Show Notes, 51.

This particular show is in helping promote the Symposium on Official and Scientific Investigations of UAP / UFOs which is coming up on June 29th and 30th in Greensboro, NC. By the way, I plan on attending the event, so if someone wants to sponsor the show, please contact me at  You can buy tickets on the website which is

Today’s podcast is with three of the event’s speakers  with fascinating stories.

The first guest is Jose Lay in Chile, then talk to Dr. Alexander Wendt and ending with General Wilfred De Brouwer about the 1989-1991 Triangle UFO Wave over Belgium.


UFO vs Volcano

Many websites and news outlets, including the Fox News Latino site, picked up video that appears to show an object of unknown origin diving into the Popocatepetl volcano. The time lapse video was shot by Televisa, a Mexican media company that regularly shoots footage of the volcano. Although the footage is from a reputable company, the fact that it is a time lapse shot and the volcano is actively ejecting fumes and smoke may be contributing to an optical illusion making a normal aircraft looking like a UFO.

Kepler Updates

Although there is no word on whether the Kepler will be coming back into service after its recent reaction wheel failure, there have been other developments in the Kepler mission. First, its most recent data batch was released by NASA on May 28. This batch alone identified almost 2,000 objects of interest that may be exo-planets but require further analysis. In other news, reports that a new study has concluded that most of the exo-planets discovered by Kepler are slightly larger than thought and some may be 25-35% larger. If correct, this would mean that the estimate of the number of Earth-like planets needs to be recalculated.

Mars Has A Rodent Problem

Many news outlets have been reporting on a Mars Rover image that some think shows a rodent-like creature which seems to have been first posted by Scott C. Waring at Close ups of the image do, indeed, look a great deal like a squirrel with a visible head, eye and paw  Obviously, NASA has not endorsed this view and the Curiosity rover has since left the area.

And Finally,

This week’s blog post will feature the exploits of early UFO celebrity Otis T. Carr, who patented a flying saucer in the 1950s. Not quite a contactee, he was an inventor who claimed that he had figured out the secrets of flying saucer propulsion and was a regular on the Long John Nebel Show. If there is interest, it may be the first in a series on the major players in the early days of the UFO field. My thought it that exploring the first decade or so of the modern UFO era will help us understand why the field is viewed the way it is today.


The first guest is Jose Lay who talks about the The Official UAP/UFO Agency in Chile and how it works, then talk to Dr. Alexander Wendt on his publication: Militant Agnosticism and The UFO Taboo ending with General Wilfred De Brouwer about the 1989-1991 Triangle UFO Wave over Belgium.


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