Show Notes, Ben Hurle, 84.

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What’s in the Sky This Week

A segment by Andy Fleming

JupiterMoonsImg551Planets on show during the night at the moment include the most stunning and brightest, the solar system’s largest planet, Jupiter. Its south of overhead (zenith) in the late evening and binoculars will reveal the four Galilean moons. A small telescope will reveal the planet’s spectacular cloud bands.

In the pre-dawn eastern sky the amazingly bright Venus rises two hours before the Sun. Both Venus and Jupiter are often confused with UFOs especially when driving. From the car occupants’ perspective, an illusion is created that gives the impression that these objects are actually following the vehicle, behind foreground objects such as trees.

Also in the pre-dawn, Saturn is an easy object in the south-southeast in the constellation of Libra. It is the brightest object in this part of the sky. A telescope reveals the planet’s beautiful ring system and its largest moon, the enigmatic little world, Titan with its methane atmosphere.

New Moon occurs during this week, and Mercury climbs to its maximum altitude in the dusk sky. This elusive little world is difficult to observe on the far western horizon, especially in areas with a cloudy climate… like Western Europe and Western North America.

At around midnight local time low in the eastern sky, you’ll see an ochre coloured point of light in the constellation of Virgo. It’s Mars, whose average distance to the Earth is a mere 225 million kilometres. It appears noticeably brighter than its neighbour, the blue-white star Spica.

Andy talks about his triangle UFO sighting, click here to read his story.

Debunking the Moon Triangle

Martin talks to Mick West of

MoontrianglelightingtransparentMick gently and thoroughly debunks the moon triangle, that has been going viral with speculation of a UFO or moon base in a crater.

Please check out this very thorough explanation as to what we are looking at on Google Moon.

Mick also explains the famous face on Mars’ surface and Richard C. Hoagland is not going to be happy.


Guest Ben Hurle
ben hurle copyBen Hurle is Director of Victorian UFO Action (VUFOA), a UFO investigation organisation based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
VUFOA investigates UFO reports from across Victoria, and applies a common sense approach to the topic, focusing on evidence
education, and reporting of UFO events on our web site (

VUFOA runs a 24 hour UFO reporting hot line, a web based TV Channel called VUFOA TV, which focuses on interviews with interesting
persons involved in the UFO field in Australia, UFO witnesses, and UFO events.

Ben leads on from where Shane Ryan recently left off regarding the cases that occurred before Westall.

He has a lot of information on both the Balwyn  UFO photo incident and of course, Burkes Flat.

Scan 2
Balwyn UFO Photo

This rounds out that important time of UFO activity in Australia, and give listeners a full picture between Shane’s information and his.

He has some exclusives for Podcast UFO regarding Burkes Flat – information not discussed publicly before – especially in relation to the car crash (and the UFO event) as he has unearthed the official files on the crash.

Ben will discuss his involvement in producing a 3 episode documentary on Burkes Flat UFO case (to released soon).

Ben has had his own UFO sightings and is a cartoonist who created a UFO themed series called “Space Junk”, which has run in the MUFON journal and

Ben and his team focus on both “cold case” and current UFO events and are passionate about UFO activity in Victoria, AUSTRALIA.

Intro by Kerry Lloyd Whitehouse Break music by Killawatt


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