NASA with their missions to land on, and even eventually capture, other asteroids. Read more through the link below.

Orbital Sciences Satellite Responsible for UFO Sightings

May 9 and 10 UFO sightings in South America can probably be explained by the return of a test payload launched by Orbital Sciences. The dummy load was used to simulate the mass of materials that would be loaded on the Antares rocket during future International Space Station resupply missions, so it was literally dumped into space after the test launch. Even though the load was expected to eventually fall back into the atmosphere and burn up, it caught many off guard. Read NBC News coverage, which includes home video of the load burning up in the skies over Chile, through the link below.

Misidentified Drones Causing More UFO Sightings

In an interesting US News and World Reports article, albeit one that may be a bit short on actual proof, Jason Koebler posits that increased drone use is resulting in increased UFO sightings. Although the evidence is a bit circumstantial, the theory seems reasonable and there is coverage of the steps one company is taking to make sure their craft are not misidentified by public safety agencies. Read more through the rather ponderous link below.

Kepler Space Telescope Placed in “Point Rest State”

The Kepler Space Telescope has been placed in a Point Rest State after the recent failure of a reaction wheel, one of the thrusters used for fine adjustment of the satellite. This new, energy conserving state means that the Kepler is no longer considered in a critical condition. NASA can now evaluate all options while the Kepler planet finding space telescope remains safe. Read their statement through the link in our shownotes.

How UFO Researchers Make the Government More Tranparent

In an article from The Week reprinted on Yahoo News, Dana Leibelson explains how that the efforts of UFO researchers have made it easier for others using Freedom of Information Act requests. Although there is no real UFO related information, it is positive coverage of the subject and illustrates the legitimate research being accomplished in the UFO field. Read the article for yourself by following the link below.

NARCAP Issues Statement on Bassett’s Disclosure Hearing

On May 16th NARCAP posted a statement on their website explaining that they did not authorize use of their materials at the recent Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and asking Steven Bassett to remove any of their material from future video releases of the event. We have a link in the shownotes, of course, to the statement. Martin, what did you think about this?

Interview with Ralph Blumenthal

Ralph talks about his youth and fascination with science fiction. This led him to keep an open mind about the UFO subject.

He was inspired by John Mack’s book, Passport to The Cosmos:

He talks about the basis of the article in Vanity Fair, please read this informative article:


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