Show Notes, 54. Craig Campobasso

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Neighboring Star has Three Earth-like Planets


On June 25th it was announced that Gliese 667C, which is only 22 light years away from Earth, has three planets in the so-called habitable zone that should allow for liquid water. Further analysis of the data collected from the system suggests that there are six or seven planets and that two more may also be in the habitable zone. The find, of course, is doubly important as the system is so close to us and the only known system to have so many planets in the habitable zone.

Chinese Astronauts Land Safely


The three Chinese astronauts on the Shenzhou-10 mission have safely returned to Earth. Although they have only sent six craft and 10 astronauts into space, the Chinese were using this mission to lay the groundwork for a space station they want to have in orbit by 2020. We’ve linked to official Chinese new service coverage, but it is in English.


New Crop Circle in Wiltshire


June 25th also saw the discovery of a new crop circle in the UK. This particular circle, which I feel vaguely looks like a Mexican wrestling mask, is only a short distance from Silbury Hill, a prehistoric artificial chalk hill. We’ve linked to the UFO Sightings Daily coverage of the circle.


UFO Evidence From Final Apollo Mission


UFO Sightings Daily also brings us an odd image from the Apollo 17 mission which shows something odd in the the lunar sky. Oddly enough, it seems to show another camera aiming at the unidentified object. You can check out Scott C Waring’s thoughts on the image, as well as the link to the original NASA post of the image, through the link to UFO Sightings Daily coverage in our show notes.


Last Batch of British UFO Files Released


The UK closed its Ministry of Defense UFO desk in late 2009 because it was felt that there was no real value resulting from the use of resources. However, in the time just before the desk’s closure there was a marked increase in UFO sightings. We’ve linked to the British Archives site as well as to a press release from Robert Hastings in which Nick Pope suggests that the move to release the files was not a simply an effort by the MoD to provide the public with all the information available.


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Official British Archive link to files:


Robert Hasting’s MoD File Press Release:

Interview with Craig Campobasso.


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