Show Notes, Aaron Cadieux, 86.

logo_iufocUFO journalist, and playwright, Ryan Sprague joins us from Arizona at the 2014 International UFO Congress and fills us in on what is going on out there.


Then our first in studio live guest, co-director Aaron Cadieux of the documentary The Bridgewater Triangle, … years of UFO sightings and all sorts of paranormal things happening in a triangular area not too far from our Boston studio.

The Bridgewater Triangle sits within the Southeastern portion of Massachusetts, and includes a number of locations known for unexplained occurrences; the most prominent of which include the legendary Hockomock Swamp and the infamous Freetown-Fall River State Forest.  The triangle’s traditional boarders are revealed by connecting the dots between the town of Abington to the North, the town of Freetown to the Southeast, and the town of Rehoboth to the Southwest.logoThe area hosts an unusually high volume of reports involving strange happenings, baffling mysteries and sinister deeds.  From ghostly hauntings and cryptic animal sightings, to UFO encounters and evidence of satanic ritual sacrifice, the Bridgewater Triangle serves as one of the world’s most diverse hotspots for paranormal activity.The first-ever feature-length documentary on the subject, The Bridgewater Triangle explores the history of this fascinating region.  The film features a number of local residents providing first-hand accounts of unexplained occurrences.  In addition, an all-star assembly of paranormal researchers, folklorists and authors provide expert analysis regarding the many mysteries of the triangle.

Check out the trailer/teaser below.

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