Show Notes, 53. Thomas Fusco

Leading the news this week, the Chinese farmer and rabbit hunter known only as Li who announced that he had a dead alien in his freezer on Sina Weibo was arrested after admitting that his story was a hoax and was held for five days. His charges are being translated into English as “creating a public disturbance,” but in a country without the guarantee of free speech and a government controlled Internet, this may be more serious than it sounds. We will continue to follow the story of Mr. Li as news becomes available.


A photograph of two unidentified flying objects in the skies over Bracknell, Berkshire, England is being called “one of the best ever” by Nick Pope. The picture, which shows two disc-like objects in a twilight sky, was taken on the evening of June 14th by Steve Lambert from outside a pub. Pope is known as the former Ministry of Defense worker famous for manning the UFO desk and says that these objects do not appear to be conventional aircraft or Chinese lanterns.

The International Business Times article we have linked to in our shownotes also mentions that a June 13th news segment on the Russia Today network originating from London captured an unidentified object flying over the city in a background shot. YouTube video of the Russia Today segment is also included in the IBT article.

The Australian ABC ran a recent radio story about a new play called Alienation, based on the stories of alien abductees who claim that their abductors took them to a facility in the Blue Mountains. The play, which is currently in rehearsals, is a co-production of the Perth Theatre Company and Q Theatre Company. It was written by Lachlan Philpott and will be directed by Perth Theatre Company’s Melissa Cantwell. You can hear the story through the link in our shownotes.

Finally, we have two new items from NASA that may be of interest to listeners. First, the newest class of astronaut candidates has been announced. For the first time ever the class is evenly divided between men and women; currently about one quarter of the active NASA astronauts are women. Check the link in our shownotes to NASA coverage to learn more about this group of space pioneers. NASA has also announced an initiative to detect near Earth objects, the asteroids that have a potential to actually hit our planet, with the assistance of citizen scientists and private industry. Calling it the Grand Challenge, the program seems to still be in the organizational stages in many ways but aims to detect all near Earth objects larger than 100 feet across. We have linked to NASA’s Grand Challenge page in the shownotes. There you can learn more and watch the entire two hour NASA presentation on the initiative.

2013 Astronaut Candidate Class:

Grand Challenge:


Interview with Thomas Fusco, author of Behind the Cosmic Veil, has a very interesting look at possible answers to the unknowns including UFOs through his super geometric theory. Check out:

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